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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About IT-INDIA.com

We at IT-INDIA.com labs constantly endeavor to develop state of the art custom designed SEO services using rigorous standards set by today's competitive environment. We have a strong track record of providing our clients with top ranks in google using innovative web promotion and SEO ideas churned out of our Research and Development of over a decade.


Whether it is natural link building using our unique link submission techniques in order to gain link popularity OR it is about SEO, we have a legacy of outperforming our rivals in the the SEO business. We have been pioneers in the fields of google search engine optimization, social media optimization and website promotion using various new mediums available.

In this website you can find tons of content related to Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Submission of a link to directories and search engines.

Why IT-INDIA.com for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Dedicated Staff:
Ours is an SEO company comprising of hardcore 4 professionals dedicated to learning latest techniques Labour of 6 people fully devoted to One Way Natural Link Building in the fields of Website Promotion and SEO. We focus hard on how to implement the skill sets thus garnered on the websites of our clients

Strong Track Record:
We have a track record of over a decade of leaving no stone unturned in order to get top ranks for our clients' websites. Our firm has international exposure and internationally acclaimed expertise in search engine optimization and Internet Marketing. Whether it is optimizing the website at basic or advance levels OR setting a fleet of hundreds of super quality top ranking links from relevant theme based pages to your website, we toil hard to bring you the best results.

Skilled yet most Affordable Indian Edge:

Being in India, we have a strong edge in delivering top notch results by utilizing the talented yet affordable labour here. Thus IT-INDIA.com has been undisputed pioneer in delivering cost effective yet most admirable results.

Our Mission: Web Promotion through Innovation

Link Building Services

We specialise in one way inward Link Building Techniques and we have a very solid reason to say so. We have custom built softwares run manually by hands to submit a link to Directories, Article Directories, Search Engines, Link Pages, Community Websites, Blogs etc. using 100% ethical White Hat SEO techniques.

Manual Link Submission to Directories

As stated earlier we have labour of six people (separate team) dedicated to developing natural one way links. Our team is dedicated to do the search engine and directory submissions manually. WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE submitting to search engines via scripts, application programs and automated software. You shall be provided with each individual search engine submission report. Since the whole process is done manually by our staff in person, it takes us about 2 - 3 weeks to complete the search engine submissions.

Google Search Engine Optimization and Google Traffic:

As said earlier Google holds over 71% share of search engines market. Therefore our main emphasis remains on how to optimize a website for google. We keep pushing our efforts to make sure that google can crawl the website effortlessly using methods developed by our teams.

Tips: How to make your website Google friendly ?

Minimize dynamic content or at least minimize the URL parameters consisting of '?&var=' to one or two max.

If the budget allows Google Adwords must be used in order to pull targeted traffic to your site. Another way is extensively using webmaster tools available at google for optimizing the website, thus we can make sure that the site is in full compliance with google.

Top rank in google means, almost all other search engines intending to crawl and index your site too. This is like a benchmark. Thus having a good rank on google and site optimized for google means natural targeted traffic to your website.

Social Media Optimization (Social Bookmarking):

Boosting SMO strength in your website can help you reach masses. You can have millions of audience talking about your products and services. I personally feel, SMO is MUST for any site focussing on USA to sell its products and services.

425 Story submissions for $125 only

You may get swayed by the way we are able to leverage affordable labour in East to provide best services to companies and individuals alike in the western part of the world. In order to reach masses in USA, you need extensive exposure at social networking sites like digg.com, google bookmarks etc. To read more content on what we have to offer in this area please click the link below:


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