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Broken Link Checker, Find dead links


Enter WebSite Address to crawl and check for dead links:


As you submit, the crawler may take few seconds before displaying any results, this will run several levels deep, this script shall run for a max 30 min. At the bottom of the results page, you shall find summary of broken links. This popular SEO tool shall act like a spider and crawl your website. Please feel free to leave any comments on this webpage.

Check the number of backlinks as per:

Yahoo, Alltheweb, Altavista, Ask, Alexa etc


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Also check Google Page Rank

Find broken / dead links on your website:

This is another free tool for webmasters to find dead / broken links on their websites. With this free broken link checker seo tool you can find links that don't work anymore or give 404 not found errors. Visitors find such errors as frustrating and increase bounce rate. You can utilize this tool to increase how long a visitor would want to stay on your site. Kill broken links using this tool now :

How does the Dead Link Checker work ?

This special webware written at IT-INDIA.com labs will crawl your website using CURL and check the header status of the webpage. You can get a different header note for each page of your website. For eg 404 for PAGE NOT FOUND, 301 for redirecting URLs etc.



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