Ultimate Beginners Guide to an Expert Adwords Campaign

Grab $100 Adwords coupon credit for a whole month from internet.

Even if you have some experience with Adwords or have a handle on what you need to do, don’t dismiss this guide as something you can’t use!

It is a “beginner’s guide”, but it has some pretty powerful tips to help you avoid making rookie mistakes that most people who start out with Adwords make.

I’m going to assume only two things here;

You have a computer
You can read

If you meet these qualifications, let’s get started!

Step One: Go to Google.com/Adwords and click on “Start Now”. [Short Video: Introduction to Adwords]

If you are using other Google services just sign in with your existing account information. (Create account help: Official Google)

TIP: If you are totally lost you can call Google at 1-877-908-4181 Mon-Fri 9am-9pm.

Step Two: Go to the Adwords home page (Google.com/Adwords) and click “Create your first campaign.
Give it a name (Something meaningful like “Fall 2012 Red Tennis Shoes”)
Go ahead and accept the default details, you can change them later if you need to.

[Try hitting CNTRL+T on your keyboard to open a new tab, then you can follow along with this post in one tab, and create your account in the other]

Step Three: Set your budget.

Enter your Maximum cost per click. Remember, you only get charged if someone clicks on your ad. Set your DAILY budget. You are in complete control here. One idea is to set your daily budget at around $3.00 so you can spread out your $100 Adwords coupon credit for a whole month.

TIP: Less is more when you are first starting. Get some initial data from your efforts, refine your campaign, then when it’s really performing you can spend more – and make more! Some SMB‘s spend as much as $100 a day when it’s running smooth and making money.

Step Four: Create your first ad(s)

[Download from Google: Create Great Ads]

You have probably seen what the ads look like above and to the right of normal search results. Model your ad after the most compelling ads you have seen.

This is a whole science that some people base whole careers on, so I can’t cover it all here. But here are a couple tips…

Create interest, tell them what to expect, and use a Call to Action like “Sign up today” or “Order Now”.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t use ALL CAPS anywhere in your ad. They will just kick it back and make you re-do it. Also you can’t say “Click here”, they don’t like that either.

Pro Tip 2: This is a big one. Make sure the words of your Ad align well with the keywords you choose, and also the page you send them to when they click it. This is one way Google rates the quality of your ad. High quality ads get shown more often and cost less than low quality ads.

Pro Tip 3: Only focus on Desktop OR mobile. Don’t do ALL devices. The needs of a person walking around with a mobile phone are very different from a person sitting at their desk.

Why did I say “Ad(s)”? Never run just one ad. It’s too easy to set one ad up and go, but you will never know what you are missing. I recommend three ads per group at least. Rotate them randomly at first and then Google will tell you which ones get clicked on more.

Then you can refine them from there until you have the best possible ad. Just because you came up with an Ad your Mom thinks is good, does NOT mean it’s the ad that will make you the most money. Can you dig it?

That’s it for the first post. Some basic stuff along with some pro stuff. Remember, the trick is to DO IT. You can’t make any money just sitting around thinking about it. So get started with Adwords.

What Can PPC Do for Your Business?

PPC is Different from SEO in that SEO results in technically “free” traffic with long term gradual results while PPC incurs ongoing costs in exchange for fast impressive results that stop when the money stops.

Too many words? Try this:

PPC costs more, but has fast results that end when the money stops.
SEO costs less, but doesn’t give results for a while, but they last and grow.
They both will generate traffic to your site, but PPC is faster.

I’m not trying to say one is better than the other here, I just want you to understand the difference. So to the question: What can PPC actually DO for you?

Let’s say you have a killer promotion coming up. Maybe it’s a buy one get one free deal that will only last for one day. You already plan on having big signs out front of the shop and telling everyone – but you KNOW there has to be a way to reach more people who may not see the signs.

Oh yes, there is.

There are two primary types of PPC targeting:

Search Intent (Show up when people search for something)
Demographic marketing (Show up in front of specific groups of people whether they search or not)

Search Intent means you can pay to show up at the top of a SERP when someone searches for anything related to your type of business. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure it only shows to people who live close enough to actually visit your store. No reason to pay for people a thousand miles a way to see it! This type of marketing gets you very targeted traffic when it’s done right.

Demographic marketing targets people based on their age, education, geographic location, and interests among other things. For certain types of business this type of marketing can produce explosive results.

So let’s say your business is a women’s shoe store. You know that a big fancy dress social is coming up and you are planning that BOGO sale for a couple weeks ahead of it.

You could choose to show up when people search for anything having to do with that event, or anything having to do with womens clothes, or just shoes specifically. You could also show up in front of women on Facebook who are likely to be attending this event. People can’t show up unless they know about it, and PPC in an incredible way to make sure they know about it.

To go with this promotion, it’s usually wise to offer a specific tangible benefit for them to click your ad. And then when they click the ad, have a conversion page waiting for them that will entice them to learn more and take advantage of your offer, and hopefully become a customer for life! These are all separate arts and sciences but all tie in to make one cracker jack campaign.

So what can PPC do for your business? If it’s done right, it can help it grow and get your brand in front of all the right people.

The Most popular PPC program is offered by Google.. it’s most popular and most expensive as well. Check it below:


For Affordable SEO packages check below link:

Affordable Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Consultancy

100% FREE MANUAL SEO Analysis with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Keyword Planner

The 100% FREE Pre-SEO report would contain images like below. Please click any of below images to enter Gallery mode.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Packages

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Nothing gets better than 100% FREE MANUAL SEO Analysis for a website, can it? Well, I can bet on this. I am not talking about a form where you fill in your website address for a Free SEO analysis  and the scripts analyze backlinks and keywords for your site. I am talking about World’s best webmaster tools for website owners. There is nothing in this world that can beat Google’s tools for Search Engine Optimization. I can bet on this too.. you see, I’m in high stakes mood today and there is no way you can deny Google is best when it comes to claiming organic traffic. The journey of SEO analysis of a website starts with Google and it ends with Google, period.

Visitor: Why and how is it 100% Free? It’s manual analysis, right?

IT-INDIA is here to build brand and reputation. This is a 17 year old (opened in 1999) web-biz firm. It was founded in mid 1990s and we love to do voluntary tasks. Why Free? By providing Free services like above we can build trustworthy relationship with site owners out there. This is about building happy relationships with netizens out there in 195+ nations. This free SEO analysis shall be 100% Free and manual. All keyword research shall be based on Google keyword planner and Google Webmaster Tools . The reports shall be researched and made manually.


Google Trends for SEO Analysis
Google Trends with Keyword Planner Tool

IT-INDIA:  Why would you want us to do SEO Research on a site using Google Webmaster Central and Google Keyword Planner?

As we all know more than 80% of traffic from Google gets routed to websites on the basis of below factors:

  1. How popular your website on internet is?
  2. How rich the content on your website is?
    In other words, this is about two factors given below:
  3. On-Page Optimization
  4. Off-Page Optimization

This is about improving your Search Engine rankings, this is about being found on internet through Google. Let’s look at it this way, there are countless people looking for products and services that you offer, so how would you like to get found? It’s nothing but about Google.

For Free SEO Analysis of your website, send us a request through “Contact Us” Page, click here to reach us.

First off, I would research your site content as a visitor and would like to know what you are selling. If you are not selling anything at all, I would just figure out the keywords that are the desired subject of your website. There after I shall give you report on below attributes:

  1. Tag optimization i.e. how well HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is set on your website, any improvements if it requires. This is about HTML optimization.
  2. Mobile compatibility other than responsiveness on different devices.
  3. Search Analytics
    • How are you currently being found  on Google, your current keyword rankings.
  4. Backlink Reports
    • Who links the most?
    • Your most linked content.
    • How your data is linked?
  5. Geo-Targeting: This is about targeting a certain nation. It can be well defined through Tags and through Google Webmaster Tools. If your domain extension is .US, you should not target audience in China.
  6. Count of pages indexed along with charts.
  7. How Google looks at your content, the significant keywords.
  8. Crawl Errors: See if Google is having any issues while crawling your site. If there are any hosting issues or web-spam attacks taking place, you may get cues from here.
  9. Robots: There is a file named robots.txt, you can advise which pages Google should not index.
  10. Sitemap: A sitemap is a list of pages on your website well defined and categorized on the basis of structure of your website. Web 3.0 standards are used to define the layout and syntax of the contents of this file. We can make and submit this file for you for Free 🙂
  11. If your site gets hacked or is hosting any kind of malware, Google would normally email you and such notifications can be found in Google Webmaster Tools.


Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Google Adwords
Research Google Adwords

We can research and find out:

  1. Keyword / Content that you are using.
  2. Keywords and Content that Google thinks you are using.
  3. Keywords and Content that your competitors are ranking on.
  4. Keywords and Content that you should be using.


Solution Report:

  1. What you have been doing, yes, we can tell you what you have been doing by far 🙂
  2. Suggest you a solution i.e. what you should be doing to improve Organic traffic to your site.


In order to request Free SEO Analysis of your website, send us a request through “Contact Us” Page, click here to reach us.


Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Packages

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Top 10 Free Broken Link Checker Programs Online and for Desktops

Broken Link Checker by

If “it-india.com” redirects to “www.it-india.com” you should enter “http://www.it-india.com/”

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

We all know helpful Google tools can be when it comes to website optimization and everything related. This tool will not only check bad links for errors, but, also send you occasional emails when something goes wrong.

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

Dr Link Checker

I had not seen this tool until today, tried and tested and it seems one of the best, so here it is..


Broken Link Checker Xenu
Xenu Desktop App

Xenu Desktop App for finding Broken Links (click for download link)

It’s one of the oldest desktop apps out there, you can download this, install it and let it run, not one of the finest but feels nice and classic when using it.


Broken Link Checker
Dead Link Checker Download here

These guys are well know in site analysis and tools business. This is a desktop app for finding broken links on your site. I just downloaded it, have not tested it yet. Please test this and post your feedback in comments.


Anybrowser web app to check broken links
Anybrowser Dead Link Checker

Easy to use, light-weight and good. This seems one of the oldest tools. I tried and tested this too. You are going to like this.


WP Plugin for Broken Links

Download WordPress Plugin here

We all love WordPress, don’t we? and how about free plugins which take your blog to next level? Awesome! isn’t it? This one has been updated for latest release and reviews look pretty good too. Please use this and share feedback in comments.

Check broken links in site

This is a top authority site in web business. I was not able to test this well, but shared for the reputation they have. Give it a shot and let us know.

IndiaBook Link Checker
Dead link checker

These guys have been in web business since late 90s. This one comes from Megrisoft. This is worth using too.


These guys are one of the biggest names in what they do. Fortunately their web-app to test broken links is good too.

LinkChecker App
Download here.

This one is an app for a desktop. Download the exe from github and there you go. I could not download and test this due to lack of time. I just hope you guys can share feedback and let the world know.




Improve Search Engine Rankings in Google

This is about improving your existing search engine rankings at Google.

First off, you have to get the keywords for which you already have rankings on Google Search Engine Result (SERPs) pages. An easy way to do that would be to access your Google Search Analytics, see image below:

Google Search Analytics Report
Your Rankings in Google Search Analytics

Next step would be to use these keywords in the relevant pages and then link to these pages using below mention methods:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Social bookmarking Sites
  4. Your own Blogs

Make sure not to spam the world. DO NOT USE any kinds of spammy bots.

SEO Guru-mantras for Better Search Rankings
Every website owner is traffic-hungry. Frankly, driving quality traffic to your website is not that complicated at all IF you follow the rules and guidelines laid by Google and experts. The best Guru-mantra IMO is to use correct anchor tags, inline with your niche and current rankings.

Importance of Keyphrase Research:
The moment we are clear about what keywords and phrases we need to focus on, implementing everything else is a lot easier. To start off, try to identify “target keyphrases” on the basis of the subject, content and audience for your website. Without defining these, great search engine rankings are impossible.

Focus not on the key-phrases which have more search volumes, but on those keyphrases which your content is about.

This will bring in quality traffic and thus, more revenues.

Header Content:
Webmasters have been playing with Meta-descriptions and Titles over the years, but over time, search engine algorithms have become very intuitive and now use complicated algorithm mechanisms which are hard to fool. Therefore, you would need to be careful about what to put and how much… For instance, “Title is important, but more important is the content in the page“.

Don’t forget that your page title should make sense, keywords-only will never drive humans to your pages. And yes, for all your pages, each title should be different and unique containing key-phrases relating to that page’s content. Most search engines will display just the first 60-70 characters of the title, so one must keep the most important key-phrases in the starting.

Search robots don’t include meta-content in their algorithms any more. But descriptions will be shown in search results so they need to be specific, to the point and relevant. As your SEO Guru, I will rule that you keep meta-description to around 150 characters and write it specifically for a particular page. In the absence of meta-descriptions, search engines will pick some portion of the text from that page and it might not make any sense.

Unique Content:
Google changed it all in late nineties and other search engines had to follow suit. Today, if you have better content, you WILL win! If you have unique, quality, original content on your site, people will definitely land up at your page and spend time on your website. Just make sure there are enough back-links to your site. Incorporating programs like Adsense gelled with link-based revenue-programs like Info-links, will show great results.

With all that said, keep in mind that merely good content won’t be enough, add good pics and videos where ever possible. Repeat: On top of all this, you would require quality back-links too.

Be honest and provide your visitors with quality content. Within no time, you will see your site rank up in the search engine results. Not only this, your pages will start attracting many quality incoming links from other sites which will give a boost to your traffic and revenues….

PS: Keep in mind that Google may take several weeks before your efforts begin to show up.