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100% FREE MANUAL SEO Analysis with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Keyword Planner

The 100% FREE Pre-SEO report would contain images like below. Please click any of below images to enter Gallery mode.

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Nothing gets better than 100% FREE MANUAL SEO Analysis for a website, can it? Well, I can bet on this. I am not talking about a form where you fill in your website address for a Free SEO analysis  and the scripts analyze backlinks and keywords for your site. I am talking about World’s best webmaster tools for website owners. There is nothing in this world that can beat Google’s tools for Search Engine Optimization. I can bet on this too.. you see, I’m in high stakes mood today and there is no way you can deny Google is best when it comes to claiming organic traffic. The journey of SEO analysis of a website starts with Google and it ends with Google, period.

Visitor: Why and how is it 100% Free? It’s manual analysis, right?

IT-INDIA is here to build brand and reputation. This is a 17 year old (opened in 1999) web-biz firm. It was founded in mid 1990s and we love to do voluntary tasks. Why Free? By providing Free services like above we can build trustworthy relationship with site owners out there. This is about building happy relationships with netizens out there in 195+ nations. This free SEO analysis shall be 100% Free and manual. All keyword research shall be based on Google keyword planner and Google Webmaster Tools . The reports shall be researched and made manually.


Google Trends for SEO Analysis
Google Trends with Keyword Planner Tool

IT-INDIA:  Why would you want us to do SEO Research on a site using Google Webmaster Central and Google Keyword Planner?

As we all know more than 80% of traffic from Google gets routed to websites on the basis of below factors:

  1. How popular your website on internet is?
  2. How rich the content on your website is?
    In other words, this is about two factors given below:
  3. On-Page Optimization
  4. Off-Page Optimization

This is about improving your Search Engine rankings, this is about being found on internet through Google. Let’s look at it this way, there are countless people looking for products and services that you offer, so how would you like to get found? It’s nothing but about Google.

For Free SEO Analysis of your website, send us a request through “Contact Us” Page, click here to reach us.

First off, I would research your site content as a visitor and would like to know what you are selling. If you are not selling anything at all, I would just figure out the keywords that are the desired subject of your website. There after I shall give you report on below attributes:

  1. Tag optimization i.e. how well HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is set on your website, any improvements if it requires. This is about HTML optimization.
  2. Mobile compatibility other than responsiveness on different devices.
  3. Search Analytics
    • How are you currently being found  on Google, your current keyword rankings.
  4. Backlink Reports
    • Who links the most?
    • Your most linked content.
    • How your data is linked?
  5. Geo-Targeting: This is about targeting a certain nation. It can be well defined through Tags and through Google Webmaster Tools. If your domain extension is .US, you should not target audience in China.
  6. Count of pages indexed along with charts.
  7. How Google looks at your content, the significant keywords.
  8. Crawl Errors: See if Google is having any issues while crawling your site. If there are any hosting issues or web-spam attacks taking place, you may get cues from here.
  9. Robots: There is a file named robots.txt, you can advise which pages Google should not index.
  10. Sitemap: A sitemap is a list of pages on your website well defined and categorized on the basis of structure of your website. Web 3.0 standards are used to define the layout and syntax of the contents of this file. We can make and submit this file for you for Free 🙂
  11. If your site gets hacked or is hosting any kind of malware, Google would normally email you and such notifications can be found in Google Webmaster Tools.


Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Google Adwords
Research Google Adwords

We can research and find out:

  1. Keyword / Content that you are using.
  2. Keywords and Content that Google thinks you are using.
  3. Keywords and Content that your competitors are ranking on.
  4. Keywords and Content that you should be using.


Solution Report:

  1. What you have been doing, yes, we can tell you what you have been doing by far 🙂
  2. Suggest you a solution i.e. what you should be doing to improve Organic traffic to your site.


In order to request Free SEO Analysis of your website, send us a request through “Contact Us” Page, click here to reach us.


Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Packages

For a complete list of Affordable SEO and Social Media Packages and services, click here for as low $49 per month.
  • Joshua

    this sounds good, I would like to get 100% Free Manual SEO analysis done for my website. I have already sent you an email through your contact form. What next? How long will you take to send me a Free SEO report using Google webmaster tools? I used to have nice traffic from Google, I am not sure what went wrong, can you advise a solution, like what went wrong?

    • First off, thanks a ton for your kind interest in this Free SEO analysis. I followed up on email timely with you, just a little late here.. Nevertheless, I’ll share my response here too so that other visitors can catch up too. We usually take 2 working days to send the report, however, if there is a pressing situation, this can take 1 – 2 extra days. I have already sent you advice on how you can improve your search engine rankings.