SEO and SMO Agents / Experts for $5 per hr.

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Round the Web SEO SMO Strategy

Perfect SEO SMO strategy lies in covering every single degree and leaving no stone unturned. Whether it's Google or Facebook or Twitter or anything else, we work hard on every aspect that can bring juice to our clients' online presence.

Facebook and Twitter

Cover these two channels as hard as we can.

Connect w/ Audience

Connect with right people, focus on right Geos.

On the Cloud

Everything stays on cloud for on the fly reasons.


Slow and Light on Google front, no sweat.

Balanced SEO n SMO

SEO and SMO in right gears. Well balanced always.

L'amour du travail

IT-INDIA loves to work hard. Genes or Trend? Whatever..

Our Services

Each SEO and SMO service we offer shall inculcate it's prints on internet for decades to come. Whether it's about latest trends in Digital or foundation that goes way back and deep down. We promise to deliver measurable results on time.

Correct Balance

Focus hard on priorities and balance petty tasks.

On time

We promise to deliver results on time or 100% money back.


Not complete until things are in place, right and perfect.

Burning Ideas

What was a great idea in 1999? ? Well, A Great!

App Promotion

App promotions with right audience? You can bet on us.

Never Ending

We are known for working tirelessly. Never say Stop!

Our Skills

Below mentioned levels are based on our ability to achieve goals. While quick burst of traffic can be achieved with Social Media campaigns, please keep in mind that Google can take several months before rewarding you for your efforts, particularly for new sites.

Google Optimization


Socia Media Optimization


Off-Site SEO Activities


On-Site SEO Activities


Why People like us?

I got a lot more

They delivered more than what was offered.. could not ask for more..

I am happy with on time delivery of Social Burst. I needed traffic overnight for a sales campaign. Everything went superb.
Traffic from Google has been climbing as promised. I am fully content with SEO performance.
Our audience on Facebook has been growing ever since I subscribed a custom tailored SMO package for our site.

SEO and SMO Agents / Experts for $5 per hr.

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