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Article: DO's and DON'Ts for SEO



An Article on SEO Do's and Don'ts

Here on this page, I shall share an article with you on SEO. Its about Do's and Don'ts of SEO aka Good Practices and Bad Practices of SEO.

DO's aka Good Practices for Search Engine Optimization:

1. You need not spend a fortune in order to optimize and promote your website on internet. rather its a slow but rewarding and affordable process.

2. Whatever you are into, make sure its legitimate. There are no overnight quick rich schemes that will work in the long run.

3. Choose the right keywords, make sure that search engine robots can easily understand the content not only human beings and whatever keywords you use in the meta tags, make sure there is relevant content in the website.

4. Submit your site to major search engines and directories. Its all done manually, automated blasting to search engines will do you no good.

5. Get links to your website, you may have to buy them, but its worth every penny

6. You should often update your website. No visitor would want to visit and read the same content again and again. Its like a newspaper, should come with fresh content every now n then.

DON'ts aka Bad Practices for Search Engine Optimization:

1. DO NOT RUSH, there is no magic trick to reach the top rank in google, it takes months and even years for a website to be popular worldwide.

2. DO NOT copy content from internet for your website, make sure its unique else be ready to get penalized.

3. DO NOT go for reciprocal links, I know it sounds whacky, but I would suggest go only for quality one way inward links.

4. DO NOT send unsolicited emails in order to advertise your website.

5. DO NOT ban robots in major part of your website, be liberal and open.

6. DO NOT let broken links devastate your website, make sure all links are working good.

7. DO NOT put too many outward links on your website. Limit them.

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