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How to increase Internet Traffic without spending a single cent ?

Here below I shall share in brevity technical and general guidelines to promote your website on internet and optimize for search engines without spending a single cent.

But as apparent, you need to have basic resources like internet, computer, little time, common sense and a Will to make it happen. Along with these resources you shall also require patience, as internet marketing isn't a quick fix or overnight swarm of traffic.

Search engines and directories can easily take 4 - 6 weeks in order to include your website in their search results therefore you should have abundance patience and try to do things step by step and slowly. I would suggest spending 15 - 60 minutes a day instead of spending 10 hrs a day and then quitting after a few days:

Technical Suggestions

1. Be Your Self: Now every one talks about rich content with relevant rich keywords and it is right ! But while doing so, lets make sure you are you and not someone else. Each sentence of information must be deeply rooted with the theme of your website. In other words, lets make sure not to talk about history of Saudi Arabia on a site that sells pop music. Take care of meta tags and description content.

2. Make it easy for Crawlers: Try to make your site legible for spiders and crawlers. Put lesser dynamic content. Try to use least number of URL parameters like "?&var=" If your site is only HTML content, it will be easy for bots to read and cache your website.

3. Submissions to Search Engines and Directories with top PR only: While it is important to submit your website to search engines and directories its even more important which directories you are submitting to? Make sure to submit your website URL to only top PR and relevant directories. Search Engines like google will surely take quality into account. 10 good links will outdo 100 non-targeted, non-relevant links. Needless to say Open Directory Projects like dmoz and many such others should not be ignored and must be submitted to.

General Strategy:

1. Affiliate Marketing: Hire affiliates to generate sales and do not go for PPC. Give as much commission as you can to your affiliates in order to boost their morale. In this scenario of profit sharing you are not committed to pay a single cent unless a sale comes in.

2. Setup Landmines: Instead of letting your website show 404 error pages show them some special offer before they exit such pages. Try to pop an offer on "exit page" event. Pop up a contact(chat) window if a visitor has been on your webpage for more than 2 minutes.

3. Offline Branding: Use your website and URLs on your stationary like letter heads and visiting cards. While you are not allocating any additional budget for this free ad campaign, but you are getting exposure from a circle of people who are most likely known to you and trust you in person for the products and services you sell.

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