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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide



Step by Step SEO Guide for online ventures:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the hottest tool when it comes to internet marketing. No matter what you sell or showcase on internet, no matter how good it is, you cannot expect quality volume traffic unless your website is optimized for search engines. Search Engine robots are not human beings hence you have to make sure electronic programs like GOOGLEBOT understand the content of your website.

How to make website seo friendly ?

So, the million dollar question is, how exactly does it work ? How do you make your website search engine friendly so that you can pull quality volume traffic to our site ? Keyword research is one hot tool you should not ignore, in other words to encompass the entire arena covering SEO, one should make sure that the meta tags are set right. In the below paragraph you will find detailed step by step procedure to built Search Engine friendly website

Step by step guide to search engine friendly online venture:

1. Plan in detail what you want to sell, dig the details using google.

2. Get a neat and clean website developed for the same

3. Analyze the keywords in your site. Make sure your website has enough content to justify the keywords mentioned in the meta tags. 4. Website optimization for Search Engines: Make sure a search engine can easily read and analyze the content in your website so that you get right ranking.

5. Submission of your website to Search Engines and Directories is one of the most important steps in internet marketing. Nowadays, you have to submit your URL manually to search engines and directories. When this job is done thru automated programs and scripts, it is considered spam

6. Articles, put as many relevant articles as you can on your site. This will pull visitors seeking info and thus desirable traffic.

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