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Online Advertising through Banner Ads



Online Marketing @ World Wide Web through Banner Ads

Google Adsense Banner Ads is one of the most effective medium to advertise your product / services. Not only you get worldwide exposure, but you also get value for each cent spent on advertising. Here, below you shall learn about banners ads, how it works ? etc

Introduction to Banner Ads:

While surfing the internet, we come across some square or rectangle advertisements of different sizes and content displayed on the web sites. These are Banner Ads and if we click on them our browser will be diverted to the web site of the advertiser, which is the fundamental purpose of Banner Ads.

Banner Ads are a form of online marketing on the World Wide Web. The advertisement is inserted in the webpage. Banner Ads create a centre of attention and send the traffic to the advertiser’s website when there is a click on the advertisement. Banner Ads are HTML codes but their impact and significance in online and internet business is of utmost importance.

How to Create & Insert Banner Ads ?

The banner advertisement is created from gif image, jpeg image, png image or java script program or multimedia using silver light, java, and shockwave, flash with animation and sound. With reference to banners these images are in a high aspect ratio shapes are inserted in attention grabbing content, articles and opinion sections of the web pages.

While banner advertisement give different results for the advertisement campaigns monitored in real world so as to target the net surfers benefit. Like the conventional advertisements are projected to inform the customers about the products and services and also why the customer must choose this product, the banner ads also have the similar aim.

When a web page carries content similar to the banner advertisement is loaded in the internet browser. Thus an impression is created and when any net surfer clicks on the banner ad, he is sent to the website of the advertiser and a “click through” is done. But sometimes a central ad server delivers the banner ads. Some amount of money like five to ten US cents is sent by the advertiser to the content provider when the net surfer clicks the banner ad and visits the website of the advertiser. The advertiser comes to know about all this when he scans the log files of his website.

Targets & Motives of Banner Ads

Obviously the motive of the banner ad is to draw the attention of net surfers. But many advertisers attempt to gain this attention to the banner ad by creating the ad some what crazy and irritating. Without drawing the notice of the net surfers, the advertisers or the content providers will get no revenue. However, mostly the net surfer is highly driven mad by such banner ads as they divert the surfer from the actual website content and also waste the bandwidth. So to avoid this harassment to the net surfers the latest web browsers have options to disable pop-ups or block images or banner ads from the websites. More techniques like proxy servers Privoxy etc. are also used to evade the banner ads in the website.


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