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Yahoo’s Search Marketing Service – Yahoo Overture

Yahoo Overture is Yahoo's search marketing arm. They specialise in displaying your ad. when a person is searching for what you sell. The idea is indeed hot, just imagine a person searching for armchair and while he is doing so, he gets to see your ad. selling armchairs. More information on Yahoo Overture follows below:

Introduction to Yahoo Overture

Yahoo’s Search Marketing Service was started by Yahoo subsequent to getting hold of Overture Services. Overture Services, Inc. was previously recognized by the name of GoTo.Com, which was the first company to effectively present a pay-for-placement search service. This was consequent to the failure of earlier endeavors as GoTo.Com was an initiative development.

Yahoo Overture is a keyword-based Pay Per Click (PPC) or Sponsored Search Internet Advertising Service offered by Yahoo.

History of Yahoo Overture

In 1996 Open Text put forward an analogous service, however net surfers did not accept commercialization if the searches. Economic model of GoTo.Com was supported by the inspiration that paid listings would make it more relevant than other also websites which reimburse more are far much superior.

GoTo.Com presented a plan in 1998 - The alternative of bidding on how much amount the advertisers would be enthusiastic to pay to emerge at the top of results in response to specific searches. Whenever a searcher clicked on a link to the advertiser's website, the bid amount was paid by the advertiser to GoTo.Com. Advertisers were paying around a dollar per click by July 1998.

GoTo.Com filed a copyright application titled "System and method for influencing a position on a search result list generated by a computer network search engine” in May 1999. In July 2001, the patent was granted as US patent 6269361. An associated patent was granted in Australia and other patent applications are pending.

GoTo.Com created pay-for-placement model in comparison which was quite a success.

GoTo.Com, Inc. renamed itself Overture Services, Inc. on October 8, 2001. Overture kicked off violation proceedings under the patent against FindWhat.com in January 2002, Prior to its acquisition by Yahoo!, and Google in April 2002.

Google launched a service called AdWords in February 2002.

Success of Yahoo Overture:

Overture was able to acquire web sites such as AltaVista and AlltheWeb successfully.

The old brand name of Overture has now been replaced as Yahoo! re-brands many of its products under the Yahoo! name. The exception to this is in Japan and Korea where the local businesses continue to use the Overture brand.

Web experts speculated that the web had developed in the superseding two years and these economic models are more suitable because the web was not merely a place for scholastic research, but also a place for advertising and business. The founder of GoTo.Com, Bill Gross guessed at the launch that GoTo.Com would be successful as a comparatively new service; it had no standing to stain with paid listings, unlike Open Text.

Claria software weakened the operation of Yahoo's services. Yahoo acquired Overture, and when a user with a Claria application installed used Yahoo Search, they received a standard set of Yahoo results with sponsored listings at the top supplied by Overture. Consequently, Yahoo! created the Yahoo! Toolbar, allowing users to get rid of adware and spyware from their system. This toolbar influenced the operation of Claria's software Claria's website does not list Yahoo! as a partner.

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