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All About Link Popularity

As the title suggests, link popularity stands for how popular your URL is on the internet? Given below is more information on this subject.

Link Popularity through one way Natural links

How many web links point to your website greatly decides how popular your website is. Not only this even search engines factor link popularity in deciding the rank of your URL. Any webpage displaying a link to your URL means that web page owner is vouching for your internet presence thus passing a positive feedback about you. Merely having a bunch of few hundred links to your website doesn't guarantee internet promotion for you. Therefore, you should make sure that the links pointing to your website must be

Good Practices and Bad Practices

1. One way natural links i.e. any kind of reciprocal or three way links will not earn you respect and admiration by a search engine.

2. Incoming links should come from relative path i.e. make sure incoming links don't come from irrelevant theme based URLs

3. Never ever use unethical methods like spamming blogs / forums etc

4. Always submit your link manually instead of using automated scripts.

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