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SEO Team
SEO Team
What is SEO?
First off, I am going to make this clear to people who are new in this business. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It's a small phrase but doing things the right way will take lots of hard work. This is about optimizing, configuring a page (a URL or a web-page) so that it not only complies with policies of Google, Yahoo, Bing, but also makes the page popular on internet among like minded people. All the processes and procedures like on-page optimization and off-page optimization are well discussed in other post. 

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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization Services and Packages

For a complete list of Affordable SEO and Social Media Packages and services, click here for as low $49 per month.
Top 10 Broken Link Checker Programs Web-Apps and Desktop versions for Windows and Mac.

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How to research keywords with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords (Keyword Planner)?

How and where would you begin your keyword research? What is the world out there searching for?

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How to improve existing Search Engine Rankings in Google?

Ever stuck with traffic charts which look frozen at same level? Want more? How about improving your existing rankings on search engine pages?

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SEO Glossary

Adwords – A pay per performance service provided by Google in which you bid on keywords, craft text and or image based AD‘s and drive users who are looking for those keywords to your site.

PPC – Pay Per Click. You give someone money when a visitor clicks on one of your advertisements on a PPC provider’s network. Facebook and Google are two big ones.

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On Page SEO – Page Optimization

I am assuming that you have heard about SEO and all of the terms associated with it.

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What is Google Advertising / Google Adwords? Why Advertise with Google? 

These ads are text ads that are displayed .... beside search results. The size of the budget can be decided .... You incur cost ............... otherwise not. In other words, this

Cost per Click (CPC) based advertising. To read the full article click here..
Ten Tips to Leverage Social Media

Determine which network(s) are right for your business.

Pinterest – Just Because Everyone Else Is Doing It Doesn’t Mean You Should Too.
Twitter – Is that enough characters for you to really say anything?
Facebook – Does your Mom really care about your weekly special?
LinkedIn – Is anyone using this?
Google Plus – Do you need another social network?

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Ultimate Beginners Guide to an Expert Adwords Campaign

It is a “beginner’s guide”, but it has some pretty powerful tips to help you avoid making rookie mistakes that most people who start out with Adwords make.

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Please find below a video directly from Matt Cutts, head of WebSpam (Google). You can see see some myths about SEO.

100% FREE and Manual SEO Analysis of your Website:

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SEO and SMO Agents for $5 per hr.

  • 100% of the Job done Manually.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Promising Results.

Tasks like below can be performed by our agents:

  1. Setup Facebook Page and Group in a professional manner
  2. Setup Twitter puppet accounts for social marketing and PR-10 back-links
  3. Participate on below sites:
    • Participate, connect and promote on 20 sites like Linkedin, Xing etc.
    • Socialize on 500 Social bookmarking sites.
    • Participate in as many as 100 forums in your niche
    • Release news for as many as 30 top Press Release sites.
    • Submit content to high PR 40+ article sites.
    • Post your ad on 100+ classified sites.
    • Socialize and participate on 40 QA sites.
    • Socialize and connect on 20+ Micro Blogging sites.
    • Submit your site to more than 200 directories on web.

Above mentioned  activities will build back-links in 100% Natural manner.

Content Development Offers:

  • $5 for a 500 word article (mainstream subjects like SEO, IT, Forex etc).
  • $10 for a 500 word article for non-mainstream subjects like Mining, Metallurgy etc.

We also develop content on or for Forums/Wiki and similar Sites

SEO and SMO Experts for as low as $10 per hr.

Install, develop and maintain below portals on your website:

  • Wikipedia
  • Forums.
  • Blog or a network of Blogs.
  • E-Commerce, Cart software
  • Video Portals
  • Image Galleries
  • Ad Server
  • Guest Book
  • Customer Relationship management – CRM software
  • Educational portals like QA (Question Answer)
  • SEO Tools

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