Types of Air Plants

Enhance your knowledge about the types of air plants

People can do ornamentation of their places with the help of air plants which can grow without soil, so these are versatile as you can even place them in any form. Many people are not aware of air plants and often get surprised when they see or hear about these plants for the first time. You can even hang some air plants upside down but you should try to avoid using glue which can damage the foliage of the leaves with the help of which they absorb nutrients from the air. You can apply glue on the dry roots of the plant only if it is plant-based glue, not the common glue. There are many ways by which these can be used for the beautification of the house. However, before having air plants in your home which you can buy online while doing online shopping for plantsyou should have knowledge about different kinds of air plants so that you can take care of them accordingly. Here is the list of some common types of tillandsias.

Tillandsia tectorum

Tillandsia Tectorum
Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia tectorum are the natives of arid places where they grow under sunlight and with less water, so these should not be watered by misting them two to three times a week depending upon the climate of your area and you should not soak them for several hours in water which is done for other air plants. These look beautiful because of their light colors. If you place this air plant in a shady area, then this will stop growing. Thus, you should take care of all these things if you have a tillandsia tectorum.

Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha
Tillandsia Ionantha

Due to its purple flowers, tillandsia ionantha has its name. It is a small plant that should be watered like any other air plant that is by spraying water on them or soaking them for one hour in water. If you are soaking this air plant in water then you should not soak it for more than one hour because this can rot the plant. After soaking, you should make sure that there should not be any excess water on the leaves which can also rot the plant, so you can dry out with the help of air. All these things are not so hard to do which are crucial for the care of your air plants, so these are comparatively easy maintenance plants than other plants.

Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica
Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica grows in semi-arid locations and can tolerate drought-like situations. This plant is grey in color and has curly leaves which can be curlier when you give less water to the plant. Owing to its beauty it is also known as the queen of grey air plants, so you should definitely have this plant which you can do by getting delivery of online indoor plants. For watering, you can mist the plant or soak in water for two minutes which can be done two to three times a week. This air plant can look pretty amazing if placed in a beautiful glass vase.

Tillandsia caput medusae

Medusae was a creature with lots of snakes on its head according to Greek mythology and the plant got this name because of this reason that it looks like that creature. You can buy his plant as you could have plants of different designs. This medium-sized plant is a drought-tolerant plant and can be placed under bright light. It bears long flowers of pink color.

Tillandsia bulbosa

Dark green color of tillandsia bulbosa depicts that it grows in shady areas and high humidity, so this should not be placed under direct sunlight. This plant does not react to gravity, so you can place it upside down as well. It can have red and purple colored flowers. This plant grows in cool areas, so you should soak this air plant in water for more time than other kinds of air plants that can be for more than one hour but excess water should be removed after taking the plant out of water otherwise it can rot the plant.

Tillandsia stricta

Tillandsia stricta can be having green leaves or very dark green leaves. Some plants of tillandsia stricta can have hard leaves. It can have flowers in pink.

Tillandsia straminea

Tillandsia straminea has long leaves which bend down when the plant is weak. This grey colored air plant needs some hours of sunlight and can survive without water for so long but you definitely mist the plant for its healthy growth.

Apart from above mentioned species, tillandsia Plagiotropica, tillandsia Guelzii, tillandsia Baileyi. tillandsia circinata, tillandsia magnusiana, etc which you can also grow in your house and can make your place more attractive.