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09 SEO Metrics That You Should Be Tracking On A Daily Basis

There are tons of web site optimization metrics that you should be tracking on a regular basis. These include link popularity, page ranking, search engine optimization and the number of organic keyword phrases in the body of your site.

But there’s one more important metric that’s overlooked by most marketers: the number of people that will visit your website each day. This is because so many marketers fail to realize that the amount of time they spend focusing on getting high rankings with Google, Bing or Yahoo is not nearly enough to drive as much traffic to their site.

So how can you go about improving your traffic generation efforts? Here are some of the top 15 SEO metrics that you should be tracking in order to increase your chances of attracting targeted, prospective customers to your web site and to make sure that you’re providing the best possible value to them.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a key to getting the best rankings with Google and other search engines. To increase the number of people who are clicking links to your site, try using relevant, quality and authoritative websites as your links. If you use these sites as anchor text to your links, they’ll be more likely to get indexed by the search engines and ranked higher in the search results

Search Engine Optimization:

The more pages you have on your site, the better. Your search engine optimization efforts will be rewarded exponentially if you can boost the number of backlinks pointing to your site. This type of backlink will help you climb the ranks of search engines so that your site shows up higher in the search results.

Page Rank:

The higher your page rank, the more likely your site is to appear on a search engine’s first page. A good high page rank will translate to a higher search engine ranking and thus more visitors to your site.

Organic Keyword Phrases:

The number of times your site contains organic keywords is also important. This type of keyword density is what makes the difference between having a site optimized for specific searches and having a site optimized for general searches.

It’s a good idea to have more organic keyword phrases in the body of your site than you do in the head section where people usually type into Google.

Keyword Density:

You want the number of times that people type in a particular word when searching for your site. In particular, you want a higher number of search engines showing that particular term.

Domain Name:

A strong domain name is also important for SEO. A good domain name is one that relates to the content on your site.

Keyword Density:

The more often people type your keyword, the more likely it is that your site will appear on a search engine’s first page. This is referred to as keyword density.

Link Popularity:

The number of links pointing to your site will have an impact on how many people click through from other sites to your site. A good quality backlink is important for improving the overall amount of traffic that you receive to your site.

Anchor Text:

Anchor Text

Anchor text is also important for increasing your rankings and getting the highest ranking possible from the search engines. An effective anchor text should be unique, relevant, and related to your site’s content.

The first thing that you need to do is create a list of keywords that you are targeting with our SEO Services in Jaipur campaign. This list will help you see what works and what does not. If you have found a list of keywords, you will also be able to track these keywords on a daily basis.

One of the most important things to track is the number of visitors that come to your site. You can track how many visitors click on the links on your website, how many of these visitors actually make a purchase, and how many of them return to your site. All of these numbers can tell you a lot about your website and what is working for you.

What are the Common Metrics Everyone Should Know?

SEO Campaign
  • Another way that you can determine if your SEO campaign is successful is to track the number of backlinks that you are getting from other websites. When you link to a page that is within your niche, you can see which pages are doing well for you, and which pages aren’t performing as well as they should.
  • Another one of the important metrics that you need to track is the number of sales that you are seeing. You can easily see where all of your traffic is coming from, and you can see what types of ads and landing pages are bringing in the most targeted visitors.
  • Once you know how well your SEO campaign is performing, you will be able to use it to track the effectiveness of other SEO keywords such as keyword popularity. Keyword popularity can help you see which keywords you need to change, and which ones need to stay the same.
  • Finally, you will want to track how well the SEO content on your site is converting the visitors that come to your site to actual customers. These visitors are the ones that are buying your products. items that you are promoting, and selling. The best conversions are when they actually make purchases online or order through your website.
  • When you get started with your Google AdWords campaign, you can see how many people are actually making purchases after they have come through your website. With this information you can improve your campaign and start to see results as you continue to use your campaign.
  • Many websites are still struggling to convert their website visitors into paying customers. This is a major problem for businesses that rely on online advertising, because they cannot afford to lose their customers. This is why it is important that you constantly monitor the conversion rates of your website and you find ways to improve them.
  • For example, it may be time for you to change some of the SEO content that is currently on your website. Perhaps it is too sales oriented, or perhaps it is too general.



It may be necessary for you to review your website traffic every few months so that you can see what type of changes you need to make in order to increase your website traffic.

Once you identify those things that are working, you can implement those changes to your website, or even the content on your website in order to improve your conversions.

The last of the many Google SEO metrics that you need to track is the number of unique visits that are coming into your site.

It is important to keep track of this number, because this is one of the main factors used by Google to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.