FastComet and Black Friday Deals 2020

FastComet is an American hosting company founded in 2013, its main business is providing domain name and virtual hosting.

 After 7 years of rapid development, it has become a very good hosting company. With more 50,000 customers Fastcomet is one of the most trustworthy hosting providers.

Since it’s November and Black Friday is all set to drive you crazy with its amazing deals on Web Hosting.

Here in this article, I have mentioned about the Fastcomet Black Friday deals and everything you should know about Fastcomet.

So here we go!

Why Choose FastComet Solution as Cheap Linux Hosting?

FastComet is the best manageable dedicated virtual host. FastComet provides fast domain name migration services, and the installation of website building programs is also very simple.

FastComet is undoubtedly the leader in manageable dedicated virtual hosting with fast speed, high efficiency and good reputation.

In addition, FastComet is also among the best in terms of regular running time and ultra-high-speed loading times. The stable speed and abundant development tools make FastComet an ideal virtual host for building websites.

FastComet offers three main types of hosting: shared, cloud VPS and dedicated CPU servers. This hosting provider’s cheapest plan starts at $ 2.95 when you use a discount code.

What really sets FastComet apart from its competitors is your renewal price will be the same price you signed up for initially, which isn’t the case with most hosting providers.

Upcoming Black Friday Web Hosting and Domain Deals 2020

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Black Friday is creating fizz. I must tell you that you will be encountering stunning Web Hosting and Domain Deals 2020 which you will not be able to refuse.

There will be huge discounts that will leave your mouth wide open. There is up to 75% off on Fastcomet when you sign up with a coupon code.

There are other crazy deals which are:

  • A2 Hosting (67% OFF)
  • HostGator (80% OFF)
  • SiteGround (75% OFF)
  • BlueHost (75% OFF)
  • LiquidWeb (66% OFF)
  • CloudWays (40% OFF)
  • FactComet (30% OFF)
  • Kinsta (30% OFF)
  • WPX Hosting (95% OFF or 3 Months Free)
  • FlyWheel (35% OFF)
  • NameCheap (98% OFF)

After seeing such offers I don’t think you will be able to control your excitement. So, what are you waiting for! Get ready to buy the best hosting plans this Black Friday.


Plans and Pricing

Fastcomet is known for its transparent prices and no additional renewal cost. It has three types of Plans: FastCloud, Fastcloud Plus and FastCloud Extra.

FastCloud host:

  • Price: $2.95/mo
  • Hard Disk: 15G SSD
  • Flow rate: 30G
  • Build a website: a website (including MySQL, FTP, mailbox, etc.)
  • Free domain transfer for one year (com/net/org)
  • Panel: CPanel

FastCloud Plus:

  • Price: $4.45/mo
  • Hard Disk: 25G SSD
  • Flow rate: 60G
  • Website construction: unlimited (including MySQL, FTP, mailbox, etc.)
  • Free domain transfer for one year (com/net/org)
  • Panel: Cpanel

FastCloud Extra

  • Price: $5.95/mo
  • Hard Disk: 35GB SSD
  • Rocket booster
  • Website Construction: Unlimited
  • Panel: Cpanel


Promo Code



FastComet is a relatively young company that is not only transparent in its prices but also in the additional services. Some of its noteworthy features are compiled below-

 1. Super uptime

This is one of the most exclusive features that make Fastcomet stand out in the crowd. The uptime that Fastcomet provides is highly impressive. Even in the worst of the situation, the uptime will not go below 99.9%.

2. Customer service responds quickly

Another important feature is that they provide a fast and friendly service, which is unmatched by most other companies.

Many other hosting providers also have online chat options, in most of the cases you do not know whether the other party is a machine or a human, and you can get very little help. But this is not the case with FastComet.

3. Longer money-back guarantee than other hosting providers

After purchasing the FastComet host, if you are dissatisfied by their services then FastComet also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. So you can purchase services with peace of mind, and then test their hosts more comprehensively.

4. Daily free data backup

Website Backup
Website Backup

Any webmaster who has ever had a website knows that data backup is essential. If you don’t back up your data and one day the database is damaged, the hard disk is damaged or the data is hacked, all the data will be lost, it will be a devastating blow to the personal webmaster.

However, in the process of using FastComet host, we don’t have to worry too much about data backup. Because FastComet provides users with free data backup every day.

This is basically impossible for some other host companies of the same price to help you.

Secondly, these data backed up daily will be stored for up to 30 days. In this way, the risk of data loss is further reduced. If necessary, the website also provides a one-click data recovery option to help us restore the website to the old version. These operations are really great and save the webmaster a lot of time.

 5. Provide Cloudflare CDN acceleration service for free

Nowadays, there are many CDN providers, and the prices are getting cheaper. But if we want to use a free CDN, such as Cloudflare, we have to register an account, and then set up the website to Cloudflare to configure the CDN.

However, FastComet does all this for you. After you create your website, FastComet directly helps you introduce your site to Cloudflare’s free CDN.

6. Free website migration

If you have already set up a site on another service provider, FastComet will help you move it to their service for free. If you want to migrate your website to FastComet, then the FastComet team will help you with a free migration operation. They use some wizard tools to intelligently help you migrate your website without additional costs.

7. Free domain name for life

In the process of purchasing FastComet, the option of registering a domain name will be provided. After the registration is successful, you can use the domain name for free for life.

It is difficult for other hosting companies to do this. Many other host companies may let you use it for free in the first year, or let you use it at a cheaper price in the first year, but will renew it at a high price in the second year. Fastcomet excels in this too.

8. Honest and transparent prices

If you visit their website now, FastComet’s pricing will be as follows: StartSmart: $2.95 per month ScaleRight: $5.95 per month SpeedUp: $9.95 per month Many other host companies will also use such low prices to attract you from the beginning.

However, after the service expires, if you plan to renew, many hosting companies will take the opportunity to raise the price. Compared with the first year, host renewal may double or triple the cost.

Many users feel that migrating websites is a hassle, these speculative hosting companies have captured the user’s psychology.

However, the price for the renewal of FastComet still remains the same.FastComet ensures that the user’s renewal price is fixed so that we can enjoy the same price as the day of registration.


Data Center

There are 11 big data centres. Among them, the main computer room is in Tokyo, Japan. The locations are

  • Chicago – The United States (USA);
  • Dallas – The United States (USA);
  • Newark – The United States (USA);
  • Toronto – Canada (CA);
  • London – England (UK);
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands (NL);
  • Frankfurt – Germany (DE);
  • Singapore – Singapore (SG);
  • Tokyo – Japan (JP);
  • Mumbai – India (IN);
  • Sydney – Australia (AU).


This is the major concern when you are looking for the best Hosting Provider. Well, Fastcomet is known for its fast and reliable customer support. Fastcomet offers 24/7 customer support, if you face any query then you can contact them via online chat or through tickets and they will resolve your problem as soon as possible.



  • FastComet has eight data centres around the world. You can choose the location of your server while subscribing as per your requirement.
  • You get a free domain name for the duration of your plan (and not just for the first year, unlike many other web hosts).
  • The plans are packed with additional features, including Cloudflare CDN caching to boost your website load, malware removal, a firewall as well as brute force and spam protection.
  • You will get RocketBooster, a proprietary system that guarantees the performance of your shared hosting plan.
  • With FastComet, renewal prices are fixed, which means that no significant price increases will apply after your initial period.


  • Proprietary CDN is sometimes not easy to use

Final Verdict on Black Friday Deals 2020

Guys Black Friday is waiting around the corner with mind-blowing deals and crazy discounts. You have already seen the astounding services Fastcomet proffers in the above article. 

So, if you want to upgrade your website or buy any hosting plan then I must say Fastcomet Black Friday deals will give you an amazing opportunity.

So, just find the appropriate web Hosting Plan and give your website an extra top-up.