Brands with heart touching and Inspirational Advertisements

Nowadays, every brand, whether it is known or not, they are making their advertisement to convey the message and ideology of their brand. Brands use advertisements as their main promotional tool as now people also want to see some interesting ideas and concepts in ads. The bigger the brand, the greater will be the people’s expectation.

Some renowned brands like Dell, LG, and Gillette, Oppo, etc. have made some of the best and inspiring advertisements that have motivated people in their real life. So let’s talk about some inspirational and unique advertisement stories.

Top Heart Touching Advertisements

1. Gillette


Gillette is a renowned brand that deals with a product like safety razors and other personal care products that include shaving creams etc. Gillette is also known for making extraordinary advertisement where they show some real and untold stories that inspire so many people.

In one of their advertisement, they have shown the story of an ex Indian soldier that how more soldiers can also cry. This advertisement’s target audience was males as it was believed that real men do not cry; this advertisement was made to break this stereotype. In this advertisement, an ex-soldier tells his own battleground story that he got too many injuries, and he could not shave with a normal blade, but Gillette helped him. This advertisement has been shared by so many people and liked by them.

2. Oppo


Oppo is a huge brand. It is one of the best brands in mobile phones. Oppo always comes with a new idea and concept in terms of its promotional campaign. This time also, Oppo has come with a unique idea with the tag line- #BeTheInfinite this campaign of Oppo tries to show that through dedication, hard work, will, and passion, anyone can achieve their dreams.

For this particular campaign, Oppo has collaborated with former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. The advertisement gives the message that hard work is the key to success. Without the dedication and hard work, Dhoni cannot do all that he has done for the country. This advertisement shows the importance of hard work and dedication.

3. Dell India

Dell India

Dell India is known for its excellent electronic gadgets. Dell India is best known for its excellent production of laptops and customer service. With the festive season around the corner, the brands have come up with offers and deals. Check out the latest Dell India offer and get a massive discount on shopping Dell products.

This time Dell India has come with a new concept where they are showing some celebrities that how they have struggled to get work recognized just like dell work on it every part very keenly. In the advertisement, Nawazuddin Siddiqui shares his story about how he has worked on acting skills and how focused he was on his works. This story of Nawazuddin Siddiqui has inspired so many youngest for doing hard work.

4. Nescafe


Nescafe is a trendy brand. People remember Nescafe for its coffee product and their unique idea and concept every time Nescafe comes with some unique stories. Last time it showed the story of an RJ whose name was RJ Rishi, who started doing stand-up comedy. He used to stutter whenever he used to start speaking. RJ Rishi shared his story and bad experiences so that others can also get inspired and motivated.

Nescafe decided to help Rishi to overcome his problem and helped him get energized. This Nescafe advertisement crossed one million views with their emotional appeal. This advertisement successfully conveyed the message that Nescafe wanted to do. The basic ideology behind this Nescafe campaign was to show that nothing can stop you, one needs courage and confidence and can achieve anything in this world.  

5. Times of India

Times of India

Among all the incredible and inspiring advertisement made by a different brand like Cosmetic brands, cold drink brands, etc. This time there is something new that has to happen the ad we are talking about is of a very renowned and trusted Newspaper that is Times of India. The ideology behind the advertisement is a single person can also make a difference with his or her courage and thought.

In this particular advertisement, a short story is shown where a small Schoolboy inspires the public to handle the situation. When the whole traffic was blocked because of a fallen tree, and everyone blamed the authorities, the small boy tried to push that tree just to make a difference. The tag line of the advertisement was Union is Strength.

6. Incredible India

Incredible India

India is a country that attracts millions of tourists every year in our country because of its beauty and welcoming nature. To increase the number of tourists in our country, the ministry of Tourism Department of India started a new campaign with a different thought of Atithi Devo Bhava’s theme to show how incredible our country India is.

Atithi Devo Bhava‘ is a social awareness campaign for India’s people, which shows that we need to take care of the tourist who are visiting our country to see our culture and heritage. This campaign is for the people who are mainly responsible for guiding the tourists in our country, for example, taxi drivers, guides, immigration officers, police, public, and other personnel who interact with the tourist people directly daily.

In that advertisement, Aamir Khan saves two of the tourist people from a local goon and explains to them India’s culture, saying Atithi Devo Bhava, which means Guests are like a god and should treat them like one.


There so many brands that have come up with advertisements with inspiring real stories. In this blog, we have listed some of the best advertisements in our country with millions of viewership. These advertisements have successfully conveyed the message and ideology of their campaign with advertisements’ help without making it too difficult.