Top 10 Free Broken Link Checker Programs Online and for Desktops

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

We all know helpful Google tools can be when it comes to website optimization and everything related. This tool will not only check bad links for errors, but, also send you occasional emails when something goes wrong.

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker

Dr Link Checker

I had not seen this tool until today, tried and tested and it seems one of the best, so here it is..


Broken Link Checker Xenu
Xenu Desktop App

Xenu Desktop App for finding Broken Links (click for download link)

It’s one of the oldest desktop apps out there, you can download this, install it and let it run, not one of the finest but feels nice and classic when using it.


Broken Link Checker
Dead Link Checker Download here

These guys are well know in site analysis and tools business. This is a desktop app for finding broken links on your site. I just downloaded it, have not tested it yet. Please test this and post your feedback in comments.


Anybrowser web app to check broken links
Anybrowser Dead Link Checker

Easy to use, light-weight and good. This seems one of the oldest tools. I tried and tested this too. You are going to like this.


WP Plugin for Broken Links

Download WordPress Plugin here

We all love WordPress, don’t we? and how about free plugins which take your blog to next level? Awesome! isn’t it? This one has been updated for latest release and reviews look pretty good too. Please use this and share feedback in comments.

Check broken links in site

This is a top authority site in web business. I was not able to test this well, but shared for the reputation they have. Give it a shot and let us know.

IndiaBook Link Checker
Dead link checker

These guys have been in web business since late 90s. This one comes from Megrisoft. This is worth using too.


These guys are one of the biggest names in what they do. Fortunately their web-app to test broken links is good too.

LinkChecker App
Download here.

This one is an app for a desktop. Download the exe from github and there you go. I could not download and test this due to lack of time. I just hope you guys can share feedback and let the world know.