Top 5 Game App Development Platforms

When you think about starting your own personal game application, the first question that arises is which platform to use for your game app development? The following blog has listed the top 5 game app development software that the most well-known mobile app development company in Dubai uses for development.

Game App Dev.
Game App Dev.

Following are the list of top 5 game mobile app development strategy and platforms:

  • RPG Maker
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Buildbox
  • Lumberyard
  • Unity

Let’s discuss the list in much detail, and find out what’s the best game app development software for your innovative ideas.

RPG Maker:

If you are curious about software programming, but you still want to develop game applications, you should give a chance to RPG Maker. RPG Maker is a series of developing software that helps you design and develop role-playing or open-world games. It was introduced in far 1992 almost about 29 years ago. It was initially released only in Japan but was available to the whole world much later, with different versions.

Numerous mobile games are developed with this engine. The mobile applications built on RPG Maker are quite easily uploaded on any mobile App Store and Google Play. Every year thousands of game applications are uploaded to such online stores, and that’s one of the reasons how their owners earn. RPG Maker supports many popular consoles such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It is very modest to sort out and quite simple to use, without any portion of programming knowledge or coding. So, this is one of the best mobile game app development engines for beginners, who are willing to build a 2D RPG. Plus, it is quite cheap and distributed online.

GameMaker Studio 2:

GameMaker Studio 2 is a game development engine for creating 2 Dimensional games. It was released by Yo-Yo Games in the year 1999. GameMaker Studio 2 has its own personal visual-scripting language, which is also known as Game Maker Language. Which supports development with C# and sparkling C++.

GameMaker Studio 2 supports all mutual platforms. Due to its features specially designed for 2D game development purposes. GameMaker Studio provides such valuable tools as Tilesets, in-engine image editor, and Spine-powerful 2D animation tool. Undertale, Risk of Rain, and Hotline Miami have technologically advanced with GameMaker Studio 2. Regrettably, 3D game development is not one of the traits of GameMaker Studio 2 and it doesn’t support one either. Apart from that the cost for GameMaker Studio 2 is very cheap and can go up to 10 to 30 dollars a month for a subscription.


Buildbox is the greatest solution for those individuals who don’t like coding or don’t know anything about coding. Buildbox is an engine that uses a visual programming interface for game development. Which would help you get rid of any hectic coding. It is the best way to produce a casual mobile game application quickly.

Buildbox’s store comprises thousands of free animations to build your game and assets with. Many mobile app developers in Dubai are utilizing its ability to develop games at a much faster rate. Buildbox supports both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional game app development. It has numerous pre-built structures that are frequently included in games by app developers Dubai. But due to such a feature, it is comparatively quite expensive. It could cost up to three hundred dollars per year.


Lumberyard is a new innovative and free open-source game app development engine composed by Amazon, it is based on CryEngine. You must remember the game application called ‘Crysis’ that stole the whole video game market. Besides, it has new cool technologies and graphics which operate within.

Game App Dev.
Game App Dev.

Now visualize CryEngine elevated with many other new development features such as shaders and upgraded UI. One of the core features of Lumberyard is Amazon Web Services integration. It allows the app developers to build and host their projects on clouds so that they can maximize the speed of development by a lot.


Unity, and Unreal Engine, is one of the greatest and stretchy game engines for both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional game app development, and not to mention it also supports cross-platform mobile game development. It is the utmost frequently used game development engine for Android game development as stated by the ecommerce development company in Dubai. The most popular games are developed and designed with Unity.

Following examples are the well-known games built on Unity:

  • Hearthstone
  • The Forest
  • Cuphead
  • Pokémon GO
  • VRChat

Unity came into the market in the year 2005 and for this long time, it has collected a massive variety of tools and features that allow mobile app developers to build their games as they want. Unity supports app development on any platform that the app developers might want to. It can even support Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices support, including phone VR.

It offers its own Asset Store, where anyone can find pretty much any model or image to incorporate. They can even use pre-written scripts for their development. If you have ever operated with any Java script game engines such as Unity. Someone good with C# would easily understand Unity’s coding or development. Unity supports all mutual file formats to work with. In case if you haven’t found what you require. You can always refer to peripheral content-sharing services. Unity is one of the best game app development engines to start your game development dream.


We anticipate you’ve found a reliable game app development engine to use to create your own game using the tips presented in this blog. Always keep in mind that your choice should be dependent on the game that you’re developing.