13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips!

Social media has become a vital part of our lives personally and professionally. It came slowly and then suddenly became an important part. It has paved the way businesses invest in marketing today. As now it requires a well-thought Social media strategy, an eye-catching campaign, selling content to grow a large audience for your brand. Some of the best Social Media Optimization Tips are:

1# Create a killer social media strategy to engage the audience

If you aren’t aware of what you want, how will you achieve it?
Not to mention, if you don’t have strong goals, you can’t measure or develop strategies over time.

Always write down what you want to achieve and your desired goals.

2#   Do good research and learn about your Audience

Research Social Media
Research Social Media

If you want to make money, connecting and interacting with your audience is essential for marketing today. You have to know your audience from inside out in order to play your game wisely.

For a successful social media strategy, you should focus on their needs and desires. Interaction on a their personal level and relatable content can make them feel attached to your brand.

3# Curate eye-catching social media content

Everything you do on social media should be overlooked. If you only publish something regardless of the quality of content, you are wrong. Based on the social networks you post, you need to understand the various uses of each network.

  • LinkedIn– A professional network building website very useful for your business.
  • Facebook- Everybody has a Facebook account, particularly useful for news/entertainment-related content. Facebook Group is a very good option to connect with your audience.
  • Instagram– Static postsand short videos are great to engage people, but they can’t drive traffic back to your blog. If your content has a high visual effect, it is perfect.
  • Pinterest – In comparison to Instagram, Pinterest is very visual. The only issue is that it is only limited to static images, but it drives traffic back to your blog.

You just need to figure out the right words to craft quirky copies for your social media and you are out there!

4# Make video content very frequently


Unless you live under a rock, you must be aware of the power of video content, especially in social media marketing. Therefore, if you have not done this, it’s high time to join this trend!

Real-time video (such as Facebook real-time video) now seems to be all the rage.

Facebook live video helps you connect with your audience, which other content formats might not. People participate by asking questions. So you can interact with them during and after the live video, showing them that you are more than just a brand.

5# Create aesthetics for your social media feeds

Creating amazing pictures for your social media should be on utmost priority.

 You can easily use tools like Canva to create eye-catching images to attract viewers. People always remember what they see so try to engage them with pretty visuals.

Create beautiful and eye-catching pictures and make the cohesive with your brand!

6#  Run social media contests to maintain your brand image

Creating a selling social media contest is one of the smartest strategies you can use. It will increase your online visibility, followers, and engagement. You can use many social contest tools to create great giveaways or sweepstakes.

The major key to a successful social media strategy is to provide great value. Something that the audience cannot resist.

7#  Always measure your results of the success of a particular strategy


End the loop by keeping the results reaching the goals you set and seeing the comparison between them. Otherwise, you will not know which strategy has worked and which has failed. Always check your followers, likes, comments, shares, clicks, downloads, etc.

It all boils down to leads. Ultimately, successful social media marketing will increase the number of qualified potential customers for the company. This is the indicator that tells you the best effort. Be patient. Even if the content is good and consistent, it takes time to develop strangers into potential customers. However, if done right, they will eventually trickle in.

8#  Make use of Twitter to test your content ideas

Most marketers use Twitter heavily as a promotional tool for their content marketing plans, but few people will use the power of Twitter to take advantage of potential hot topics before sitting down to produce content.

Twitter can be used as a powerful “content lab” where you can test how popular a piece of content might be, or measure interest in subject areas that differ greatly from your usual editorial focus.

9#  Make a Facebook group grow your brand image

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

Benefits of making a Facebook group:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Interact with the audience in a real way
  • Create your email list
  • Grow your business and make more money
  • Establishing a Facebook group is a top-notch strategy to level up all social media marketing programs.

10# Promoting is the most important factor for your business

You can create breath-taking high-quality content on the web but if no one is following it, you won’t see the results. That is where promotion is beneficial.

Automation tools are essential that you use for the social media platforms. This will increase the number of people who have access to your content and also help to increase your website traffic. Creating diverse content for social media is important obviously, but don’t neglect the fact that the promotion process is necessary too.

11# Always keep up with the latest trends and strategies and use them to create engaging content

Engaging Content
Engaging Content

In social media marketing, maintaining a leading position is essential.

It changes quite often, and the algorithm also changes in the middle. Be aware of what’s going on around you and what are the new social media changes. This includes reading current statistics about the social platforms you use as well as general social media statistics.

12# Stay focused on the marketing tips you follow and the results will show

Indicators will show where you have been, and also where you need to go. Companies need to take collected metrics and use them to convey their information.

  • Will one content bring more participation?
  • Is there some form of a post that attracts more attention on certain days or at certain times of the day?
  • Is content better on one platform than another?

Use this data to edit and adjust the strategy. You will see greater results from your Social media marketing efforts.

13#  Remarket in your paid social media campaigns

Remarketing is one of the most effective techniques you can use on Facebook, it becomes even more effective. By remarketing to your customers on social networks, you definitely increase the chances of customers. Even if they don’t, increasing brand awareness is still worth the investment, so you must remarket on Facebook.

Top 10 Benefits of Video Production

Top 10 benefits of video production

Several technological research companies estimated that video will comprise over 85% of all internet traffic by the year 2021.

As we know that every social media channel now offering videos and most services offering automatic subtitles, it’s never been easier to share videos.

Content marketing is changing over the internet. Instead of the dry promo videos of the past, companies such as Media Productions create useful content that audiences are hungry for. By sharing information, trending too, or creating instructional videos about how to use products, consumers follow them.

Rather than having to chase down customers, great corporate video content will get customers attracted to follow you.

Here are 10 reasons why you need professional corporate video production.


The web traffic for vids has never been as high as lately. If you’re creating and posting videos, you’re creating a worthwhile slowdown in the daily flood of content feeds.

Videos on your website make you 74% more likely to keep the traffic. If you’re spending money to get traffic, make sure you can deal it with a great corporate video.


Social Media Videos

Social media channels suggest you include images with any kind of post. In fact videos get shared more on social media than any other kind of advertising strategy.

When viewers get connected to a post in an emotional way, they remember it for longer time and are more likely to pass it on to their network.


You’ll find that corporate videos will help you to get higher results in search engines, if you’re working as a company’s SEO. You might have noticed that when you search on Google, any video that even slightly matches your result will end up near the top of results.

That’s because search engines know consumers demand.


Brand awareness is slightly hard to create. By creating a corporate video that holds strong emotional content will stick with consumers, your brand awareness will rise.


When you can show your products and services in action, the actual action speaks more than thousands of words, then you can turn a skeptical customer into a believer.

Created a video should put confidence into the minds of potential clients and it prominently featured on your website or your landing page will keep customers engaged.


Mostly media’s return on investment is middling at best. A corporate video acknowledge you to create a long-lasting campaign. Making video within your budget allows you to create something that can describe your company to clients for years to come.


Brand Awareness

As mobile traffic has absolutely outshined desktop usage, social media and streaming sites have made sure to prioritize the quality of video on mobile. When you post a video, you’re in your customers’ pockets.

Videos are watched regularly during morning shuttle, during breaks, and anywhere in-between. A great video sticks with consumers because they’ve managed to make them happy while they’re taking a break from a busy day.


One of the biggest drift in tech is creating organic traffic and an organic audience. Through a strong video, you can show your customers who you are and connect in a real way.


If you’ve got an important boost coming up or something i.e. time sensitive to say, creating a video can emphasize that point. Your call to action will be as simple as getting your customers to buy. A video gives you a little bit of extra muscle in that tone.

A superb video can influence your customers to act urgently. Once you’ve prescribed those reasons why they need your services or help them understand more about your company.


Creating a strong video will help you to connect on an extensive level than any other type of marketing scheme. Stand out images or printed ads don’t feel interactive in the same way a video does. You can tell an attractive story with a strong enough video.

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Why is digital marketing necessary for a brand?

There are so many brands operating all over the world but they aren’t well recognized. Right now, there are thousands of software development companies trying to market these brands, but only a few of them are skyrocketing and achieving their desired goals.

Why is that?

That’s the obvious question, right? Maybe the majority of these companies are lacking something, or they are just not approaching their clients the right way or maybe they aren’t as visible as the other mobile app development company. There could be any possibility, but there’s one thing common among all those reasons.

All these invisible brands lack self-marketing also known as branding. Making your brand visible amidst all other companies is one thing but maintaining it can be quite difficult. Perhaps you must have heard about the most well-reputed software development company, Silicon Graphics.

Silicon Graphics has been in the business for quite some time, and it has achieved the remarkable reputation that it deserves. But most importantly they have the best way to make any brand visible in the market. It doesn’t matter what’s the size of the company or how much revenue they make every year. It is certainly the way they develop and market a business which in return increases the reputation and the revenue of the company by far.

Silicon Graphics made its own presence in the digital market within just two months. They kept gradually working on promoting themselves and currently, they got their hands full with exciting new challenging leads and projects.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

How did they skyrocket their growth?

Silicon Graphics simply started with the basics, as shown in the following list:

Even though there are two more things to add up such as Affiliate Marketing and Email Marketing. But they didn’t pursue digital marketing with that. They believed that keeping it simple was the key to better marketing.

Let’s us start understanding these subdirectories of Digital marketing:

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is also known as SMM in the digital market, the name itself can elaborate on the purpose of it. SMM is the quickest way to achieve any required audience. Due to the vast use of social media among the people, any brand can achieve high quality leads from these platforms. What’s more important is that it’s a great source of income for ecommerce business. Each eCommerce app development Company makes sure that they add social media marketing to their package to impress the client. Social Media Marketing is simply the best way to gain organic traffic which in return would help you achieve sales and recognition for your brand through these online platforms.  It certainly enhances the lifestyle of a brand.

Following is the list of tools you can use to analyze SMM:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Sendible
  • Agora Pulse

Through these above-mentioned tools, you can analyze the organic traffic these social media platforms gain in the given amount of time.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization is the process to rank any website on the search engine. It is a simple task but quite technical when it comes to gaining high domain authority. SEO has a bit of depth to it, unlike social media marketing, Search engine optimization takes place on the backend, it’s not actually visible but some tools help you see how many backlinks have been created.

Following is the list of tools you can use to analyze SEO:

Search engine optimization often allows a user to build links on websites with much higher domain authority and redirects the organic website traffic through the link to your brand’s website. It’s quite technical compared to other digital marketing ways, there’s a chance that the search engine might find link building as spam. And for that reason, there are monthly SEO plans that help it keep link building at a limit. Make sure to follow the marketing ways of the best software development company.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing has been around for centuries because content marketing is simply referred to as storytelling. Us human beings have been telling each other stories as long as we started talking. Only the best out of best stories gain our attention.

Let me give you a simple example of content marketing, you must have read or heard about marvel comics before you even watched the first Iron-man movie or maybe you surely would have gotten some spoilers of the movie endgame through the comics, which increased the interests of the viewers. Gaining them more and more popular among people.

Perhaps you’re still confused about content, let’s take another example for content marketing. Every woman, child, and man know about LEGO blocks right. The creators of LEGO blocks used the same principle of content marketing to promote their products. First, they made just the normal blocks for kids to play with, then they made “The LEGO movies,” and after the movie, they made LEGO blog toys related to the movie. Watching the movie triggered the urge to build between children and even adults. That’s how content marketing is planned and executed.

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement
Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

Pay-Per-Click Advertisement:

Pay-per-click is known as PPC. PPC is all about getting leads through the money it’s like investing most software development companies do to get customers. Pay per click is commonly referred to as search engine advertisement, you must have come across Ads when you search for products on the search engine.

They are visible in the form of the first search result on the search engine. It’s quite simple and can be operated by just one person. It’s all about showing the Ads to the relevant customers. In case a person opens one of those Ads, a certain amount is deducted from the total pay per click packages.


Marketing for a brand can be quite simple yet effective in so many ways. It can fetch organic leads and inorganic leads through various digital marketing channels. But even more, you get the recognition that you deserve. Silicon Graphic pursued the same marketing plan for their recognition. They achieved the traffic they deserved and we shared that idea with you as well.

Make sure that you pursue the right marketing plan and in case you can’t pursue your goals; you can contact silicon graphics and ask for their consultancy. As they are a leading software development company now, they can provide you with the right amount of traffic with a detailed marketing plan.

Hope this blog was helpful in case you have more inquiries, comment below. I always read my comment, if you have any addition for this blog please comment.