Myths about the BBA Degree

It is said that the school is the most challenging part in a student’s life, but it is not true the real struggle starts after school is over. School is the place where you can be most carefree, as the only thing you need to worry about and the only thing which you need to be responsible for is the studies. But, after class 12th, the real struggle starts, the battle to choose, to make decisions and most importantly, to be responsible for those decisions. 

The first and the foremost struggle which you will face after class 12th is selecting the right course. While choosing a course generally, you are afraid about the consequences of choosing the course. While selecting the higher study course, there is a constant struggle in the mind of the individuals, what if all went wrong, what if there has not been any scope of the same, what if it is not the course you can work on. These are the things which continuously keep arising in the mind of the individuals.

If you are someone who is proposing to opt for the BBA, from any right BBA college in Dehradun, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any possible education hub and are confused about it, then this article is for you. This read will help you burst a few prominent myths residing around opting the BBA course for further studies. 

BBA Degree Is Only for The Commerce Students

The most striking and prevalent misconception about BBA is that it is just for commerce students and that non-commerce students can’t seek after a course of BBA. While the fact of the matter is BBA is an ‘open to all’ degree course. Regardless of whether you are from arts, science or commerce foundations, you can get into BBA. Indeed, for the commerce students the underlying subjects like Accountancy and Economics can seem more straightforward than a science or commerce foundation understudy yet there’s nothing in the course that is excessively extreme or totally ambiguous for them.

There Is No Difference Between BCom and BBA

The confusion between the BBA and BCom is the misconception existing among the many as well. BBA and BCom are two totally different subjects. The essential distinction between the two is that BBA is a business or the management degree, while BCom is a degree related to commerce and accounts. BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration can help you in getting into the business world and work in administrative positions like in Marketing, IT, HR, Finance divisions while people with a BCom degree principally get into the ‘finance only’ fields. They further get to become managers, accountants, CA, CS, etc.

BBA As A Degree Doesn’t Provide Jobs

It is believed that BBA is not the appropriate degree which can help you land a good job right after the course, and we can say this without any hesitation that this is certainly not true. Numerous understudies proceed to work just after the BBA course. A few people choose to labour for a couple of years before going for their peers to procure early work insight. BBA is a course that causes them to get up with employment from the get-go in their life. A privilege BBA course acquaints you with the corporate world, the business system, opens you to assistant in organizations and go to workshops and classes led by business pioneers. Additionally, the course gives operational experience to the students that at last support them snatch an occupation in the wake of finishing their college degree course in BBA.

MBA Is the Only Way after BBA 

MBA is unquestionably the best degree for the aspirants who want to build their career in the management domain. But, the misconception that after BBA, MBA is the only way out this doesn’t seem right. If you want to enhance your knowledge in the field and are determined about building a career in the management domain, then accompanying your BBA degree with an MBA is the best option possible. But, if you are not inclined towards the management sector and want a change, then it is not that you cannot do anything else after BBA. You can go for Media Science or Mass Communication, Fashion Technology, Interior Designing, Animation, Hotel Management, MSW, LLB and a lot more different course. While an MBA is the most mainstream course individuals decide to go for after BBA, it is absolutely by all account, not the only course that is open for you. 

BBA Is Not Worth the Money 

Some people have a notion that BBA is too expensive if compared to what a student gets in return from the course. Nonetheless, many don’t realize that BBA serves a ton then we credit it for. A decent business college prepares its students with first-hand information about the business structure. Through contextual analyses and viably involved experience, they learn and comprehend the essentials of business. They are likewise offered occasions to work under professionals to pick up the background, so the way toward discovering a new line of work after the degree gets complete for them. 

BBA as a degree is the best degree course available that opens our psyche and causes us to get familiar with the methods of strategic approaches in reality. It likewise causes us to turn out to be better communicators, assemble our character such that encourages us to become future pioneers in the business world at the beginning phase of life. 

So if you have goals to turn into a business visionary or work in the corporate area, enlist yourself into one of the best BBA college in Uttarakhand without agonizing over the further prospects and consequences, because it will be all good if you are working hard and are clear about your vision. 

Hope you must have got rid of the prominent myths related to the BBA career and will be clear about your decision of perusing it. But, before that, let us delve into what BBA graduates can aspire to be after completing the degree. The principal alternative that BBA aspirants have to open their own business. They can furthermore enhance business visionaries. Besides, these BBA aspirants can obtain decent job positions in –

  • Businesses
  • Human services arrangements
  • Money foundations
  • Private just as government workplaces
  • Instructive establishments
  • NGOs
  • Corporate houses
  • MNCs

Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

Despite the high pace made towards gender equality over the last decade. There are still a few enterprises where ladies underrepresented in the workforce. Today, engineering is one of those enterprises. Different endeavours were being made to expand the number of females working in STEM fields, and those efforts are the reason we can see the increased number of girl students in best engineering colleges in Dehradun.  

Be that as it may, an uneven proportion of male experts in engineering, it doesn’t portray the entire story of the condition of the business. The quantity of women engineers is reliably developing throughout the most recent, quite a few years, by adding a large number of qualified and equipped women to the engineering industry or workforce.

How are professional associations collaborating?

Engineers work straightforwardly with administrators to comprehend which needs assistance in mixing energizing STEM educational program into the study hall. Now and again, the engineering school bring teachers into their collaboration for externships. They are giving them active encounters that they reclaim to their homerooms. Institutions are turning out to be accomplices with instructors, and furthermore, visit homerooms intermittently to talk about their present work. Also, answer inquiries regarding vocation openings. This will give vocation good examples that numerous understudies are looking for these days.

Accordingly, no one can deny the way that the quantity of female engineering understudies is on the steady ascent. It has been discovered that the number of women keens on contemplating STEM subjects. Including engineering in college have been improved more than that of their male counterparts. All in all, engineering was being analysed by more than 20% of female respondents, and a 16% development has been seen over the time of the most recent seven years.

The expansion in the number of female engineers

When engineering became a famous career choice for applicants opting in math and science was not a typical career path for women. With the adjustment as expected and the incorporation of STEM fields, a considerable number of ladies are seeking after vocations that interest them without agonizing over gender generalizations.

A few components have added to this pattern which shows that numerous schools and colleges alike are putting forth deliberate attempts to urge ladies to enter the engineering domain. By making STEM subjects for understudies prior in their scholarly vocation and afterwards following up with precise assets at the university level, women are more expected to seek after a profession in the field of engineering.

Addressing gender boundaries in the domain

Notwithstanding the expanded interest of engineering and other technical domains among ladies, there are as yet different difficulties that are adding to the proceeded with gender boundaries. The central limit is the absence of good female examples in the field. Because of this, the quantity of ladies in the domain is low, and there are likewise barely any female experts or prominent personalities in engineering, which can make it hard for new ages of female engineers to identify professional guides and motivation related with the business.

Utilizing assets to advance women engineers

To keep on urging women to enter the top BTech schools, colleges, organizations, and expert associations, the same need to use a few critical assets. Making a favourable air for a wide range of specialists let the business will get more grounded overall. Women remain in engineering since they need to ensure they have any effect that will additionally make the resources levels higher.

Various research has been conducted to underline the significance of gender-integrated teams in the workplace. As indicated by the exploration, it is discovered that zeroing in the group all in all, as opposed to people. Both helped experts in their profession and improved the interest of ladies in the engineering field. Additionally, peer connections are intricate for keeping up section level female representatives and helping them to succeed.

Leading others by example

While women engineers may at present be the minority in the engineering business, numerous females have gotten exceptionally fruitful in the industry. These women are breaking generalizations and indicating others that anyone can prevail in the engineering domain or for that matter, any technical discipline, without thinking about gender orientation. For example, a woman serving as a vice president of engineering and product management at Google can become the company’s first female engineers, notwithstanding any engineering specifications be it the engineering college, branch or industry.

Taking essential roles in the industry by women accommodates to develop the atmosphere of the workplace to be more welcoming to other women engineers.

Segregating yourself as a female in engineering

With then progression in the engineering field, today is an ideal opportunity to consider facilitating your vocation. There is a popularity for engineering experts in different businesses, and pay scales are promising.

The primary method to separate you in a severe field is through procuring and getting a graduate degree from top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand or for that matter anywhere in the world. The level of Master of Engineering will give you the detailed information you have to prevail in the field. Likewise, it gives you significant aptitudes. That will prepare you to take on an influential position in an engineering association. It is a quick sign to businesses. That understudies not just have the inside and out experience it takes to prevail in a more senior job. In any case, that you devoted to seeking after prominence in the field.

Women’s are prevailing in every possible field and so are in the domain of engineering. All they require is good guidance, proper knowledge, good exposure, and legit experience to come at the acme in the domain. Long gone are the days when engineering was the male-dominant field, the women have earlier as well proved their mettle and will continue doing so in the future as well.

Engineering has been a lucrative and prominent higher study option because of the lucrativeness and the affectability of the course on the development of the society, the human race as well as on every possible individual. Therefore, if you are a woman and thinking about entering the engineering field then you do not require to think about the consequences or worry about the scope in the field, just go with the flow, perform your best and you can conquer the world!  

Top 10 Online English Teaching Companies

Ready to teach English? Enjoy travelling? Got a laptop and working internet connection? If your answer is “Yes, Yes, and Double Yes”, then this blog is the right place for you. Before getting into it, make sure you have a TEFL certification online in USA. If not, check out the TEFL courses online.

However, you may have stumbled into the world of teaching English online, this world will make you fall in love with itself. The best part about teaching English online is flexibility, location independence, and an excellent gig to put some extra money into your pocket.

Hey, extra money never hurts, right?

We have good news; it gets even better!

With Covid-19 pandemic tormenting and engulfing the world in its stride, the demand for ONLINE English teachers has never been on such an all-time high. It has become one of the fastest-growing careers for remote workers around the world. With the advent of the wonderful Internet in the recent few decades, the world has come remarkably close to being one large village.

Nonetheless, it can get overwhelming sifting through thousands of websites claiming to deliver best paid online teaching jobs.

Worry not!

We have done the legwork for you and compiled a list just to meet your requirements. This is a complete list of pay rates, pros and cons, requirements, and more.

10 Best Online Teaching Companies to Work for in 2020

One advice before we get started. The more companies you apply to, the greater your chance of scoring a job even if you are a newbie. Thus, send in your job application to more than one company on this list.

1. VIPKid


Online teaching platform for native North Americans with over 60,000 teachers and 500,000 students, targeting Chinese children aged 3-16.

Pay Rate: $14-$22 /hour (base rate $7-$11 for 25-minute class). Referral bonus and incentives (holiday classes, taking 45+classes in a month, being on-time in class, etc.) starting from $1 which can add up to $100 per month.


  • Bachelor’s degree (any subject)
  • TEFL certification online in USA
  • US/Canadian applicants only
  • 6-months contract with VIPKid


  • One-on-one tutoring.
  • Lesson planning, grading, and curriculum development (internal resources and coursework) done by VIPKid.
  • Flexibility to choose the age group you want to teach.
  • Freedom to choose schedules – no minimum and maximum teaching hour restriction.
  • High-paying recognized and reputable company.
  • No need to learn Mandarin or Cantonese languages.
  • Regular paychecks directly into bank accounts.


  • Fairly strict class cancellation policy with deductions (if internet cuts for over 3 minutes, class cancellation charged).
  • Only teachers from the US and Canada for children in China. So, time-change issues.
  • Base salary depends on 3 separate interviews and demo classes.

2. Qkids Teacher


Similar to VIPKid, Qkids require the native US and Canadian applicants for children belonging to age 4 to 12 from China.

Pay Rate: $16-$20 /hour (base rate of $8/class). Referral bonus, performance bonus and other incentives are also available.


  • TEFL certification online in USA
  • US/Canadian applicants only
  • 6-months contract with Qkids
  • Currently enrolled for a degree in a university
  • 2 years prior teaching experience


  • Patented game-based learning platform (animated and fun stories, engaging cute characters, and games).
  • A dynamic and innovative way of teaching provided. So, no props and no prep-time required.
  • No hassle of developing your teaching schedule. A set schedule as per your convenience given weekly.
  • Also, no penalty for vacation or sick time.
  • The flexibility of up to 4 students in a class.
  • No communication with the parents, managed by the staff.


  • Besides being a north American, you must actually be staying in the US or Canada during the entire contract period. Also, leading to time-change issues.
  • A rather lengthy interview process.
  • Minimum of 6 hours of teaching compulsory in a week.
  • Class timings: 6:30 – 9:00 AM EST 7 days a week and 8:30 – 11:40 PM EST Fridays and Saturdays. So, limited time slots to choose from.

3. italki


World’s largest language education platform covering various languages with over 300,000 students and 1000+ tutors.

Pay Rate: Teachers are free to choose their fees. The average rate for professional tutors is $25-$40/hour and for community teachers $12/hour.


  • For professional teachers: A bachelor’s degree or higher in education, professional training and experience, and professional teaching certification (CELTA/TESOL/TEFL)
  • For community teachers: No such credentials are needed. Only a fluency in the language and command over it.
  • Native and non-native speakers allowed.
  • 15% of commission pays to italki for each lesson taught.


  • Ability to create and work according to your schedule.
  • Your decision and total control over what to teach.
  • 1-1 Teaching
  • No contract, easy to join and quit as per your convenience.
  • No minimum teaching hours required in a week.


  • High commission fee of 15% for completed classes.
  • Teachers need to develop their lesson plans. Thus, longer preparation time is needed.
  • You are responsible for communicating with students and managing your teaching profile. Based on this, you develop your network of students which could be difficult for a beginner.

4. Englishunt


Online teaching platform for native English speakers from the USA to teach Korean business students. 

Pay Rate: Around $20-$25/hour.


  • Applicants from the US only with a US bank account.
  • To conduct conversational English class via a softphone software installed on your computer.
  • 48 hours of college credits or a TEFL/ESL certificate.


  • One-to-one teaching to adult students.
  • 10-20 minutes duration of the class.
  • You must be a US residence but could be living anywhere in the world.
  • Curriculum and tools needed to teach are already built in the software.


  • Their software is not with compatible Apple laptops and other apple products.
  • Must have an American bank account.

5. Cambly


A little different than other online teaching companies, Cambly is an online networking platform in the form of an app that allows students to connect with teachers for conversation practice, structured English lessons, business English and job interview preparation.

Pay Rate: $10.20/hour, $0.17/per minute.


  • No degree or location requirements.
  • Non-native speakers are also allowed and only fluency in English is mandatory.


  • 1-on-1 class with adult students.
  • No minimum hour requirements.
  • Since students are from all over the world, 24/7 on-demand sessions available for tutors. They can simply log on and start teaching. So, flexible schedule.
  • No teaching experience required.
  • No contract needed.


  • No lesson plans are provided, so teachers have to think on their feet and should be good conversationalists with students who are shy.
  • Teachers need to be culturally sensitive and be aware of what to talk and not to talk.
  • The hourly rate is slightly lesser than the other companies mentioned.

6. Education First (EF)

Edu First
Edu First

Highly recognized English education provider with around 600 schools in over 120 cities globally.

Pay Rate: $12-$20/hour (base rate depends on qualification and experience).


  • Native English speakers belonging to the US or UK only.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • At least a 40-hour TEFL certificate.


  • Flexible working schedule with no minimum hour requirement.
  • Lesson materials, coursework, resources, and training provided to the teachers.
  • 25-minute one-on-one lessons for children and 20 to 40-minute private lessons for adults and 45-minute lessons for adult groups.
  • Teachers connect with the students as they teach the same students each week.
  • Paid holiday leave and pension participation are available for UK teachers.
  • Little to no teaching experience required.


  • Teachers must also be staying in the US or UK while teaching.
  • No tax benefits for US teachers.
  • Time changes when tutoring students in Asia.

7. Palfish


An app-based platform allowing Chinese students to connect with teachers over a mobile, tablet, or a laptop. There are 3 teaching programs, namely, Free Talk / Live Streams, Official Kids Course, and the Philippines Course.

Pay Rate: For Free Talk / Live Streams, you can set your fee per minute. For the other two programs, you can earn $30/hour or more.


  • Applicants from the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.
  • Non-native speakers can apply who have a neutral accent.
  • Fluency in English is a must.
  • TESOL/TEFL certification mandatory for official kids program.


  • No university degree.
  • Flexible teaching hours.
  • Freedom to choose their schedule.
  • Students of all age groups.


  • 20% commission on your total income for the Free Talk / Live Streams program.
  • A bank account in China or a Payoneer app account for receiving payments.

8. SayABC


Interactive online teaching platform backed by investors from China is again a platform for teaching English to Chinese students in small groups of 1 to 4.

Pay Rate: $15-$21/hour.


  • A 3-months contract minimum.
  • 1-year teaching experience.
  • Native English speakers from the US, Australia, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • A bachelor’s degree or in the final year of the degree.
  • TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred.


  • Teachers can set their schedules.
  • SayABC provides relevant teaching tools such as flashcards, notes, and support with lessons.
  • No lesson planning and no correcting homework are expected.
  • New applicants can start teaching within two weeks as there is no long on-boarding process.


  • SayABC’s hiring standards and requirements are exceedingly high.

9. GoGoKid


Although relatively new in the industry (born in 2018), it has garnered a strong student base. This start-up is backed by Chinese tech giant Bytedance.

Pay Rate: $14-$25/hour.


  • Only native US and Canadian applicants are allowed.
  • TEFL certification online in USA.
  • A 6-month long contract.
  • A bachelor’s degree.


  • No weekly minimum teaching hour requirement.
  • They provide a pre-designed curriculum to teach from. However, they insist on the usage of props to make teaching more interactive and exciting.


  • Lengthy hiring process.
  • Most of the time students are majorly from kindergarten to only grade 5 Chinese students.
  • A lot of usage of animated content which requires computer skills, a good operating system, and equipment.

10. Lingoda


Europe-based language school providing both private and group lessons to adult students. They offer lessons in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Pay Rate: $8-$13/hour.



  • They have a full 24/7 job list which teachers are free to pick from.
  • Schedule flexibility.
  • They offer high-quality teaching material as well. Hence, no lengthy lesson prep needed.


  • A long session of 60 minutes.
  • Focus on more than 1 student at all times.


As the lingua franca of the contemporary era, the English language has been connecting the modern globalised world closer together.

Whether you are doing it as a full-time high paying teaching job, part-time supplementing your income apart from your 9 to 5 job, looking for ways to fund your worldly travels, or hoping to be productive after retirement; online teaching jobs are the perfect match for you.

However, most of the jobs require best TEFL certification online in USA. Therefore, if you don’t have one you should look for TEFL courses online to get started.

Study and live in Dubai

Many people bid goodbye to their home countries to further their career and support their families, however, there are also a great many youngsters who choose to move away from their homeland to study and explore their academic options. With its economy in full swing, Dubai is now focusing on improving its institutes by hiring the best of the best teachers from the world over, making Dubai now famous for providing excellent education. This, however, comes with a downside for student residency is too costly for the undergraduates. To solve this issue, we are listing down below some of the best institutes in Dubai and getting villa for sale in Dubai nearby institutes can prove to be very beneficial for youngsters.

Murdoch University Dubai

With its main branch located in Western Australia, Murdoch University is known for its vibrant campuses and skill-based education. The university has hired extremely knowledgeable teachers that are not merely concerned with imparting their knowledge but are also very keen to guide the students. Moreover, the degree of Murdoch holds the same worth, as it does in its branch in Australia. The adjacent neighbourhood also has an educational atmosphere, as most of the residents are students themselves.

Manipal Academy of Higher education in Dubai

Manipal University
Manipal University

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is known for its wide exterior and exuberant interiors. The branch of this University in Dubai is an extension of Manipal India. What sets this institute apart is its staggering numbers of Alumni and the fact that over 28,000 are welcomed in this University per year. There also has been an increase in the number of villas in sale nearby this University.

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)


This incredible University is a nonprofit school which is authorized by the Higher Education Ministry of UAE. It offers a curriculum curated efficiently by the well-reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the famous Parsons School of Design. Furthermore, the landlords of the villas in the neighbourhoods of this university are very considerate towards the students’ needs.

Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai
Middlesex University Dubai

This extremely diverse institute is the branch of well-known and exemplary Middlesex University of London. Since Dubai happens to be as nearly as metropolitical as London, the atmosphere of this university is very reasonable for students belonging to various cultural backgrounds. The goal of the Middlesex University of Dubai is to train its students to lead a well-balanced and efficient life and to make their way out of a great many challenges along with contributing to the betterment of their communities. The residential areas near this university are well fitted for local and expatriate students.

Swiss School of Management in Dubai

Swiss School of Management in Dubai
Swiss School of Management in Dubai

Enjoying the reputation of being one of the top-most management schools, Swiss School of Management is the institute many students of business vie to get admission in. This institute provides the most pocket-friendly courses and excellent education quality, a combination that is rare to find. It further provides growth opportunities for its students to become highly skilled and specialized individuals.

Since most of the students, it is impractical to buy a residence in a place that they will soon be leaving and very disrupting to live in dorms, therefore Dubai never runs out of the options of Villa for rent in Dubai.