What is Google Advertising / Google Adwords? Why Advertise with Google?

These ads are text ads that are displayed by the user’s query above or beside search results. The size of the budget can be decided on the basis of bids from competitors on similar niche. You incur cost only when a user clicks on your ad otherwise not. In other words, this Cost per Click (CPC) based advertising.

You can also display graphical (animated) ads also known as display ads on partner sites in the Google Display Network (GDN). Ads may also appear on Youtube. You can set budget and your ad campaign shall be turned off as soon as your budget reaches it’s top.

Why advertise with Google?
Advertising with Google is one of the excellent methods in online promotion of a website. As we all know that Google is the most powerful Search Engine with Lion’s share in the market. You can find potential customers through Google Adwords.

Unlike traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO for Search Engine Optimization) which can take weeks for your site to appear in Google results and take as many as months to reach top 10 results, you can jump to page one overnight with Google adwords.

However, SEO should not be ignored. I would suggest professional on-page optimization so that the bounce rate of your visitors can be minimized.

Benefits of search advertising with Google Adwords

  • Find potential customers on the basis of Google Keyword Planner
  • Geographical segmentation possible
  • Fast implementation
  • Budget can be maneuvered
  • Full control on costing
  • Cancel anytime

How will advertisments (ads) appear on Google?
If you have been focussing on SEO, you will a shift from organic search results to side bar of Google SERPs. The ads will appear above and on right side of the organic search results when the user searches for your selected keywords. Your ad will compete with other advertisers who use the same keyword for themselves. Adwords quality score shall decide how your ad shall be positioned. The adwords quality score is calculated on the basis of your ad text, the content of the landing page and your defined max CPC (cost per click).

Another option is to display graphical banners ads on Google Display Network. This type of advertising is called Google display ads.


Outsource Google Adwords Campaign to IT-INDIA.com

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Ultimate Beginners Guide to an Expert Adwords Campaign

Grab $100 Adwords coupon credit for a whole month from internet.

Even if you have some experience with Adwords or have a handle on what you need to do, don’t dismiss this guide as something you can’t use!

It is a “beginner’s guide”, but it has some pretty powerful tips to help you avoid making rookie mistakes that most people who start out with Adwords make.

I’m going to assume only two things here;

You have a computer
You can read

If you meet these qualifications, let’s get started!

Step One: Go to Google.com/Adwords and click on “Start Now”. [Short Video: Introduction to Adwords]

If you are using other Google services just sign in with your existing account information. (Create account help: Official Google)

TIP: If you are totally lost you can call Google at 1-877-908-4181 Mon-Fri 9am-9pm.

Step Two: Go to the Adwords home page (Google.com/Adwords) and click “Create your first campaign.
Give it a name (Something meaningful like “Fall 2012 Red Tennis Shoes”)
Go ahead and accept the default details, you can change them later if you need to.

[Try hitting CNTRL+T on your keyboard to open a new tab, then you can follow along with this post in one tab, and create your account in the other]

Step Three: Set your budget.

Enter your Maximum cost per click. Remember, you only get charged if someone clicks on your ad. Set your DAILY budget. You are in complete control here. One idea is to set your daily budget at around $3.00 so you can spread out your $100 Adwords coupon credit for a whole month.

TIP: Less is more when you are first starting. Get some initial data from your efforts, refine your campaign, then when it’s really performing you can spend more – and make more! Some SMB‘s spend as much as $100 a day when it’s running smooth and making money.

Step Four: Create your first ad(s)

[Download from Google: Create Great Ads]

You have probably seen what the ads look like above and to the right of normal search results. Model your ad after the most compelling ads you have seen.

This is a whole science that some people base whole careers on, so I can’t cover it all here. But here are a couple tips…

Create interest, tell them what to expect, and use a Call to Action like “Sign up today” or “Order Now”.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t use ALL CAPS anywhere in your ad. They will just kick it back and make you re-do it. Also you can’t say “Click here”, they don’t like that either.

Pro Tip 2: This is a big one. Make sure the words of your Ad align well with the keywords you choose, and also the page you send them to when they click it. This is one way Google rates the quality of your ad. High quality ads get shown more often and cost less than low quality ads.

Pro Tip 3: Only focus on Desktop OR mobile. Don’t do ALL devices. The needs of a person walking around with a mobile phone are very different from a person sitting at their desk.

Why did I say “Ad(s)”? Never run just one ad. It’s too easy to set one ad up and go, but you will never know what you are missing. I recommend three ads per group at least. Rotate them randomly at first and then Google will tell you which ones get clicked on more.

Then you can refine them from there until you have the best possible ad. Just because you came up with an Ad your Mom thinks is good, does NOT mean it’s the ad that will make you the most money. Can you dig it?

That’s it for the first post. Some basic stuff along with some pro stuff. Remember, the trick is to DO IT. You can’t make any money just sitting around thinking about it. So get started with Adwords.

Research Keyword Optimization for Search Engines

Research (find) the most relevant Words and Phrases:
In order to optimize the keywords of your website, this is the first-most step, find loads of theme relavant words and phrases which are deeply rooted into the core content of your website. These are the keywords most likely people search in google, yahoo, msn live etc. After finding, refine this keyword list you have come up with. Then you should sort this list by popularity.

First place to begin your research would be Google Adwords, as far as I know nothing beats this tool.

Google Adwords
Research Google Adwords

Which pages to begin with?
The next important thing would be, which pages to focus on? I would use Google webmaster tools over here.

These are the pages that are linked to, this also explains how the internet out there is linking to you. How about pushing these pages to higher level? Research keywords found on these pages and share them on social sites.

Links to your Site
Links to your Site, through the eyes of Google.

Bad Practice:
Before we go any futher, I would like to caution, don’t ever stuff your website content with these keywords in a crazy manner. The whole theme and content as well as latent semantic environment of your site should revolve around these keywords. Crawlers and Robots can easily differentiate between content generated by scripts / automated programs and real human beings.

The Basic Technical Part
Now is the time to use these refined, researched again and again keywords into your website. First step would be to insert these into your Title, then into your description meta tag. After this use these keywords in the header part of each page.

Write Content and Articles on these Keywords
Now write huge loads of content and articles on these keywords, don’t hesitate at all. Educate people on these keywords, how to use them, how to root them in your website.