Why become an IAS officer in India?

Reasons to become an IAS officer in India

In our country, IAS is an excellent service that provides you the best opportunity to serve the country. Not only this reason but there are some solid reasons to become an IAS officer in India, which we will be discussing in the below parts of this post. There is a lot of reasons why most of the youngsters have the dream of clearing the civil services examination and getting posted as an IAS officer. As this exam is considered one of the toughest exams in our country, youngsters start preparing for this exam starting from the matriculation itself. Based upon gaining all the various knowledge regarding this exam they simply start searching for How to become an IAS officer after 12th and other exam preparation tips to succeed in the first attempt itself.

It’s observed that while civil services examination results are declared every time some of the candidates do this excellent job by clearing the UPSC exam in the first attempt without any coaching. This thing was very much appreciated throughout the country. These candidates hold a strong commitment to their goals. All their hard work, patience, and commitment to their goal work, and finally, their dream come true.

Here let’s observe a table of how many candidates have appeared for the UPSC exam and what was the final output of these civil services exams. This data will provide you a clear idea about how difficult the exam is to be cracked. The data of previous years of examination says only 0.2 % of the candidates are capable of clearing the civil services examination. In the below-provided table, you will find the candidates who applied for the civil services exam vs the number of candidates who passed the exam.

No of candidatesResults
Applied for examAround 8 lakhs
Appeared for prelimsAround 5 lakhs
Appeared for MainsAround 11,000
Appeared for interviewAround 2300
Cleared the examTotal-829/- candidates

From the above table, we can easily understand how the candidates out of 8 lakhs were only 829 are capable of clearing all the selection process of the UPSC examination. Now we have understood the difficulty level of this exam. Now let’s discuss the main topic reason to become an IAS officer in India.

Eight reasons to become an IAS officer in India:

1.Life changing opportunity

2.Job security

3.legislative powers

4.High paid salary and other incentives

5.Governmemt provided home and security.

6.Your parents feel proud of you.

7.Have powers to take a decision

8.work for society

These are the dreams for which most of the candidates work. If you are one of these students who want to crack their examinations you must start your preparation by starting from the school level itself. Even you can work harder and take the help of various online and offline facilities available in today’s world.

Hope you have found the best reasons to become an IAS officer in India, and serve the country and make your parents proud upon you.