How To Get Free Backlinks For Your Website?

The most frustrating thing as a new blogger must be writing quality content, week in, week out then checking Google Analytics and realising that no one is seeing your content. 

In this post I will share the solution – How To Get Free Backlinks For Your Website. What are backlinks? Backlinks are links to your website from external sites that act as proof to Google that your site has authority and is recognized by experts in your field. 

Why are your posts not ranking? 

First of all, let’s look at why your posts are not ranking. When you start learning how to create blog posts, you are taught about the importance of doing keyword research. This is indeed critically important, but no matter how good your keywords are, a new website has no authority. 

Simply put, Google does not trust your content. We know that it takes months to months to rank in any case, but you can significantly improve your site’s trustworthiness in the eyes of Google by deliberately taking steps to increase your domain authority (also known as DA). 

What exactly is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a score between 0 – 100 that tells Google how much they can trust your site. With a new website you start off at 0 and build from there (it can go up as well as down). 

The process was created by SEO software company Moz, and it has become the benchmark not only for Google, but for website owners so they can identify where they are in terms of authority and can also compare with competitors. 

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How do you improve your Domain Authority?

This is where backlinks come in. If a high authority website shares your link, it will push your website up the order. The more quality links you have back to your site, the better your domain authority will become over time. (As with everything SEO related, there are no quick fixes.)

However, there is more to it than that. Would you believe that Moz has 40 metrics it takes into consideration when calculating DA? Other important actions you can take are:

  • Create great quality content. The longer a visitor spends on your site, the more Google believes that they have found what they were looking for. This has been proven in research by Backlinko.
  • Encourage engagement. Always end a post with a question which will encourage your readers to leave comments. This is a great sign for Google
  • Use links to high DA sites in your posts – this shows Google that you are sharing expert opinions which is of high value to your visitors
  • Link to other posts within your own site. This is hard at first when you don’t have many posts, however, aim to have links to as many of your own posts as possible. This shows Google that you rate your own content and also has the potential to keep people on your site for much longer
  • Write guest posts. When you write for a high DA website, you will normally get a link back to your website. The more you can do, the better for your own domain authority

Image courtesy of Backlinko

How do you get other websites to share your links?

So lots of the above actions you can take care of yourself without reaching out to anyone which is great. However, you will want to get your links onto high DA sites and there are several ways to go about it. 

Start off by Googling a keyword that you typically like to write about and find the top 10 entries that come up on the search. When you have done this, you can put them into a keyword research tool (I like Ubersuggest) and find out what websites are linking back to them. 

Then look at the actual posts that have appeared in the top 10 and find some that are not that great. Perhaps they are a bit on the short side, lack images or infographics and could be more thorough. 

Then, create a post that is better than these, is much more in depth and gives much more value. This is a strategy developed by Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko. He calls it the ‘skyscraper’ technique and will do wonders for content creation in anyway, but the purpose here is to then contact the websites that have linked out to the inferior content and offer them the opportunity to link out to your piece.

Some will do it, others will not, but building relationships with other bloggers is a really great idea in any case. 

Write guest posts

This is where you write a post for a website with a higher DA than yours. The ideal situation is to write for a really high DA site, however, when starting out don’t be too fussy as you can gain good experience working your way up to that. As long as the site has a higher DA than yours and puts out good quality content in your niche, it’s worth doing.

Some websites charge for the opportunity and I’m sure some of them are worth it for the value to your website in the long run, however, when starting out, look for free opportunities. 

There are Facebook Groups where you can find guest posting opportunities or another great place to find opportunities is Advanced Web Ranking’s 150+ Sites To Guest Post In 2020.

When submitting guest posts, make sure that you have followed their guidelines. With some, you will be able to submit an outline and they will let you know if it has been accepted but there are others who prefer you to submit an entire completed post. 

In the case of the latter, make sure they give you an answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Don’t worry if it’s a ‘no’ – then you can find another relevant website to offer it to (or use it on your own blog). Also (when submitting an outline) include links to some of your existing posts in your pitch so they can see your style. 

One more thing, always use Google Docs to submit posts – I find the Outline Tool a real bonus. 

Quote top bloggers in your posts

It does no harm at all to find a really great post from a high DA site, link to it within a relevant post of yours and then let the website owner (or Editor, depending on the size of the website) know that you have linked to them.

Again, this is a good way to make connections and it’s just possible they may share your post in their social feeds. Neil Patel has some great resources to help you do this as painlessly as possible!

Top tip – do not ask for anything in return. Just compliment them on their post (or general content) and thank them for being an inspiration. 

Top Blogger Round-up

This is a great strategy. You simply approach a number of top bloggers in your niche and ask them for their top tips to include in a blog post. For example, if your niche is photography, you can ask ‘What one thing massively improved the quality of your photographs’. 

The idea is that you will feature, say, 10 top bloggers in your niche who will give their tips. You write an engaging post with photos and links to the website of the bloggers and they are very likely to share it on their social feeds. This is a super example by young blogger Enrique Ambriocio


Building backlinks is a long process but doing the keyword research and writing quality content will only get you so far. 

Traffic is critical to any website, so take the time to build backlinks and forge relationships with other bloggers. You will learn so much along the way, add to your skillset and increase your DA and traffic. Good luck!

Have you had success with backlinks and / or guest posting? I would love to hear about it in the comments if so.

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Types of Online Digital Marketing

The internet has transformed how we are doing business today, It has some positive feedback or some negative. For too many years, the advertising industry has been dominated by print media advertising, telemarketing, and billboards, but in recent times, it’s all about reaching out to online customers.

In 2021, if you’re not using a website, pages across social media websites, and a massive online presence, you will lose a big portion of customer and market share.

To know more about online marketing or digital marketing we have to understand the definition of Digital marketing and its types. So, no more wasting time we are discussing it below:

What Is the Definition of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any type of marketing goods or services involving electrical gadgets. These include computers,  laptops, mobile phones, and other electrical gadgets. Online marketing or digital marketing rapidly grew in early the 1990s and 2000s . It has massively changed the strategies brands and companies use marketing technology.

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is known as a very strong and efficient method of digital marketing. SEO is really the technique of ensuring that the websites and posts come as high as possible on the related searches. SEO is organic ads, which ensures that you’re not paying for positioning. Rather, you customize your website, blogs, and posts using a variety of techniques to make sure that your website features at the top search result when anyone searches for relevant keywords.

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing (SEM) can be most often confused with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since both have very similar types of names. They both deal with search engines such as Google or Bing. However, these two types of digital/online marketing (SEM & SEO) have some significant distinctions. When SEO allows you to rank organically for your specific keywords, SEM is all about growing your website traffic from search engines using paid methods. The two most widely used SEM services are Bing Advertising and Google Ad Words.

3) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM), as the title indicates, is all about utilizing the power of social media content to promote your brand. Over the last decade, social media platforms have dominated the online world, attracting billions or trillions of users around the world. It makes them a valuable supply of traffic.

You will become astonished to know how many users are now on the three most popular platforms for social media:

  • Facebook- More than 1.66 billion daily active users 
  • Twitter-More than 350 million active users monthly
  •  Instagram-More than 600 million active visitors monthly

The secret to successful social media marketing is the creation of interesting, shareable, uncommon, current topics, or even viral content. Users could post directly to their profile or they could add social media sharing buttons to their website to encourage people to share their content with other people’s friends and family.

4) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most well-known methods of earning money online is affiliate marketing. If someone’s affiliate program runs properly, a decent amount of passive income can be earned by one. Actually, Affiliate marketing is essentially a form of digital marketing in which a person partners with other companies to receive a commission for the traffic he or she delivers for this business. Suppose, you place within your own website or blog a link to an external website. You earn a good amount of commission when a customer accesses this external website and makes a purchase. There is some advertising agencies best pay per click affiliate programs to make money online decently. For bloggers, affiliate marketing strategy may work incredibly well, since they can write various types of articles on the given subject and naturally provide affiliate links.

5) Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

A perfect strategy to boost your audience is to get your brand to be promoted by someone with a huge following. The word “influencer” may be comparatively modern, but it’s not a new concept. It only refers to a producer of social media content that has a wide range following within a niche or group. Thinking of social media influencers as an “updated” variant of word-of-mouth marketing. By working with an influence, you can receive access to their audience – sometimes hundreds of thousands of followers. These supporters also trust and respect the influencer, which makes themselves much more likely to purchase the recommended product.

6) Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, without a Smartphone, we cannot think about our daily lives. Again, we use Smartphone wish gives us computer like facilities. If we build an app for our business then customers easily access our website via this app. And it will increase our traffic, traffic increases our sales.  Mobile Marketing can be called as Direct Marketing because a phone always remains closer to a person. In addition, advertisers can maintain immediate interaction with social media consumers and also discuss with them about products. 


There can be other types of digital marketing like email marketing, Text massaging marketing, YouTube marketing, pay per click advertising marketing, and many others. There are many more forms of digital marketing, but you get a decent starting point from these six. Actually, you don’t have to begin at the same time as all six forms. Choose a few that you think would better suit your business, Study, explore, and calculate the outcomes.

As said by Dr. Jessica Rogers, associate dean of marketing programs.

the two disciplines serve to connect with distinct groups of consumers. “… Traditional media is a great way to reach a broad consumer base, whereas digital media has the ability to reach very specific audiences,” she said “A key point is that depending on the target audience, some channels are more effective than others.”