SEO tips for YouTube Videos

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to create web content that will rank high in search engine result pages. Just like websites, YouTube channels can also use this tool to increase their viewership and grow following base.

SEO for YouTube videos is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists, and channel to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results for a given in search query. It involves optimizing keywords, metadata, description channel, and videos. YouTube has an algorithm that they run all the content through to determine what the best videos would be to recommend to somebody.

SEO YouTube
SEO YouTube

Factors on what the YouTube videos are ranked are:

  • Video Title.
  • Description of the video
  • Video content matches the viewer’s query.

These are the main factors on which YouTube ranks the videos. So it is crucial to understand how to optimize your YouTube videos appear at the top in the search result pages using SEO services.

8 simple SEO tips for YouTube videos

Video title

YouTube Video Title
YouTube Video Title

The title of your video is the first thing that attracts the viewer’s attention. If your video title is catchy, then the user might check out your video. A video title must generate curiosity. Using catchy phrases in the title interests the viewer and can increase the viewership. There are many competitors in the same platform who make the same kind of video content, so adding a unique title makes your video stand out among them.


YouTube Channel Keywords
YouTube Channel Keywords

Keywords are the key phrases that users enter when they search for something on the search engine. Keywords matter in your title & description. Anything concerning SEO all comes down to the keywords and keywords that you can rank for it. Match the search intent for the viewer category. Avoid keyword stuffing as it might hack the system. The search query should match your keywords. For example, if your video is about baking recipes, then your keywords should include keywords like baking, bake, cake, oven, etc. so that it matches with user’s query who is looking for the same.


YouTube Video Description
YouTube Video Description

The description on YouTube videos should include a description of your videos. It should be at least 250 words. With detailed description search engines, Google and YouTube understand what your video is all about. Use the keywords in the description at least 3 to 4 times. It helps YouTube to learn about your video and its content and show it in the relevant search results.  The better YouTube understands your video, the more it will appear in the search results. Using detailed descriptions ultimately helps your video to get a higher ranking.


To gain more audience for your video, promote your videos on different websites. Promote your videos on the sites that are relevant to your video’s content. The people looking for information on those websites will be drawn to your videos to get more information on the same topic. This kind of promotion can be on Q&A sites, where people usually look for answers to their questions on any topic. Another way to promote your YouTube videos is by using social media platforms, posting half videos on social media platforms, and provide a link to full video in comments or posts that can increase viewership. You can also promote your videos in email signatures. If you send emails regularly, embed a link to your videos in them. Promotion on blog posts can also create viewership on your videos.

Add tags

Tags YouTube Videos
Tags YouTube Videos

Tags may sound unimportant but matter a lot in increasing viewership. Using the tags related to your video and also the competitor’s video can help your video to appear in the suggestions. When a user is watching a video, your video gets a chance of showing up in the suggestions sections. A user always looks for similar suggested videos if he needs more information on the same topic. By using more video tags, you can always take place in suggestions. It also helps YouTube to understand your video’s content and shows it to the users.

Engage your viewers

Engage YouTube Viewers
Engage YouTube Viewers

It is not only the content in the videos and the keywords that matter to gain more viewership. Most of the viewers don’t watch the videos until the end, so ask for comments, likes, and share initially. Ask for suggestions in the comment section and also ask for queries and reply to them.

 If you respond to the comment section, then it boosts engagement. It not only lifts engagement but also helps you understand your audience and what it wants to see. If you make videos keeping in mind your viewers’ preferences, then it boosts engagement and increases your viewership.

Use subtitles and closed captions

Video Subtitles
Video Subtitles

Subtitles are also called close captions. Adding subtitles or closed captions in the videos can also help search engines to identify and optimize your videos. These closed captions also give access to viewers that are deaf or have hearing imparity. Viewers can also watch such videos in a quiet place.  It makes the videos understandable even without any audio and creates more viewership.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are the reduced-size versions of the images or videos which exemplify the large content of the video. It is a snapshot of your video which appears on your video when the viewer’s browsing through YouTube. The thumbnail is generated automatically by YouTube if you don’t create one. You can create your thumbnail that can attract viewers’ attention. Make a compelling thumbnail that draws the attention of its viewers as it plays a vital role in increasing the click-through rate.


SEO ensures your presence on YouTube. By following these simple tips and optimizing your videos, you can gain more viewership. The most important and yet the most challenging part of YouTube SEO is the viewers’ engagement. To create engagement and get ranked in the top on search results pages, you can use these tips and monitor the results. YouTube SEO optimizes your channel, playlist, keywords, and description and helps your videos to rank in top position.

Top 10 Benefits of Video Production

Top 10 benefits of video production

Several technological research companies estimated that video will comprise over 85% of all internet traffic by the year 2021.

As we know that every social media channel now offering videos and most services offering automatic subtitles, it’s never been easier to share videos.

Content marketing is changing over the internet. Instead of the dry promo videos of the past, companies such as Media Productions create useful content that audiences are hungry for. By sharing information, trending too, or creating instructional videos about how to use products, consumers follow them.

Rather than having to chase down customers, great corporate video content will get customers attracted to follow you.

Here are 10 reasons why you need professional corporate video production.


The web traffic for vids has never been as high as lately. If you’re creating and posting videos, you’re creating a worthwhile slowdown in the daily flood of content feeds.

Videos on your website make you 74% more likely to keep the traffic. If you’re spending money to get traffic, make sure you can deal it with a great corporate video.


Social Media Videos

Social media channels suggest you include images with any kind of post. In fact videos get shared more on social media than any other kind of advertising strategy.

When viewers get connected to a post in an emotional way, they remember it for longer time and are more likely to pass it on to their network.


You’ll find that corporate videos will help you to get higher results in search engines, if you’re working as a company’s SEO. You might have noticed that when you search on Google, any video that even slightly matches your result will end up near the top of results.

That’s because search engines know consumers demand.


Brand awareness is slightly hard to create. By creating a corporate video that holds strong emotional content will stick with consumers, your brand awareness will rise.


When you can show your products and services in action, the actual action speaks more than thousands of words, then you can turn a skeptical customer into a believer.

Created a video should put confidence into the minds of potential clients and it prominently featured on your website or your landing page will keep customers engaged.


Mostly media’s return on investment is middling at best. A corporate video acknowledge you to create a long-lasting campaign. Making video within your budget allows you to create something that can describe your company to clients for years to come.


Brand Awareness

As mobile traffic has absolutely outshined desktop usage, social media and streaming sites have made sure to prioritize the quality of video on mobile. When you post a video, you’re in your customers’ pockets.

Videos are watched regularly during morning shuttle, during breaks, and anywhere in-between. A great video sticks with consumers because they’ve managed to make them happy while they’re taking a break from a busy day.


One of the biggest drift in tech is creating organic traffic and an organic audience. Through a strong video, you can show your customers who you are and connect in a real way.


If you’ve got an important boost coming up or something i.e. time sensitive to say, creating a video can emphasize that point. Your call to action will be as simple as getting your customers to buy. A video gives you a little bit of extra muscle in that tone.

A superb video can influence your customers to act urgently. Once you’ve prescribed those reasons why they need your services or help them understand more about your company.


Creating a strong video will help you to connect on an extensive level than any other type of marketing scheme. Stand out images or printed ads don’t feel interactive in the same way a video does. You can tell an attractive story with a strong enough video.

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