How can I increase my followers on Facebook for free?

You can never neglect the power of social media followers.  If you have some property on social media then you could be rich. Property as the sense of followers on social media. And just like Instagram followers or youtube subscribers, Facebook page followers do matter. Herewith Facebook page followers can exactly the same as you can do with other social media followers. But here you have to put some effort into building the follower base. And with the follower base, you should keep in mind that followers should be relevant. Because irrelevant followers are almost unrealistic followers because they never interact with your content. And until someone interacts with our content, they will never trust us. Here some tips that help to increase Facebook page followers for almost free.

Post same type of content in a different way: 

Here we expect to pick a niche for you. However, this is a very popular and well-known suggestion. But I am writing this example, people sometimes do not understand it properly. They think that they are providing content based on the same niche but they are not doing it exactly.  So better to fix a niche and then stick on. Take an example here suppose you are providing content regarding Facebook ads. Where you give information on how to run Facebook ads that generate income. Then you should make content only for Facebook ads and avoid any other types of content. At least do it for the Facebook page only. 

You can make content on multiple digital marketing services but on the Facebook page, you should only use one type of content. Otherwise growing organically on Facebook is a very tough task.

Engage with the audience: 

Once you provide a specific type of content on your Facebook page then there is a much higher chance that you will have a very target audience. Where the user will only talk about a specific query. Then at that time, you should answer them properly. Here you have a chance you convert them into your trusted audience. Because they are coming in the channel apart from any other channel. Your specific niche will be the reason for that. You can ask them for sharing your content with another user who wants to take information related to your niche. 

Use paid ads: 

Well, here I am not saying that you should pay money for buying every single Facebook page follower. But at some stage, you will feel that your Facebook page followers are not increasing. At some point, they will be stuck. And at that very moment, you could be frustrated. And then Facebook ads will help you grow your followers. And sometimes it helps you more than you expected. So if it is good for you then you should use it. And the point is that Facebook ads are not much expensive. If your content is solid then you do not worry. At a very small amount, you would get the best results. 

Fix a time to post your content: 

Then next always be punctual with your content delivery. You should make a schedule for posting your content. You might post after 3 days or a week you choose any date according to your convenience. This strategy can easily make a large audience for your Facebook page. 

So that is all for this article.  You want to gain your Facebook page follower then you should follow all these tips. And those will help you to achieve your goal. And in case you want a shortcut then you can buy Facebook page likes. However, all work the same either you can follow the tips given above or you can buy the Facebook page followers.

Why YouTube marketing is important?

Marketing is a method that every business use to promote their products and create awareness among the users about their product/company. The marketing strategy needs to be very strong to impress the audience and so it is important to understand the requirements and needs to reach the maximum people. To check if your marketing strategy is working or not you need to analyze the growth of your business. If there are no changes in the growth of your business or if you see a decline in the success rate of business you might have to change your marketing strategy immediately and create a stronger one so that it leaves a great impact on the world.

Marketing has got a whole new approach with the entry of social media and doesn’t depend on the traditional approach where it is very difficult to travel to every shop, home individually to promote the products. Social media is a very strong platform for various reasons like connecting with people, searching for jobs, advertisement, and marketing is one of them. Marketing through the social media platform helps in reaching the targeted audience, can reach the audience worldwide, and can reach the maximum users as the internet users spend most of the time on social media.

As they say, visuals speak a lot more than audios, videos on social media are trending and attracts more users. One such social media platform that consists of videos is the youtube. Youtube is a strong platform and is a boon to each and everyone for multiple purposes. It is a great platform to showcase one’s talent and also works like magic as a strategy for marketing.

There are many advantages of youtube marketing some of them are listed below:

  1. Videos become viral in no time: youtube is a very large platform and if a video is uploaded and is liked by the audience there is a share button through which the users can share the link to others and also on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. so when more people see your video you get more views thus increasing the traffic to your channel and reaching maximum audience.
  • Reach new audience: With youtube marketing, you can reach the new audience who are not present or active on other social media platforms. Advertizers can also advertise their products on the youtube homepage or on a specific video to reach a particular group of users. You can also contact influencers to review your product so that their subscribers know about your products.
  • The channels: Youtube allows you to create your channel based on a specific topic. You can also create multiple channels for different topics and upload specific videos on that. Users reach your channel if they are interested in something similar and thus you get new subscribers and thus more traffic to your channel.
  • Audience Engagement: The audience is smart enough as they are the reason for the success as well as the failure of your business. If the audience can make your video viral they can also stop showing interest if there is no new information or if they are bored.  The subscribers of your channel are notified every time you upload a new video. This is a great way to reach the audience and keep them updated with your new launches and products
  • Data analytics: With youtube, you can easily measure the data. One of the best things about youtube is you can directly see the number of likes and views on your videos itself and with this, you will know if the audience is liking what you uploaded and also you know if your strategy is working and showing some positive results.
  • Increases website traffic: The more the views on your youtube video the more traffic you will get to your website as you can use annotations through which the users will get suggestions to click on the link and it will redirect them to your website. If any user likes your video and wants to explore more about your brand they will visit your website thus enhancing the traffic.
  • Interacting with the audience: The Audience loves it when there is two-way communication and youtube gives great options to interact with your people either it can be by comments or by going live on youtube. This way the audience will clear all their doubts and you can give more information about your brand and how your company works.

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Small Business Borrowing

What all you need to focus on while seeking small business borrowing?

Are you planning to start a small business? Do you fill with several dilemmas? Do you want to streamline your visions towards establishing a business? Well, all can be sorted out once you are clear about slime essential factors. These specific factors will create a blueprint for successfully running a small business. An analytical and critical approach is the foundation of every step you want to take towards taking your business ahead.

There will be several difficulties and unforeseen hurdles on your way. Here, you need to make up your mind to master all the odds. Firstly, starting a business might be easy but sustaining a business requires a skilled and sorted brain to invest. Here, you need to ensure you are getting a reliable financial system around you. There are banks and credit facilities to provide you with funds to invest. It is equally vital how smartly you can use such a financial mechanism in the best possible way.

The article will help you carefully use every critical aspect of the business to ensure the best and sustainable outcome.

  1. Business type

First of all, it is essential that you completely understand the nature of your business. It will help you to get clear about what you exactly want from these small business fund lenders. This will solve half of your problems. Knowing the type of business is necessary to develop a sustainable interest in your work. This will help you in making future decisions that undoubtedly be proven to be authentic and effective.

  • Business size

The size of your business equally matters for the lenders to decide their benefits from you quickly. It will help them to measure risk factors as well as future benefits. Such a condition is also helpful; for you to gain the amount of loan as your preference. Also, the size of your business ensures the authenticity and reliability of you by the lenders. If you run the right size small business, indeed you are earning your good credit score. This means you will not come to any hard policies against the loan for bad credit or no guarantor on benefits.

  • Capital and funds

Apart from taking the business loan, it is also important how much capital you are acquiring for setting up your business. This will help you to take the loan even on an easier and with no documentation process. Banks or credit firms also see your capacity so that they can safely invest in you. So, if you have your capital and funds, it is even better for you.

  • Business plan

You need to be specific about your business plan while applying for a small business loan. It will be helpful for lenders to get their thoughts clear about your vision. Make sure you elaborate your business plan in the most appropriate way to impress the lender for investing in your vision. The more your business plan will be sp[ecific and to the point, the more chances you get the loan of your choice.

  •    Lender’s benefit: Your Asset

You must keep in mind the lender’s benefit. Once you are successful in convincing them, you are likely to get a business loan. Now, how you can ensure the benefit of your lender? It is simple by providing that you are having a great enough property to back your loan premiums in the future during unfortunate situations. Here, you need to specify your properties and assets.

  • Low-interest loans

Now, it is one of the primary considerations for you to dig into. Here, you need to go through thorough research and analysis of the banks and credit facilities that can provide you with loans on competitive or low-interest rates. There are many factors to get you a loan with low interest, and the most important of them is your credit score. Companies or loan authorities restrict themselves from providing loans for bad credit with no guarantor on benefits. So, make sure you are maintaining your credit score even on your personal loans.

  • Choose your lender wisely

It doesn’t matter that you are getting the loan as per your terms and conditions or choices. You must be associating with the most authentic and legally-manned financial help authority. Here your job is to give thorough research on the history, achievements, and drawbacks of an organization so that you don’t get in trouble in your future. This will relieve you from extra labour, which means saving your precious time to devote to your company. Also, it will ensure your peace of mind.

  • Online Lenders

Nowadays, online lenders are the one that comes with the best facilities and featured offers for their candidates. It is easier, quick, and safe. If you want to consider these online lenders, it will be a decisive choice for you. Also, make sure you are cross-checking the background of lending help.

To Conclude…

Any business, whether it’s small or huge comes full of uncertainties and uncalled difficulties. You must select your financial partner wisely. So, when you plan to take a small business loan, you need to be clear about those above things to deal with the best one. It is necessary to surround yourself or your business with the best partners. Choose wisely to invest your time, money, and brain.


You must be manning those entire critical factors essential to get the best small business loan in the market. Leverage them in the best way.

5 Emotions to Control to Prevent Emotional Spending

Emotional spending is the worst thing that pushes you off your budget. No matter how easy it is to achieve goals you have set for you, you will end up with failure if you do not curb emotional spending. Your emotions drive emotional spending: you tend to spend money when you are feeling down, and when you are zealous.

It is not wrong to treat yourself when you are happy, but it will start controlling your finances if you do not control your emotions. Emotional spending is hazardous to your budget because it makes you buy things you do not need but to tranquil you down emotionally. Such emotions range from excitement to sadness.

Well, if you make the last-minute decision to make an emotional purchase, you are not alone. Hundreds of people are out there who spend emotionally. It not only eats up your savings but also throws you into a debt spiral.

When you have no savings at all, you end up taking out 100% guaranteed loans to meet your regular as well as unforeseen expenses. To avoid being running out of money, you will have to cut back on emotional spending. Before you get to know you can do it, you should know which emotions lead to it.


You can feel guilt when you lose a competition, lose your job, and fail to maintain your appearance. When you feel guilt, you start to feel uncomfortable. Anxiety begins to crawl up, and you start looking for a way to divert your attention.

Shopping seems to be the best way to calm yourself down. You go to expensive restaurants and malls to shop for clothes. Experts believe that these activities release dopamine in your brain that lifts your mood. Unfortunately, this pleasure is ephemeral and to feel that happiness you do it repeatedly, and as a result, it becomes your habit.

Tip: If you feel that you shop unnecessarily out of guilt, you should find out the reasons why you feel so. Think about the ways how you can improve. Set goals and stick to them until you achieve them.


Jealousy encourages you to keep up with the Joneses. When you find that your neighbours or friends have bought a new car, you feel that you should also get the one to show them that you have an equal status in society.

Tip: You need to realise that everyone’s financial circumstances are different. You cannot keep up with someone else’s status and money, no matter how hard you try it.

When you see your neighbours or friends with a new car, do not forget that this is what they are trying to show you. Likely, they do not have what you have. Stop comparing yourself with others. You life cannot improve or impair with the fate of others.


When you feel nervous, you shop to distract your mind. Whether you fear being turned down in your interview or have general anxiety, you shop to keep yourself calm. Many people buy purchases because of the fear of missing out.

Tip: Fear floods anxiety in you, and that makes it complicated for you to control yourself. You do whatever you can to divert your mind, and unfortunately shopping seem a better way as it makes you pleased and encourages you to do it over and over. When your mood is low, take a deep breath and a stroll about 10 to 15 minutes.


When you are feeling down, you find shopping the best way to uplift your mood. Whether you are missing somebody or you have failed to qualify for a job, you will shop even those things you do not need to make your mood better.

Tip: Make you understand that shopping or impulsive purchase cannot help you get rid of sadness. Instead, you will have to find out why you are ad and what you can do not to feel that way again. Sometimes, nothing is better than letting it go.


You have fulfilled your goal, so you will naturally treat yourself. You may prefer to enjoy an expensive meal or plan a trip, but your budget may not allow for that. As a result, you end up running out of money at the end of the month.

Tip: It is good to treat yourself when you have achieved something, but there are various good ways to do so. For instance, you can go to the Church to thank God to help you do so or you can stash away a few more pennies for a rainy day.

Undoubtedly, you will have to control your emotions if you want to be on top of your finances. Emotional spending is the biggest culprit to make you run out of money at the end of the month. Follow the tips mentioned above. You will definitely be succeeded. Description: If you are unable to control emotional spending, read the blog. This discusses which emotions lead to it and how you can control it.

5 Steps to Calculate Your Social Media Influencer Marketing ROI

Social Media Influencer Marketing is an ever-growing trend. More than 70% of brands spend some of their marketing budgets on influencer marketing. By the end of 2020, an estimated $7 billion will be spent on Instagram alone for influential marketing. However, to understand and calculate the campaign ROI you would need to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign.

Social Media’s advent has brought about a change in people’s lifestyles and choices. These choices get reflected in their daily consumables to trends and fashion. People with a high number of followers and an engaged audience earned by posting creative content are labelled as social media Influencers. These influencers can post about their experiences with the products they have used and got benefits.

These recommended products or services are bought and used by their followers and this increases the brand’s revenue and customer engagement. So, what is ROI? It’s an abbreviation for Return on Investment. And that means a calculated and clear depiction of what the returns were from your campaign. So, the question still remains, how to calculate that? Well, to answer that here are five steps to calculate your Influencer marketing ROI.

  • Setting up goals 

The first and the most important step is to set up goals and targets that you wish to achieve through your campaign. Get a clear and informative representation of your brand’s current data on all the parameters you wish to target. This creates the route for the rest of the campaign.

What is the target area in terms of the consumer base? On what platform do you want to run the campaign? What type of content is to be produced? What influencer do you wish to collaborate with? Are some of the questions to which you will start receiving answers after setting up the targets.

Some commonly targeted areas as per set goals are,

  1. Brand awareness increase.
  2. Expand customer base.
  3. Increase sales.
  4. Manage brand values and reputation.

The above are just examples of goals at an organizational level. The setup of goals needs to be more detailed and granular for more effective results.

  • Definition of metrics

Once the campaign goals are set, identification and definition of metrics for accurate measurement comes next. Metrics should be specific, timeline-based, and achievable. So, what are the metrics actually?

  1. Views on the post: The number of views/clicks garnered by the post from the influencer. The number of views will give you an idea as to how many people were reached through that post.
  2. Engagement rate: Engagement rate is the amount of engagement generated from that post.  This is not a calculation of views but more of the engagement rate where comments, shares, reactions, and likes are taken into consideration.
  3. Redirector URL tracking: Redirects or URL tracking is a process where the link you clicked on takes you to the intended page but through a gateway that captures the viewer’s behaviour. Another is URL tracking where the URL is amended to capture the intended data.
  4. Promo codes: Promo codes are discount or offer codes unique to influencers to attain a calculation on the number of orders placed using that promo code. This lets you directly understand how many users were converted to customers.
  5. Follower numbers growth: Generally for goals like brand awareness or value the followers gained can be accounted for with the gap between the number of followers at the start of the campaign and the end of the campaign for the brand.

The setup of goals and targets can be done for each influencer in your campaign or the influencer you are collaborating with, whichever be the case as per your campaign strategy.

  • Analyze Cost of campaign

There are many ways to analyze the cost of the campaign. Though these majorly vary as per the campaign most of the costs fall under the below sections,

  1. Time: Time is money. Time is precious. Time is always ticking. The amount of time spent on the campaign directly translates into the cost. The lesser time spent on the campaign costs a lesser amount of money.
  2. Free Products/Giveaways: Giveaways are free for the receivers but costs money to the business. The more free gifts and giveaways mean more costs involved.
  3. Influencer’s fees: The influencers might not invest their time or creativity for no monetary returns. There will be a cost involved for that, most times. An exception might be where the influencer is a fan of the brand or the product, but it will be an exception.
  • Calculate the returns 

Most of the campaigners end up measuring the overall performance of the venture, but it is not usually the best way. Measurement of individual influencer’s success over a period of time and comparing it to the peer group of influencers in the campaign is better. This gives an overview of the campaign’s success.

A custom URL will track the visitors redirected from the influencer’s post. Unique URLs can also be created using redirects or appending the URL with the sought-after information that needs to be tracked. Promo codes will give you a count of how many used the promo code for that influencer to avail of the discount.

  • Assess and Optimize

As explained above, you will need to analyze the data for each of the influencers’ performance using filters of your choice. The representation of the information will let you decide on whether the expected outcomes have been reached for each unique influence.

The results will guide you on your way forward. Now you need to decide again after tallying the results with the assessment matrix. If the expected results were attained or not and whether the campaign’s success rates met the targets needs to be inferred.

This will allow the optimization of the campaign. If the influencer’s contribution towards your campaign does not meet the goals then the campaign with that influencer can be done using another method or stopped as per the decision taken.

A successful social media influencer marketing campaign requires effective planning, strategizing, and execution. Also required is a detailed measurement metric and financial planning on the investments. Finally, you will also need to measure the success of the campaign and then optimize it as per the displayed results. These will let you calculate your ROI and understand the success rate of your social media influencer marketing campaign.