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Why hire SEO agents and Consultants from ?

Before we encourage you to take advantage of the SEO services we offer, we would like to justify Why ? The bottom-line answer lies in our experience of over two decades in online IT and related businesses. We know the drill, we know the ins and outs of this business. To be precise its about how popular your URL is ? how unique your website content is ? how neatly your website is optimized for search engines ? and we know the rules, period.

So, How does it work ?

Now this is a key question and we are here to answer. Its about taking onus, its about taking a responsibility to sincerely promote a website by burning oil in the lamp until wee hrs. For us, its about deploying the SEO techniques our team has been developing ever since 1999. For us, its about taking your hand in hand and walking you through each stage while we analyse your website, while we analyse your competitor’s websites, while we review and optimize your website for search engines. Finally, the aim is to take your site to the top ranks.

Various Stages involved in SEO Consultation:

WebSite Analysis & Review:

We shall analyse your website, products and services you sell. This shall be followed by an online conference. We shall review what your needs are, and then set goals. For example you maybe having enough visitors but not enough buyers, we shall keep this in mind while we decide an SEO plan that will fit your needs. A brief assessment of search engine rankings shall also be recorded at this stage.

PageRank and Search Engine Ranking Analysis:

At this stage we shall analyse and minutely review the Google pagerank and search engine rankings of your website. A strategy shall be devised in order to achieve top ranking in major search engines. All current rankings shall be recorded so that they can be compared when new improved search engine rankings are achieved

Link Popularity Check, Analysis and Review:

we shall run tests in order to evaluate current popularity of your website. Link Popularity is very crucial for climbing Search Engine rankings. BUT merely having tons of links pointing to your website won’t help unless they come from authoritative sites. I would suggest having 10 links from good PR sites instead of 100 from directories that do not count at all in search engines. Nevertheless inward links are never bad but good quality should be the main criteria.

Fixing Identity holes like bad Keywords, poor Title and lack of Headers:

After pagerank analysis, after we have identified your needs and after the goals have been set, we shall focus hard on the downsides in your website in order to fix and optimize keywords, titles and headings of each page.Keywords are what tell the search engines when your webpage should be displayed in search results when a person searches on a particular pattern of words / phrases

Content Rebuilding:

After optimizing keywords, title and headings of each webpage and after making sure everything is in place, we shall then focus on rebuilding the content. Although a one page website can have a good pagerank and even get listed in top 10 rankings on certain keywords IF IT HAS A UNIQUE and SUBSTANTIAL CONTENT, yet we encourage that the site should have huge amounts of unique content. While we re-build your website, we shall make sure it is fully optimized for search engine robots and crawlers.

Link Building Campaign:

After making sure that once a visitor lands on your website, he/she shall want to remain there for a good while, we shall initiate link building campaign. As said earlier, one way natural links pointing to your website can make the whole difference, if they come from good authoritative sites.

Last and Most IMP: Social Juice to your Site:

Social linking and traffic towards your website. We shall pick top 40 social sites in USA and make sure people there are doing nothing but talking about you. If you are a corporate, we could deploy an entire army pulling the crowds out of social sites towards your goals? How does a reliable and expert SEO-SMO agent for $5 per hr sound like?

Final Report:

Finally, after completing all the SEO-SMO tasks, we shall prepare a comprehensive report covering all the aspects of the project including, where the site stood when the project was started, where it is now in terms of progress in search engine rankings, traffic, leads and overall behavior of the website.

100% Manual and 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Feel free to reach me directly, my email is: admin @  (remove spaces)