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What skills can students develop from online learning?

Even though the conversation around online education has persisted for long, it’s only now that it has witnessed a widespread implementation. And why not? There are significant benefits to pursuing your college/university degree online.

Now, you may have chosen an online degree program for its convenience and flexibility – so that you could work alongside and have time for family members when they need you.

What you may not have considered is that when you enrol in an online degree program, it helps you strengthen other fundamental job skills. Every employer seeks these skills in today’s job applicants. These are essential skills that organisations are having a hard time finding even in otherwise qualified candidates.

With that thought, let’s dive in to discuss these skills that you can develop while studying online.

  1. Persistence
Online Classes
Online Classes

Persistence is undoubtedly one of the driving forces to succeed in an online learning system. Students who do well in an online learning environment are the ones who tolerate technical problems, seek help when required, participate every day in class, and persist through the difficulties.

If you want to acquire this skill, set up a study schedule for yourself, and follow it diligently. You will get success with your consistent work.. And this is particularly important after the novelty of going to school online begins to wear off.

  1. Effective time-management skills
Time Management
Time Management

The online learning method allows you to develop time-management skills. Now, most courses are not taught in real-time. There are no set times for classes.

This flexibility is one of the most obvious perks of online learning. It can also be a setback for a student who is unable to stick to a proper study schedule or is not able to submit the all assignment without daily reminders from a teacher.

Proper time-management skills don’t just happen. They have to be nurtured. Once you do, they’ll help you throughout your life. Consider these quick tips below to develop yours:

  • Carefully check the syllabus for each of your courses. Prepare a long-term plan for completing your important academic papers.
  • Create a  list and have fun checking things off as you complete the tasks listed.
  • It takes time to nurture habits, in any case, you’ll gain satisfaction from being efficient and achieving your assignments.
  1. Basic technical skills

Online learners are required to possess basic technical skills to make the most of their lessons. These involve the ability to create a new PowerPoint presentation, using a word processing program, navigate through the online learning platform, and download software.

Most platforms offering online education come with student orientation programs. These help students learn how to use the institution’s learning management system and other online resources, but they generally don’t cover the basics.

If you’re short on basic computer skills, you may want to find an insightful online tutorial to guide you through the process.

You’ll also need to check the online school’s main website for their software and hardware requirements. Make sure your own PC supports those requirements.

  1. Motivation and independence

To be successful, an online student should have the motivation to succeed. Online learning requires self-motivation, independence, responsibility, and some level of maturity. In this case, the questions should ponder over are-

  • Have you thought about your personal reasons for attending school?
  • Are you self-motivated and determined to succeed in school?

There are several worthwhile benefits to work hard and do well in your online education. You might want a higher level of prosperity in your future career. Or maybe you’re seeking a vast range of opportunities available to you with higher education or a higher income.

  1. Effective and appropriate communication skills
communication skills
communication skills

Communication skills are supremely vital in online learning because students must ask for help when they need it. Teachers are willing to support students, but they’re unable to decipher non-verbal cues, like a look of confusion on a student’s face. Follow these tips:

Utilise the tools provided by the school to interact with your teachers. Many schools and programs present different ways for students and/or parents to interact with teachers and staff. These could be via discussion groups, email, phone calls, and even text messaging.

Teachers and staff want you to succeed in your classes and will answer your questions. You may feel awkward to talk to your teachers this way. But if you have their email ids or phone numbers, don’t be shy to use them and communicate.

Also, when communicating with teachers and other school staff, you should write in proper language, grammatically accurate sentences and with a respectful tone.Today’s students have informal writing habits such as writing texts, media posts or blogs.

  1. Reading and writing skills
Reading and Writing skills
Reading and Writing skills

Reading and writing are the most effective ways to participate in an online class. Even though you need to buy a textbook, you can easily get more study material on your computer for study.

In the online learning methods, sometimes tests and quizzes have multiple choice questions, but more often you’ll have to write short or long answers.

If you type less than 25-30 words per minute, you can try using a typing software program which will help you with your online classes.

Parting thoughts,

With the right skill set, you can reap the most benefits out of your online classes. Know how to manage your time efficiently, and how to interact with your fellow learners and teachers, in order to derive more than what you signed up for.

Author bio: Alley John is a visiting faculty for a reputed academic institution in Australia. Alley has acquired his PhD in Statistics from Murdoch University. He firmly advocates the implementation of effective classroom technologies. He’s also an academic expert for and offers MATLAB assignment help to students.

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