Step by Step procedure for Social bookmarking

In this post, I shall share some Do’s and Don’ts about Social bookmarking.

Ques: How can Social Bookmarking done on even a highest PR be Ineffective?

Ans: IMO, simply signing up on a social bookmark site and saving your link is one of the last things an SMO expert should be doing. If you look at this activity through Google’s eyes, it’s too artificial and looks like a bot in action, regardless of whether you are bookmarking manually or using a bot.

Now you might be thinking, what would be better than manual social bookmarking? Well, let’s do it natural way, how does a link; a bookmark occur naturally on Facebook or any such site?

People go to social sites to socialize, don’t we? Do we just go to Facebook to save or share a link? Well, the right way is very tedious and below are steps given for the same:

  1. Sign up on a Social bookmark site.
  2. Socialize over there
  3. See how it works
  4. Pick your interests, make your boards or collections
  5. Follow people with similar interest
  6. Post meaningful and interesting content which people would love to read.
  7. Do above activity for about a week.
  8. Now you are ready to save / share a link of your choice
  9. I know how tedious this sounds, but this is how it should be.

Please feel free to leave comments, I’m open to discuss this further and ¬†would be eager to improve this article.

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