5 Steps to Calculate Your Social Media Influencer Marketing ROI

Social Media Influencer Marketing is an ever-growing trend. More than 70% of brands spend some of their marketing budgets on influencer marketing. By the end of 2020, an estimated $7 billion will be spent on Instagram alone for influential marketing. However, to understand and calculate the campaign ROI you would need to measure the success of your influencer marketing campaign.

Social Media’s advent has brought about a change in people’s lifestyles and choices. These choices get reflected in their daily consumables to trends and fashion. People with a high number of followers and an engaged audience earned by posting creative content are labelled as social media Influencers. These influencers can post about their experiences with the products they have used and got benefits.

These recommended products or services are bought and used by their followers and this increases the brand’s revenue and customer engagement. So, what is ROI? It’s an abbreviation for Return on Investment. And that means a calculated and clear depiction of what the returns were from your campaign. So, the question still remains, how to calculate that? Well, to answer that here are five steps to calculate your Influencer marketing ROI.

  • Setting up goals 

The first and the most important step is to set up goals and targets that you wish to achieve through your campaign. Get a clear and informative representation of your brand’s current data on all the parameters you wish to target. This creates the route for the rest of the campaign.

What is the target area in terms of the consumer base? On what platform do you want to run the campaign? What type of content is to be produced? What influencer do you wish to collaborate with? Are some of the questions to which you will start receiving answers after setting up the targets.

Some commonly targeted areas as per set goals are,

  1. Brand awareness increase.
  2. Expand customer base.
  3. Increase sales.
  4. Manage brand values and reputation.

The above are just examples of goals at an organizational level. The setup of goals needs to be more detailed and granular for more effective results.

  • Definition of metrics

Once the campaign goals are set, identification and definition of metrics for accurate measurement comes next. Metrics should be specific, timeline-based, and achievable. So, what are the metrics actually?

  1. Views on the post: The number of views/clicks garnered by the post from the influencer. The number of views will give you an idea as to how many people were reached through that post.
  2. Engagement rate: Engagement rate is the amount of engagement generated from that post.  This is not a calculation of views but more of the engagement rate where comments, shares, reactions, and likes are taken into consideration.
  3. Redirector URL tracking: Redirects or URL tracking is a process where the link you clicked on takes you to the intended page but through a gateway that captures the viewer’s behaviour. Another is URL tracking where the URL is amended to capture the intended data.
  4. Promo codes: Promo codes are discount or offer codes unique to influencers to attain a calculation on the number of orders placed using that promo code. This lets you directly understand how many users were converted to customers.
  5. Follower numbers growth: Generally for goals like brand awareness or value the followers gained can be accounted for with the gap between the number of followers at the start of the campaign and the end of the campaign for the brand.

The setup of goals and targets can be done for each influencer in your campaign or the influencer you are collaborating with, whichever be the case as per your campaign strategy.

  • Analyze Cost of campaign

There are many ways to analyze the cost of the campaign. Though these majorly vary as per the campaign most of the costs fall under the below sections,

  1. Time: Time is money. Time is precious. Time is always ticking. The amount of time spent on the campaign directly translates into the cost. The lesser time spent on the campaign costs a lesser amount of money.
  2. Free Products/Giveaways: Giveaways are free for the receivers but costs money to the business. The more free gifts and giveaways mean more costs involved.
  3. Influencer’s fees: The influencers might not invest their time or creativity for no monetary returns. There will be a cost involved for that, most times. An exception might be where the influencer is a fan of the brand or the product, but it will be an exception.
  • Calculate the returns 

Most of the campaigners end up measuring the overall performance of the venture, but it is not usually the best way. Measurement of individual influencer’s success over a period of time and comparing it to the peer group of influencers in the campaign is better. This gives an overview of the campaign’s success.

A custom URL will track the visitors redirected from the influencer’s post. Unique URLs can also be created using redirects or appending the URL with the sought-after information that needs to be tracked. Promo codes will give you a count of how many used the promo code for that influencer to avail of the discount.

  • Assess and Optimize

As explained above, you will need to analyze the data for each of the influencers’ performance using filters of your choice. The representation of the information will let you decide on whether the expected outcomes have been reached for each unique influence.

The results will guide you on your way forward. Now you need to decide again after tallying the results with the assessment matrix. If the expected results were attained or not and whether the campaign’s success rates met the targets needs to be inferred.

This will allow the optimization of the campaign. If the influencer’s contribution towards your campaign does not meet the goals then the campaign with that influencer can be done using another method or stopped as per the decision taken.

A successful social media influencer marketing campaign requires effective planning, strategizing, and execution. Also required is a detailed measurement metric and financial planning on the investments. Finally, you will also need to measure the success of the campaign and then optimize it as per the displayed results. These will let you calculate your ROI and understand the success rate of your social media influencer marketing campaign.

Stealth marketing is also known as Buzz Marketing

Stealth marketing strategies alludes to any commercial or covert marketing movement that is installed to the point that the customer doesn’t understand they’re devouring it. It’s otherwise called Buzz Marketing. This is on the grounds that the basic role of utilizing stealth marketing is to make a presale buzz or information around an item or administration. It can make a shopper amped up for it or present it so the purchaser would be more open to seeing promotions about it later.

One of my number one films is unified with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, and it incorporates an astounding soundtrack including The Pixies among other stunning artists. An epic film that turned out in the last part of the nineties when everybody was on a mechanical high, and uneasiness over Y2K was out of control. Corporate organizations were on the ascent, and there was such an insubordinate mentality towards them.

Battle Club was the response to all these wild sentiments. It was a film that discussed how content our general public has become letting companies do what they needed to our mind and urban areas. It’s about a rebel gathering of individuals that face the man, the man being industrialism.

Amazingly, incidentally, item position in Fight Club is as present as could be expected. Chief, David Lynch, admitted to there being one noticeable Starbucks cup in EVERY SCENE of the film. Item position is a type of stealth marketing, and Fight Club did it especially well.

What is Stealth Marketing?

Diverse enormous firms have utilized a few distinctive stealth marketing strategies in the most recent decade.

Sony once recruited entertainers to utilize another camera telephone in the road and request individuals to take pictures from them. This not just made buzz around their item and brought into individuals’ brains, yet in addition showed individuals on the road how to utilize a camera telephone. As much as it’s unimaginable now, no one had a camera on their telephone in those days, and individuals should have been slid into it. This is the classic Stealth Marketing example.

Free tastings are additionally an over-utilized system utilized in stealth marketing efforts. Why? It lures a customer to taste an item, which feels more like getting a blessing instead of being compelled to watch an advert.

Exhibiting items through YouTube, web-based media, or other online discussions. Another pattern in marketing methods is tied in with paying conspicuous web characters to advance your item. In any event, when these characters determine that they are being paid to discuss it, the manner in which they do it is un-notice like. If we somehow managed to take a gander at the Kardashians’ Instagram feed, for instance, we will see A LOT of items being supported and discussed on there. It’s completely paid for, and it doesn’t mean they appreciate them that much.

What Can Stealth Marketing accomplish for Me?

Stealth marketing has various utilizations for which it’s alright.

Like we said previously, it makes buzz around your item before it turns out in stores. At the point when a buyer sees your item being utilized through item situation or web-based media, they become amped up for what they can purchase. Or then again they become used to getting promotions around them.

Now and then, stealth marketing can be utilized to show individuals the item. Like in the model prior, Sony utilized stealth marketing to show ordinary individuals how their item was utilized. In addition to the fact that this created buzz around the new item, however it additionally ensured that they weren’t overpowered by the curiosity of the innovation.

Aside from these essential advantages, it can likewise knock up your brand perceivability. By doing tastings or facilitating occasions around an item, you’re likewise making mindfulness around your whole brand. Sometimes marketing reports shows a brilliant consequences of it. More individuals become more acquainted with you and, contingent upon the sort of occasion you have, can change the observation general society has about your brand.

Is Stealth Marketing Legal?

In the United States, such an ill defined situation. However long it keeps a few principles and guidelines, you can at present in fact utilize these strategies. Be cautious, however. Continuously ensure you’re mindful of the laws in your general vicinity prior to bouncing into some boiling water.

Be that as it may, the inquiry you should present is: Is it moral? Also, the appropriate response relies upon you and how you practice these strategies. Whenever taken as far as possible, it’s profoundly exploitative as you’re exploiting your shopper’s trust. In addition to the fact that it is off-base, it will pick up your brand some really downright awful.

Ensure you study your brand and how conceivable it is for you to rehearse stealth marketing strategies, and furthermore the laws in your general vicinity with respect to them. Try not to go hurting yourself or your brand by not preparing ahead. Stealth marketing right can go an extremely long way.

Ways To Identify A Winning Formula For A PPC Campaign

When it comes to programmatic advertising solutions or PPC management, even the smallest change can either lead to a boost in sales or ruin the entire campaign for you. But identifying whether a PPC management plan is going to work out or not, is a bit difficult. A PPC management agency puts in hours of research and setting up goals and strategies for the campaign, but there are certain things they do to identify whether a PPC campaign formula applicable to your business will be successful or not.

1.    Find out your niche

Figuring out your niche is one of the most basic things that you are required to do when you are planning an online or digital strategy for your business, be it on your website or your social media channels. When you figure out a niche, you have a lot of things settled for you. You have all the important pointers you need on the basis of which you can lay the rest of the detailed plan. It can clear a lot of doubts and show you a clear path. A niche helps you figure out the demographics, the target audience, budget, advertising channels, and a lot of your business goals.

2. Keyword Research

When you dig deeper into your niche, one of the most important things that you will be able to figure out is the list of keywords you want to use for your digital strategy. A PPC agency often finds itself in a soup when the client wants certain keywords that they feel might be important for their business, but that is not the case at all.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Professionals offering PPC management services have years of experience in working on these strategies and how to develop them. They can curate a list of all the important keywords for your business that will help in getting your website and your social media profiles are noticed online.

The trick is to remove the most generic keywords from your list. The reason for doing this is that all competition you face using this keyword would be unreasonable. A PPC agency would suggest you start with a bunch of seed keywords as these will slowly but steadily help you meet your business goals.

There are a bunch of tools at your disposal that can help you right from curating keywords to finding the best ones that suit you and seeing if these keywords are actually working out for you or not. Once you figure out how to do this, you will also learn how to make business decisions based on keyword research or the PPC data you collect. You can expand easily after being inspired by effective keyword research for your business. When you let experts from a PPC management agency handle this, it will work wonders for you.

3. Landing Page Design

Having the best PPC campaign only works for you if you have an effective landing page design. There are quite a few excellent PPC management services that also offer landing page design service that will be key in determining how your audience perceives your business.

Landing Page Design
Landing Page Design

There are several aspects to be considered while figuring out the best landing page design service because this landing page is not only about how it looks but how useful and accessible it is through all different digital devices and A/B testing. A/B testing can be done using AB testing tools. AB Testing marketing is an asset and can be helpful in measuring the difference in performance. One of the most important things is the load speed of your website. The page should be quick and easy to load and not take more than 3 seconds.

Another important feature is device compatibility. When your landing page works on all different devices this means that you have achieved the device compatibility of your landing page. Call-to-action buttons and conversion tracking are other features that are equally important. A call-to-action button helps your customers take action through the website. It helps is gathering more users. Conversion tracking is when you convert all the data that is collected through your site. The importance of the data your site collects is indescribable. You can do so many things and also influence a lot of your business decisions with the help of this data.

Is your PPC campaign formula good enough?

The above-mentioned are a bunch of ingredients that are required no matter what PPC campaign strategy you opt for your business. Having a PPC management agency handle your right from finding your niche to set up your website and social media channels will allow you to work on other important business issues while the experts at a PPC agency can figure out a good campaign strategy.

The Importance Of Influencer Marketing

As social media gain a more prominent role in our lives, influencer marketing is quickly exploding. Many people are turning to their preferred YouTube stars, Instagram models and Twitter celebrities for tips and advice on buying decisions. It’s not a bad thing, but it is also not a new thing.

Over the past two years, the use of social media has grown exponentially. It has also become far more transparent and accessible than ever before. This makes it possible for people from anywhere to create profiles on popular platforms.

But social media does not always equate with marketing success. This is especially true in the context of influencer marketing. The ability to get exposure with the use of social media takes time and requires a significant investment.

Who are social media influencers?

What is Influencer Marketing
What is Influencer Marketing

If you are not familiar with influencers, they are people who are very visible on social media. This is done by posting a variety of different pieces of content and making their presence known throughout social networks. These people then promote products and services by allowing other users to connect with them through comments and reviews on their profiles. This creates a connection between the business and the person or company being marketed.

For businesses that have tried influencer marketing, they will tell you that this type of marketing is quite time consuming. There are hundreds of posts to monitor, and it can be very difficult to keep track of all of the interactions. The good news is that the process can be sped up quite a bit by using social networking tools such as the ones developed by Buzzfeed, Mixx and StumbleUpon. These services allow businesses to create profiles on a variety of different social networks at the same time, which makes it easier to keep track of the interaction and the conversations happening on various profiles.

Save the cost of hiring

Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

The other great thing about social networks is that there is no need to worry about hiring staff to manage these accounts. These are managed by third-party agencies and can give businesses access to a vast amount of potential customers. These agencies will monitor the activity on the accounts to determine what kind of content appeals to the particular target audience. This can then allow businesses to put out content that matches the needs of their market.

If a company can maintain a good reputation on one of the social networks, it will stand out from the crowd. If it is able to provide content that is useful, it will continue to build credibility over time. Eventually, the user base of these sites will grow and the visibility of the brand will grow.

This in turn will lead to increased profits from internet traffic and sales.


Social Media
Social Media Network

While influencer marketing can generate a great deal of traffic, the success will depend on how well the company uses the platform. In order to maximize its efficiency, a business must make sure that the content it provides is relevant, interesting and timely. Social networks are a powerful tool when it comes to creating brand awareness, but only if used correctly. To increase the chances of success and save a great deal of time, it would be in a business’ best interest to use the platforms that allow for interaction between users and brands.

Top 10 Benefits of Video Production

Top 10 benefits of video production

Several technological research companies estimated that video will comprise over 85% of all internet traffic by the year 2021.

As we know that every social media channel now offering videos and most services offering automatic subtitles, it’s never been easier to share videos.

Content marketing is changing over the internet. Instead of the dry promo videos of the past, companies such as Media Productions create useful content that audiences are hungry for. By sharing information, trending too, or creating instructional videos about how to use products, consumers follow them.

Rather than having to chase down customers, great corporate video content will get customers attracted to follow you.

Here are 10 reasons why you need professional corporate video production.


The web traffic for vids has never been as high as lately. If you’re creating and posting videos, you’re creating a worthwhile slowdown in the daily flood of content feeds.

Videos on your website make you 74% more likely to keep the traffic. If you’re spending money to get traffic, make sure you can deal it with a great corporate video.


Social Media Videos

Social media channels suggest you include images with any kind of post. In fact videos get shared more on social media than any other kind of advertising strategy.

When viewers get connected to a post in an emotional way, they remember it for longer time and are more likely to pass it on to their network.


You’ll find that corporate videos will help you to get higher results in search engines, if you’re working as a company’s SEO. You might have noticed that when you search on Google, any video that even slightly matches your result will end up near the top of results.

That’s because search engines know consumers demand.


Brand awareness is slightly hard to create. By creating a corporate video that holds strong emotional content will stick with consumers, your brand awareness will rise.


When you can show your products and services in action, the actual action speaks more than thousands of words, then you can turn a skeptical customer into a believer.

Created a video should put confidence into the minds of potential clients and it prominently featured on your website or your landing page will keep customers engaged.


Mostly media’s return on investment is middling at best. A corporate video acknowledge you to create a long-lasting campaign. Making video within your budget allows you to create something that can describe your company to clients for years to come.


Brand Awareness

As mobile traffic has absolutely outshined desktop usage, social media and streaming sites have made sure to prioritize the quality of video on mobile. When you post a video, you’re in your customers’ pockets.

Videos are watched regularly during morning shuttle, during breaks, and anywhere in-between. A great video sticks with consumers because they’ve managed to make them happy while they’re taking a break from a busy day.


One of the biggest drift in tech is creating organic traffic and an organic audience. Through a strong video, you can show your customers who you are and connect in a real way.


If you’ve got an important boost coming up or something i.e. time sensitive to say, creating a video can emphasize that point. Your call to action will be as simple as getting your customers to buy. A video gives you a little bit of extra muscle in that tone.

A superb video can influence your customers to act urgently. Once you’ve prescribed those reasons why they need your services or help them understand more about your company.


Creating a strong video will help you to connect on an extensive level than any other type of marketing scheme. Stand out images or printed ads don’t feel interactive in the same way a video does. You can tell an attractive story with a strong enough video.

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