Why become an IAS officer in India?

Reasons to become an IAS officer in India

In our country, IAS is an excellent service that provides you the best opportunity to serve the country. Not only this reason but there are some solid reasons to become an IAS officer in India, which we will be discussing in the below parts of this post. There is a lot of reasons why most of the youngsters have the dream of clearing the civil services examination and getting posted as an IAS officer. As this exam is considered one of the toughest exams in our country, youngsters start preparing for this exam starting from the matriculation itself. Based upon gaining all the various knowledge regarding this exam they simply start searching for How to become an IAS officer after 12th and other exam preparation tips to succeed in the first attempt itself.

It’s observed that while civil services examination results are declared every time some of the candidates do this excellent job by clearing the UPSC exam in the first attempt without any coaching. This thing was very much appreciated throughout the country. These candidates hold a strong commitment to their goals. All their hard work, patience, and commitment to their goal work, and finally, their dream come true.

Here let’s observe a table of how many candidates have appeared for the UPSC exam and what was the final output of these civil services exams. This data will provide you a clear idea about how difficult the exam is to be cracked. The data of previous years of examination says only 0.2 % of the candidates are capable of clearing the civil services examination. In the below-provided table, you will find the candidates who applied for the civil services exam vs the number of candidates who passed the exam.

No of candidatesResults
Applied for examAround 8 lakhs
Appeared for prelimsAround 5 lakhs
Appeared for MainsAround 11,000
Appeared for interviewAround 2300
Cleared the examTotal-829/- candidates

From the above table, we can easily understand how the candidates out of 8 lakhs were only 829 are capable of clearing all the selection process of the UPSC examination. Now we have understood the difficulty level of this exam. Now let’s discuss the main topic reason to become an IAS officer in India.

Eight reasons to become an IAS officer in India:

1.Life changing opportunity

2.Job security

3.legislative powers

4.High paid salary and other incentives

5.Governmemt provided home and security.

6.Your parents feel proud of you.

7.Have powers to take a decision

8.work for society

These are the dreams for which most of the candidates work. If you are one of these students who want to crack their examinations you must start your preparation by starting from the school level itself. Even you can work harder and take the help of various online and offline facilities available in today’s world.

Hope you have found the best reasons to become an IAS officer in India, and serve the country and make your parents proud upon you.

List of the Industries that Offer Opportunities after Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification

There are numerous technologies throughout the world today but one name that has been standing out for years now is Red Hat. This is the one name technology enthusiasts throughout the world are aware of. In fact, many believe that the best technology to go along and make a career in is Red Hat.

You will find a lot of products offered by Red Hat, which is actually the reason why Red Hat is so widely spread. One of these highly appreciated and sought-after products by this company is OpenShift.

With Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, you can mould your career in any which way you want for a super great future. But what are the career prospects after the completion of this training and certification?

Hence, it becomes important to understand that which industries are using the OpenShift Technology in their everyday working to better get a grip of the future that is possible for you.

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

A Red Hat product, OpenShift is a cloud computing PaaS, which stands for platform as a service. OpenShift is a superb application which helps teams and developers in building, testing, deploying, and running their applications without much hassles.

This is an open source tool which has 552 GutHub forks and 905 GutHub stars.

Red Hat OpenShift is one if the PaaS which is full of opportunities for the future. And amazing technology with many pros, Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification can establish you as an expert in the field and steer your career towards flourishment and triumphs.

Red Hat OpenShift has been helping businesses bring in new services and products to the market at a much faster speed than was possible before. Innovation is another angle which organizations can explore with OpenShift.

How is Red Hat OpenShift Helping Organizations?

With the changing technologies, organizations are getting more and more opportunities to gain traction and become successful. Connecting with potential and existing customers has become much easier than before and expanding business is not as difficult as it used to be, all because of the new and upcoming technologies.

With the incorporation of the right cloud technologies, creating new services and products as well as scaling them as per need has become a possible prospect. And organizations have understood the fact all too well. All companies want to remove any obstacles any their way to success, and with Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, you will be the person helping companies achieve the same.

Red Hat
Red Hat

How do Organizations Benefit with Red Hat OpenShift?

→ Red Hat OpenShift Offers Hybrid Cloud Flexibility

Organizations gets increased flexibility across both public and on-premises cloud infrastructure with Red Hat OpenShift. With a consistent and evenly spread Kubernetes and Linux foundation found across all infrastructure, counting managed solutions such as Red Hat OpenShift Azure and Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated.

→ Red Hat OpenShift Offers Faster Deployment at Lower Costs

With Red Hat OpenShift and other Red Hat products, the development time for new and upcoming applications can be cut short from several months to sheer weeks, the building cost of these applications can be slashed to as much as 60% and the deployment time can be left to some mere hours.

→ Red Hat OpenShift Offers Enterprise Expertise

It is no hidden information that Red Hat has been a strong force for years now. With Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, you will become a professional certified to carry on hefty tasks and help organizations.

List of the Industries that offer Opportunities after Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification

Throwing out names of companies using Red Hat OpenShift in their everyday working can go on to become a tedious task, and will still be left incomplete because there are just too many of those.

However, if you are an aspiring individual who wants to know the list of the companies that offer opportunities after Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, you sure are in for a treat!

Here is the list in order of how many are using the technology:

Computer Software

Information Technology & Services

Financial Services


Hospital and Healthcare

Government Administration




Higher Education

Talking about which countries are using Red Hat OpenShift the most and by extension are offering the most opportunities after Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, United States of America tops the list.

This country is followed by United Kingdom and Canada.

On the fourth position stands India. While you might feel like our country is lagging way behind but it is an amazing number for a developing country.

Job Titles you can Explore after Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification

After the completion of the training and certification, it becomes tiresome to find the right job.

When you choose the right training institute for Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification, you will also get the right guidance from counsellors and experts of the industry.

Here is a list of some of the top chosen top titles:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Architect
  • Aws Architect
  • Aws DevOps
  • Technical Architect
  • Java Technical Architect
  • Senior DevOps
  • Cloud Native Architect
  • Lead Architect
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Java Architect
  • Developer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Linux Engineer
  • Senior Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

But of course, these are not all the titles one can pursue.


In the list of the industries that we have mentioned above, it has become pretty clear that almost all major industries are using Red Hat OpenShift technology.

And directly proportional to the number of industries and companies using OpenShift is the possibility that more and more opportunities will be given to those with Red Hat OpenShift Administration Certification.

Best IT Certification Training Course Institute.

When you choose the best institute for this training and certification, many doors of opportunities will open for you and will lead you right to the best companies hiring for this profile. Many people don’t pay heed to the importance of enrolling with the finest training institute but if you truly want to experience success, then do not forget to get to this point!

Myths about the BBA Degree

It is said that the school is the most challenging part in a student’s life, but it is not true the real struggle starts after school is over. School is the place where you can be most carefree, as the only thing you need to worry about and the only thing which you need to be responsible for is the studies. But, after class 12th, the real struggle starts, the battle to choose, to make decisions and most importantly, to be responsible for those decisions. 

The first and the foremost struggle which you will face after class 12th is selecting the right course. While choosing a course generally, you are afraid about the consequences of choosing the course. While selecting the higher study course, there is a constant struggle in the mind of the individuals, what if all went wrong, what if there has not been any scope of the same, what if it is not the course you can work on. These are the things which continuously keep arising in the mind of the individuals.

If you are someone who is proposing to opt for the BBA, from any right BBA college in Dehradun, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any possible education hub and are confused about it, then this article is for you. This read will help you burst a few prominent myths residing around opting the BBA course for further studies. 

BBA Degree Is Only for The Commerce Students

The most striking and prevalent misconception about BBA is that it is just for commerce students and that non-commerce students can’t seek after a course of BBA. While the fact of the matter is BBA is an ‘open to all’ degree course. Regardless of whether you are from arts, science or commerce foundations, you can get into BBA. Indeed, for the commerce students the underlying subjects like Accountancy and Economics can seem more straightforward than a science or commerce foundation understudy yet there’s nothing in the course that is excessively extreme or totally ambiguous for them.

There Is No Difference Between BCom and BBA

The confusion between the BBA and BCom is the misconception existing among the many as well. BBA and BCom are two totally different subjects. The essential distinction between the two is that BBA is a business or the management degree, while BCom is a degree related to commerce and accounts. BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration can help you in getting into the business world and work in administrative positions like in Marketing, IT, HR, Finance divisions while people with a BCom degree principally get into the ‘finance only’ fields. They further get to become managers, accountants, CA, CS, etc.

BBA As A Degree Doesn’t Provide Jobs

It is believed that BBA is not the appropriate degree which can help you land a good job right after the course, and we can say this without any hesitation that this is certainly not true. Numerous understudies proceed to work just after the BBA course. A few people choose to labour for a couple of years before going for their peers to procure early work insight. BBA is a course that causes them to get up with employment from the get-go in their life. A privilege BBA course acquaints you with the corporate world, the business system, opens you to assistant in organizations and go to workshops and classes led by business pioneers. Additionally, the course gives operational experience to the students that at last support them snatch an occupation in the wake of finishing their college degree course in BBA.

MBA Is the Only Way after BBA 

MBA is unquestionably the best degree for the aspirants who want to build their career in the management domain. But, the misconception that after BBA, MBA is the only way out this doesn’t seem right. If you want to enhance your knowledge in the field and are determined about building a career in the management domain, then accompanying your BBA degree with an MBA is the best option possible. But, if you are not inclined towards the management sector and want a change, then it is not that you cannot do anything else after BBA. You can go for Media Science or Mass Communication, Fashion Technology, Interior Designing, Animation, Hotel Management, MSW, LLB and a lot more different course. While an MBA is the most mainstream course individuals decide to go for after BBA, it is absolutely by all account, not the only course that is open for you. 

BBA Is Not Worth the Money 

Some people have a notion that BBA is too expensive if compared to what a student gets in return from the course. Nonetheless, many don’t realize that BBA serves a ton then we credit it for. A decent business college prepares its students with first-hand information about the business structure. Through contextual analyses and viably involved experience, they learn and comprehend the essentials of business. They are likewise offered occasions to work under professionals to pick up the background, so the way toward discovering a new line of work after the degree gets complete for them. 

BBA as a degree is the best degree course available that opens our psyche and causes us to get familiar with the methods of strategic approaches in reality. It likewise causes us to turn out to be better communicators, assemble our character such that encourages us to become future pioneers in the business world at the beginning phase of life. 

So if you have goals to turn into a business visionary or work in the corporate area, enlist yourself into one of the best BBA college in Uttarakhand without agonizing over the further prospects and consequences, because it will be all good if you are working hard and are clear about your vision. 

Hope you must have got rid of the prominent myths related to the BBA career and will be clear about your decision of perusing it. But, before that, let us delve into what BBA graduates can aspire to be after completing the degree. The principal alternative that BBA aspirants have to open their own business. They can furthermore enhance business visionaries. Besides, these BBA aspirants can obtain decent job positions in –

  • Businesses
  • Human services arrangements
  • Money foundations
  • Private just as government workplaces
  • Instructive establishments
  • NGOs
  • Corporate houses
  • MNCs

Engineering Colleges in Dehradun

Despite the high pace made towards gender equality over the last decade. There are still a few enterprises where ladies underrepresented in the workforce. Today, engineering is one of those enterprises. Different endeavours were being made to expand the number of females working in STEM fields, and those efforts are the reason we can see the increased number of girl students in best engineering colleges in Dehradun.  

Be that as it may, an uneven proportion of male experts in engineering, it doesn’t portray the entire story of the condition of the business. The quantity of women engineers is reliably developing throughout the most recent, quite a few years, by adding a large number of qualified and equipped women to the engineering industry or workforce.

How are professional associations collaborating?

Engineers work straightforwardly with administrators to comprehend which needs assistance in mixing energizing STEM educational program into the study hall. Now and again, the engineering school bring teachers into their collaboration for externships. They are giving them active encounters that they reclaim to their homerooms. Institutions are turning out to be accomplices with instructors, and furthermore, visit homerooms intermittently to talk about their present work. Also, answer inquiries regarding vocation openings. This will give vocation good examples that numerous understudies are looking for these days.

Accordingly, no one can deny the way that the quantity of female engineering understudies is on the steady ascent. It has been discovered that the number of women keens on contemplating STEM subjects. Including engineering in college have been improved more than that of their male counterparts. All in all, engineering was being analysed by more than 20% of female respondents, and a 16% development has been seen over the time of the most recent seven years.

The expansion in the number of female engineers

When engineering became a famous career choice for applicants opting in math and science was not a typical career path for women. With the adjustment as expected and the incorporation of STEM fields, a considerable number of ladies are seeking after vocations that interest them without agonizing over gender generalizations.

A few components have added to this pattern which shows that numerous schools and colleges alike are putting forth deliberate attempts to urge ladies to enter the engineering domain. By making STEM subjects for understudies prior in their scholarly vocation and afterwards following up with precise assets at the university level, women are more expected to seek after a profession in the field of engineering.

Addressing gender boundaries in the domain

Notwithstanding the expanded interest of engineering and other technical domains among ladies, there are as yet different difficulties that are adding to the proceeded with gender boundaries. The central limit is the absence of good female examples in the field. Because of this, the quantity of ladies in the domain is low, and there are likewise barely any female experts or prominent personalities in engineering, which can make it hard for new ages of female engineers to identify professional guides and motivation related with the business.

Utilizing assets to advance women engineers

To keep on urging women to enter the top BTech schools, colleges, organizations, and expert associations, the same need to use a few critical assets. Making a favourable air for a wide range of specialists let the business will get more grounded overall. Women remain in engineering since they need to ensure they have any effect that will additionally make the resources levels higher.

Various research has been conducted to underline the significance of gender-integrated teams in the workplace. As indicated by the exploration, it is discovered that zeroing in the group all in all, as opposed to people. Both helped experts in their profession and improved the interest of ladies in the engineering field. Additionally, peer connections are intricate for keeping up section level female representatives and helping them to succeed.

Leading others by example

While women engineers may at present be the minority in the engineering business, numerous females have gotten exceptionally fruitful in the industry. These women are breaking generalizations and indicating others that anyone can prevail in the engineering domain or for that matter, any technical discipline, without thinking about gender orientation. For example, a woman serving as a vice president of engineering and product management at Google can become the company’s first female engineers, notwithstanding any engineering specifications be it the engineering college, branch or industry.

Taking essential roles in the industry by women accommodates to develop the atmosphere of the workplace to be more welcoming to other women engineers.

Segregating yourself as a female in engineering

With then progression in the engineering field, today is an ideal opportunity to consider facilitating your vocation. There is a popularity for engineering experts in different businesses, and pay scales are promising.

The primary method to separate you in a severe field is through procuring and getting a graduate degree from top engineering colleges in Uttarakhand or for that matter anywhere in the world. The level of Master of Engineering will give you the detailed information you have to prevail in the field. Likewise, it gives you significant aptitudes. That will prepare you to take on an influential position in an engineering association. It is a quick sign to businesses. That understudies not just have the inside and out experience it takes to prevail in a more senior job. In any case, that you devoted to seeking after prominence in the field.

Women’s are prevailing in every possible field and so are in the domain of engineering. All they require is good guidance, proper knowledge, good exposure, and legit experience to come at the acme in the domain. Long gone are the days when engineering was the male-dominant field, the women have earlier as well proved their mettle and will continue doing so in the future as well.

Engineering has been a lucrative and prominent higher study option because of the lucrativeness and the affectability of the course on the development of the society, the human race as well as on every possible individual. Therefore, if you are a woman and thinking about entering the engineering field then you do not require to think about the consequences or worry about the scope in the field, just go with the flow, perform your best and you can conquer the world!  

What you should know about Word?

As we all know that Microsoft Word is majorly used for creating a variety of documents like letters, forms, resumes, and so on. It offers many useful and amazing features to make you work in a better and easy manner.

What advantages does Microsoft Word offer?

It’s not just a myth but Microsoft Word does provide many advantages to make us work in a very easy and stressless way. The following are some of the advantages that you can definitely expect for the platform:

  • You can search about a word or a phrase within the platform itself.
  • The created documents can be universally used by different users.
  • You can always make consistency among multiple tasks and projects.
  • It facilitates you to create visually enhanced and appealing documents.
  • It is easy to make multiple versions of a document; save and sort them.
  • There are very less chances of making any spelling or grammatical error.
  • The friendly interface allows you to perform the tasks in a faster and easier way.
  • The mail merging from a database helps to send letters to multiple people at once.
  • You can easily correct your mistakes as it highlights them with a red or blue underline.
  • It’s a professional-standard application to create and manipulate common types of documents.

What new features does Microsoft Word 2016 have?

The Word 2016 application has many new and useful features that you can use while working on the platform. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Tell Me: You can always use this tool whenever you want to search for a particular command. It is present on the top-right corner of the ribbon and can be used whenever in need. Instead of navigating through the menus, you can use this tool. Just type what you need, a list of suggestions will be provided, and as per the requirement, choose the most relevant one. 
  • Draw Tab: The new Draw tab has many new tools in it to make your document look visually appealing and to help you work on the document with an ease. To view this tab on the ribbon you need to customize the ribbon. This tab contains many drawing tools to perform some interesting tasks such as: drawing converted into a particular shape, produce a shading effect using the Pencil tool, customize the available variety of pens, add animation to the inked images, and so on.
  • Ink Equation: The Ink Equation tool lets you write any complex equation in a natural way (such as touch pointer, your finger, or mouse to draw freehand) and converts that equation into computer text. This tool lets you avoid the efforts to search for a particular symbol. Without much effort, enter the required mathematical expression, and translate it into the document’s text.
  • Easy sharing: The new Share button on the top-right corner has made the sharing of the WOrd documents much easier. The files that you have saved in OneDrive, SharePoint, or  OneDrive for Business as the email attachments or links, can be easily shared with your colleagues. The people with whom you have shared your files can share and view the respective file or document or can even edit it in real-time.
  • Smart Lookup: It is one of the most useful tools. While working on a document, if you want yourself in need to search for a definition or some information related to a word or phrase, you can do it via this tool. Just select and highlight the particular text, and select Smart Lookup. The Smart Lookup pane showing the related information will appear in the right side of the document. Because of this tool, you don’t need to switch to the internet browser.
  • Version History: Each time you save your document to the OneDrive, a new version is stored separately. You can also see the list of time and date when the file was saved previously.
  • Real-time Co-authoring: The documents that you shared with your colleagues on OneDrive or SharePoint, can be easily edited in real-time. This way you and your colleagues will be able to view the changes made by each other simultaneously. 
  • Preset Shape Fill Formats: Microsoft Word 2016 has introduced new preset transparent or semitransparent formats that can be applied to the shapes inserted from the Shapes gallery. These formats provide transparency to the written text or objects on the shape so that they can be viewed through that shape. 

What type of file formats does Microsoft Word support?

The previous versions of Microsoft Word only used .doc file extensions but later on it also supports .docx file extension. The recent versions of Microsoft Word can now support and open files of the following formats:

  • .rtf
  • .txt
  • .odt
  • .pdf
  • .xps
  • .xml
  • .wps
  • .htm, .html
  • .mht, .mhtml
  • .dot, .dotm, .dotx
  • .doc, .docm, .docx

Microsoft Word is the mainly used word processing platform that has a varied variety of features and lets you maintain the data in a better and appealing manner. You can know more about the respective platform by referring to the uCertify course of Microsoft Office Word 2016 Expert (77-725 & 77-726). This course not only provides you the knowledge about the platform but also prepares you for Microsoft’s certification exam, 77-725 & 77-726. Since the course is entirely based on the exam objective, hence, it covers topics like designing the Word environment, working efficiently, inserting graphic objects, preparing to publish, working with graphic objects, collaborating on documents, and many more. The course also offers performance labs, quizzes, test preps, and so on to provide you a hands-on experience on the platform. So, don’t forget to check out our outstanding course!

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