Why Working Professionals Choose Pursuing an MBA?

Selecting the right career option is challenging. Your career alternative should be as per your interest, desire, and expertise, but still, there is no surety of victory in any career field you choose. You may become prosperous in the field of your preference or land up with only inadequate success. Often opt for the higher education courses even after securing a job and even a well-paying career. MBA is the primary choice made by the majority of aspirants as the MBA Program gives a definite shot accomplishment throughout everyday life. On the off chance that you seek after your MBA from a good MBA college in Dehradun, with complete difficult work and center, there will be no power which can prevent you from making progress. Aside from graduate students who seek an MBA Degree to add on an expert degree in their academic capabilities, numerous individuals are into the work, and they need to do an MBA. What makes them think about an MBA? By what method can an MBA help them? Why they pick an MBA over different courses? There are a couple of significant reasons as answers to these inquiries. Below stated are the few prominent ones among them. 

Professional Enrichment 

Individuals inclination to do an MBA since they need improvement in their current vocation. Progress invocation can be disclosed like they need to get an advancement, more status in work, more refined information, and abilities with the goal that they can quicken the development of their profession. So forth, professional experts have gotten keen on doing MBA with the goal that they can create administrative aptitudes or in any event, for getting worldwide introduction. 

Career Switching

In some cases, individuals need to change their vocation, starting with one field then onto the next. There can be numerous reasons due to which they need a change from their current profession. Reasons can remember feeling repetitive for the present work, not happy with the existing employment profile, or perhaps because of the absence of future development possibilities, and so forth. These circumstances move a person to switch professions, and they search for such degree choices which will open more extensive vocation openings. Thus, they pick an MBA which gives them every one of those abilities, procedures, mastery, and information needed for exchanging position profile. 

For Pursuing Their Enterpreniual Dream

A few people who are into the work however they see their future and interest in something different like establishing a business, and so forth These individuals wind up doing an MBA since they need to settle down in life as a business person. An expert degree, for example, an MBA will give them all the fundamental abilities which are required to turn into a practical business visionary and for a reformist profession. In this day and age where rivalry is excessively, and there are countless professional decisions to browse, there consistently disarray among youth for picking the right post-graduation program. A degree that gives information, data, abilities, assurance of work and achievement, and a superior compensation scale is the thing that a student wants. MBA is the ideal decision for them which will give them all the above-mentioned and extraordinary achievements in profession and life.

Top 10 Online English Teaching Companies

Ready to teach English? Enjoy travelling? Got a laptop and working internet connection? If your answer is “Yes, Yes, and Double Yes”, then this blog is the right place for you. Before getting into it, make sure you have a TEFL certification online in USA. If not, check out the TEFL courses online.

However, you may have stumbled into the world of teaching English online, this world will make you fall in love with itself. The best part about teaching English online is flexibility, location independence, and an excellent gig to put some extra money into your pocket.

Hey, extra money never hurts, right?

We have good news; it gets even better!

With Covid-19 pandemic tormenting and engulfing the world in its stride, the demand for ONLINE English teachers has never been on such an all-time high. It has become one of the fastest-growing careers for remote workers around the world. With the advent of the wonderful Internet in the recent few decades, the world has come remarkably close to being one large village.

Nonetheless, it can get overwhelming sifting through thousands of websites claiming to deliver best paid online teaching jobs.

Worry not!

We have done the legwork for you and compiled a list just to meet your requirements. This is a complete list of pay rates, pros and cons, requirements, and more.

10 Best Online Teaching Companies to Work for in 2020

One advice before we get started. The more companies you apply to, the greater your chance of scoring a job even if you are a newbie. Thus, send in your job application to more than one company on this list.

1. VIPKid


Online teaching platform for native North Americans with over 60,000 teachers and 500,000 students, targeting Chinese children aged 3-16.

Pay Rate: $14-$22 /hour (base rate $7-$11 for 25-minute class). Referral bonus and incentives (holiday classes, taking 45+classes in a month, being on-time in class, etc.) starting from $1 which can add up to $100 per month.


  • Bachelor’s degree (any subject)
  • TEFL certification online in USA
  • US/Canadian applicants only
  • 6-months contract with VIPKid


  • One-on-one tutoring.
  • Lesson planning, grading, and curriculum development (internal resources and coursework) done by VIPKid.
  • Flexibility to choose the age group you want to teach.
  • Freedom to choose schedules – no minimum and maximum teaching hour restriction.
  • High-paying recognized and reputable company.
  • No need to learn Mandarin or Cantonese languages.
  • Regular paychecks directly into bank accounts.


  • Fairly strict class cancellation policy with deductions (if internet cuts for over 3 minutes, class cancellation charged).
  • Only teachers from the US and Canada for children in China. So, time-change issues.
  • Base salary depends on 3 separate interviews and demo classes.

2. Qkids Teacher


Similar to VIPKid, Qkids require the native US and Canadian applicants for children belonging to age 4 to 12 from China.

Pay Rate: $16-$20 /hour (base rate of $8/class). Referral bonus, performance bonus and other incentives are also available.


  • TEFL certification online in USA
  • US/Canadian applicants only
  • 6-months contract with Qkids
  • Currently enrolled for a degree in a university
  • 2 years prior teaching experience


  • Patented game-based learning platform (animated and fun stories, engaging cute characters, and games).
  • A dynamic and innovative way of teaching provided. So, no props and no prep-time required.
  • No hassle of developing your teaching schedule. A set schedule as per your convenience given weekly.
  • Also, no penalty for vacation or sick time.
  • The flexibility of up to 4 students in a class.
  • No communication with the parents, managed by the staff.


  • Besides being a north American, you must actually be staying in the US or Canada during the entire contract period. Also, leading to time-change issues.
  • A rather lengthy interview process.
  • Minimum of 6 hours of teaching compulsory in a week.
  • Class timings: 6:30 – 9:00 AM EST 7 days a week and 8:30 – 11:40 PM EST Fridays and Saturdays. So, limited time slots to choose from.

3. italki


World’s largest language education platform covering various languages with over 300,000 students and 1000+ tutors.

Pay Rate: Teachers are free to choose their fees. The average rate for professional tutors is $25-$40/hour and for community teachers $12/hour.


  • For professional teachers: A bachelor’s degree or higher in education, professional training and experience, and professional teaching certification (CELTA/TESOL/TEFL)
  • For community teachers: No such credentials are needed. Only a fluency in the language and command over it.
  • Native and non-native speakers allowed.
  • 15% of commission pays to italki for each lesson taught.


  • Ability to create and work according to your schedule.
  • Your decision and total control over what to teach.
  • 1-1 Teaching
  • No contract, easy to join and quit as per your convenience.
  • No minimum teaching hours required in a week.


  • High commission fee of 15% for completed classes.
  • Teachers need to develop their lesson plans. Thus, longer preparation time is needed.
  • You are responsible for communicating with students and managing your teaching profile. Based on this, you develop your network of students which could be difficult for a beginner.

4. Englishunt


Online teaching platform for native English speakers from the USA to teach Korean business students. 

Pay Rate: Around $20-$25/hour.


  • Applicants from the US only with a US bank account.
  • To conduct conversational English class via a softphone software installed on your computer.
  • 48 hours of college credits or a TEFL/ESL certificate.


  • One-to-one teaching to adult students.
  • 10-20 minutes duration of the class.
  • You must be a US residence but could be living anywhere in the world.
  • Curriculum and tools needed to teach are already built in the software.


  • Their software is not with compatible Apple laptops and other apple products.
  • Must have an American bank account.

5. Cambly


A little different than other online teaching companies, Cambly is an online networking platform in the form of an app that allows students to connect with teachers for conversation practice, structured English lessons, business English and job interview preparation.

Pay Rate: $10.20/hour, $0.17/per minute.


  • No degree or location requirements.
  • Non-native speakers are also allowed and only fluency in English is mandatory.


  • 1-on-1 class with adult students.
  • No minimum hour requirements.
  • Since students are from all over the world, 24/7 on-demand sessions available for tutors. They can simply log on and start teaching. So, flexible schedule.
  • No teaching experience required.
  • No contract needed.


  • No lesson plans are provided, so teachers have to think on their feet and should be good conversationalists with students who are shy.
  • Teachers need to be culturally sensitive and be aware of what to talk and not to talk.
  • The hourly rate is slightly lesser than the other companies mentioned.

6. Education First (EF)

Edu First
Edu First

Highly recognized English education provider with around 600 schools in over 120 cities globally.

Pay Rate: $12-$20/hour (base rate depends on qualification and experience).


  • Native English speakers belonging to the US or UK only.
  • A bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • At least a 40-hour TEFL certificate.


  • Flexible working schedule with no minimum hour requirement.
  • Lesson materials, coursework, resources, and training provided to the teachers.
  • 25-minute one-on-one lessons for children and 20 to 40-minute private lessons for adults and 45-minute lessons for adult groups.
  • Teachers connect with the students as they teach the same students each week.
  • Paid holiday leave and pension participation are available for UK teachers.
  • Little to no teaching experience required.


  • Teachers must also be staying in the US or UK while teaching.
  • No tax benefits for US teachers.
  • Time changes when tutoring students in Asia.

7. Palfish


An app-based platform allowing Chinese students to connect with teachers over a mobile, tablet, or a laptop. There are 3 teaching programs, namely, Free Talk / Live Streams, Official Kids Course, and the Philippines Course.

Pay Rate: For Free Talk / Live Streams, you can set your fee per minute. For the other two programs, you can earn $30/hour or more.


  • Applicants from the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.
  • Non-native speakers can apply who have a neutral accent.
  • Fluency in English is a must.
  • TESOL/TEFL certification mandatory for official kids program.


  • No university degree.
  • Flexible teaching hours.
  • Freedom to choose their schedule.
  • Students of all age groups.


  • 20% commission on your total income for the Free Talk / Live Streams program.
  • A bank account in China or a Payoneer app account for receiving payments.

8. SayABC


Interactive online teaching platform backed by investors from China is again a platform for teaching English to Chinese students in small groups of 1 to 4.

Pay Rate: $15-$21/hour.


  • A 3-months contract minimum.
  • 1-year teaching experience.
  • Native English speakers from the US, Australia, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and Canada.
  • A bachelor’s degree or in the final year of the degree.
  • TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred.


  • Teachers can set their schedules.
  • SayABC provides relevant teaching tools such as flashcards, notes, and support with lessons.
  • No lesson planning and no correcting homework are expected.
  • New applicants can start teaching within two weeks as there is no long on-boarding process.


  • SayABC’s hiring standards and requirements are exceedingly high.

9. GoGoKid


Although relatively new in the industry (born in 2018), it has garnered a strong student base. This start-up is backed by Chinese tech giant Bytedance.

Pay Rate: $14-$25/hour.


  • Only native US and Canadian applicants are allowed.
  • TEFL certification online in USA.
  • A 6-month long contract.
  • A bachelor’s degree.


  • No weekly minimum teaching hour requirement.
  • They provide a pre-designed curriculum to teach from. However, they insist on the usage of props to make teaching more interactive and exciting.


  • Lengthy hiring process.
  • Most of the time students are majorly from kindergarten to only grade 5 Chinese students.
  • A lot of usage of animated content which requires computer skills, a good operating system, and equipment.

10. Lingoda


Europe-based language school providing both private and group lessons to adult students. They offer lessons in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Pay Rate: $8-$13/hour.



  • They have a full 24/7 job list which teachers are free to pick from.
  • Schedule flexibility.
  • They offer high-quality teaching material as well. Hence, no lengthy lesson prep needed.


  • A long session of 60 minutes.
  • Focus on more than 1 student at all times.


As the lingua franca of the contemporary era, the English language has been connecting the modern globalised world closer together.

Whether you are doing it as a full-time high paying teaching job, part-time supplementing your income apart from your 9 to 5 job, looking for ways to fund your worldly travels, or hoping to be productive after retirement; online teaching jobs are the perfect match for you.

However, most of the jobs require best TEFL certification online in USA. Therefore, if you don’t have one you should look for TEFL courses online to get started.

Study and live in Dubai

Many people bid goodbye to their home countries to further their career and support their families, however, there are also a great many youngsters who choose to move away from their homeland to study and explore their academic options. With its economy in full swing, Dubai is now focusing on improving its institutes by hiring the best of the best teachers from the world over, making Dubai now famous for providing excellent education. This, however, comes with a downside for student residency is too costly for the undergraduates. To solve this issue, we are listing down below some of the best institutes in Dubai and getting villa for sale in Dubai nearby institutes can prove to be very beneficial for youngsters.

Murdoch University Dubai

With its main branch located in Western Australia, Murdoch University is known for its vibrant campuses and skill-based education. The university has hired extremely knowledgeable teachers that are not merely concerned with imparting their knowledge but are also very keen to guide the students. Moreover, the degree of Murdoch holds the same worth, as it does in its branch in Australia. The adjacent neighbourhood also has an educational atmosphere, as most of the residents are students themselves.

Manipal Academy of Higher education in Dubai

Manipal University
Manipal University

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is known for its wide exterior and exuberant interiors. The branch of this University in Dubai is an extension of Manipal India. What sets this institute apart is its staggering numbers of Alumni and the fact that over 28,000 are welcomed in this University per year. There also has been an increase in the number of villas in sale nearby this University.

Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI)


This incredible University is a nonprofit school which is authorized by the Higher Education Ministry of UAE. It offers a curriculum curated efficiently by the well-reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the famous Parsons School of Design. Furthermore, the landlords of the villas in the neighbourhoods of this university are very considerate towards the students’ needs.

Middlesex University Dubai

Middlesex University Dubai
Middlesex University Dubai

This extremely diverse institute is the branch of well-known and exemplary Middlesex University of London. Since Dubai happens to be as nearly as metropolitical as London, the atmosphere of this university is very reasonable for students belonging to various cultural backgrounds. The goal of the Middlesex University of Dubai is to train its students to lead a well-balanced and efficient life and to make their way out of a great many challenges along with contributing to the betterment of their communities. The residential areas near this university are well fitted for local and expatriate students.

Swiss School of Management in Dubai

Swiss School of Management in Dubai
Swiss School of Management in Dubai

Enjoying the reputation of being one of the top-most management schools, Swiss School of Management is the institute many students of business vie to get admission in. This institute provides the most pocket-friendly courses and excellent education quality, a combination that is rare to find. It further provides growth opportunities for its students to become highly skilled and specialized individuals.

Since most of the students, it is impractical to buy a residence in a place that they will soon be leaving and very disrupting to live in dorms, therefore Dubai never runs out of the options of Villa for rent in Dubai.

What skills can students develop from online learning?

Even though the conversation around online education has persisted for long, it’s only now that it has witnessed a widespread implementation. And why not? There are significant benefits to pursuing your college/university degree online.

Now, you may have chosen an online degree program for its convenience and flexibility – so that you could work alongside and have time for family members when they need you.

What you may not have considered is that when you enrol in an online degree program, it helps you strengthen other fundamental job skills. Every employer seeks these skills in today’s job applicants. These are essential skills that organisations are having a hard time finding even in otherwise qualified candidates.

With that thought, let’s dive in to discuss these skills that you can develop while studying online.

  1. Persistence
Online Classes
Online Classes

Persistence is undoubtedly one of the driving forces to succeed in an online learning system. Students who do well in an online learning environment are the ones who tolerate technical problems, seek help when required, participate every day in class, and persist through the difficulties.

If you want to acquire this skill, set up a study schedule for yourself, and follow it diligently. You will get success with your consistent work.. And this is particularly important after the novelty of going to school online begins to wear off.

  1. Effective time-management skills
Time Management
Time Management

The online learning method allows you to develop time-management skills. Now, most courses are not taught in real-time. There are no set times for classes.

This flexibility is one of the most obvious perks of online learning. It can also be a setback for a student who is unable to stick to a proper study schedule or is not able to submit the all assignment without daily reminders from a teacher.

Proper time-management skills don’t just happen. They have to be nurtured. Once you do, they’ll help you throughout your life. Consider these quick tips below to develop yours:

  • Carefully check the syllabus for each of your courses. Prepare a long-term plan for completing your important academic papers.
  • Create a  list and have fun checking things off as you complete the tasks listed.
  • It takes time to nurture habits, in any case, you’ll gain satisfaction from being efficient and achieving your assignments.
  1. Basic technical skills

Online learners are required to possess basic technical skills to make the most of their lessons. These involve the ability to create a new PowerPoint presentation, using a word processing program, navigate through the online learning platform, and download software.

Most platforms offering online education come with student orientation programs. These help students learn how to use the institution’s learning management system and other online resources, but they generally don’t cover the basics.

If you’re short on basic computer skills, you may want to find an insightful online tutorial to guide you through the process.

You’ll also need to check the online school’s main website for their software and hardware requirements. Make sure your own PC supports those requirements.

  1. Motivation and independence

To be successful, an online student should have the motivation to succeed. Online learning requires self-motivation, independence, responsibility, and some level of maturity. In this case, the questions should ponder over are-

  • Have you thought about your personal reasons for attending school?
  • Are you self-motivated and determined to succeed in school?

There are several worthwhile benefits to work hard and do well in your online education. You might want a higher level of prosperity in your future career. Or maybe you’re seeking a vast range of opportunities available to you with higher education or a higher income.

  1. Effective and appropriate communication skills
communication skills
communication skills

Communication skills are supremely vital in online learning because students must ask for help when they need it. Teachers are willing to support students, but they’re unable to decipher non-verbal cues, like a look of confusion on a student’s face. Follow these tips:

Utilise the tools provided by the school to interact with your teachers. Many schools and programs present different ways for students and/or parents to interact with teachers and staff. These could be via discussion groups, email, phone calls, and even text messaging.

Teachers and staff want you to succeed in your classes and will answer your questions. You may feel awkward to talk to your teachers this way. But if you have their email ids or phone numbers, don’t be shy to use them and communicate.

Also, when communicating with teachers and other school staff, you should write in proper language, grammatically accurate sentences and with a respectful tone.Today’s students have informal writing habits such as writing texts, media posts or blogs.

  1. Reading and writing skills
Reading and Writing skills
Reading and Writing skills

Reading and writing are the most effective ways to participate in an online class. Even though you need to buy a textbook, you can easily get more study material on your computer for study.

In the online learning methods, sometimes tests and quizzes have multiple choice questions, but more often you’ll have to write short or long answers.

If you type less than 25-30 words per minute, you can try using a typing software program which will help you with your online classes.

Parting thoughts,

With the right skill set, you can reap the most benefits out of your online classes. Know how to manage your time efficiently, and how to interact with your fellow learners and teachers, in order to derive more than what you signed up for.

Author bio: Alley John is a visiting faculty for a reputed academic institution in Australia. Alley has acquired his PhD in Statistics from Murdoch University. He firmly advocates the implementation of effective classroom technologies. He’s also an academic expert for MyAssignmenthelp.com and offers MATLAB assignment help to students.

Is CSM certification useful?

The Certified Scrum Master Certification is a super useful credential for the Scrum masters and for those who are looking to kick starts their journey into the scrum world. There are a number of scrum masters who are certified with the CSM qualification that allows individuals a scope through which they are able to ascend into being best scrum masters who are capable of handling scrum projects and teams that are working together to achieve a unified goal. Through the Certified Scrum Master certification, professionals are able to comprehend the fundamentals and the elements of Scrum field and therefore they acquire a sense of project development through practicing Scrum theories, practices and methodologies. There are multiple benefits associated with taking the certified Scrum Master certification and in this paper today we are going to shed some light on the major benefits and advantages of getting certified with the CSM qualification but before that let us first understand the different attributes of CSM certification and later we will discuss regarding the advantages and perks associated with it.

What do Scrum Masters add to the table?

The Scrum Masters are the main change agents that work towards equipping the entire scrum team, team members and the organization so that they are able to adapt to the scrum changes and framework and become able to work for achieving a desired goal and vision for the organization. Scrum Masters are the backbone of the Scrum processes and the entire framework is overlooked by a Scrum Master. Scrum masters play a pivotal role in the entire scrum work and therefore they are integral to project development and management. Scrum Masters are also responsible for enabling a great work culture where the team is allowed to flourish at their own pace hence enabling them to be more productive for the entire organization. The Scrum Masters are often referred to as servant leaders and therefore they are equipped to cater to needs of the team and the team members. They work to take the entire project one step closer to being entirely complete. 

Certified Scrum Master Certification
Certified Scrum Master Certification

In order to become a Scrum Master, the professionals must have at least knowledge of how Scrum works and how the Scrum framework can be utilised in order to accentuate the entire productivity of the team as a whole. There are certain advantages of having a Scrum Master on board and therefore the organizations are highly interested in taking CSM qualified and experienced Scrum Masters. However, if you look at the eligibility criteria for the CSM certification training then there are no such guidelines that state the need for any minimum experience requirement for taking the Certified Scrum Master certification.

Is CSM certification really useful?

Let us consider an example in order to understand it well. So in an interview, there are two desirable prospects for a single position of Scrum master in an organization. One candidate (A) and the other candidate (B). However, they both have different experience duration. Candidate (A) has three years experience but have a CSM certificate and qualification. On the other hand, there is a candidate (B) who has five years of experience but doesn’t have the certification to validate his or her skills in Scrum and Agile. Now the question is who will grab the job?

Scrum Master Certified
Scrum Master Certified
  • The Certified Scrum Master certification allows candidates scope through which they are able to validate their skills in the scrum domain and hence have a better understanding of all the complex theories, principles, practices and methodologies associated with Scrum. This not only adds volume to their entire work portfolio but it acts as an added advantage over the year of experience that they gathered.
  • Another important thing that CSM certification provides is optimum exposure. So the candidates are industry-ready and have the right zeal to do things and achieve goals. They are already framed with a mindset that works for achievement, motivation and leadership. Through the CSM certification, they are able to develop new skills and work on their existing ones to come up as a competent Scrum Master in an organization.
  • Being a Scrum Master also allows you to get access to zillions of opportunities that are going to benefit you in the long run. There is no dearth of possibilities for those who have a CSM certification online and have the certificate through which they are able to authenticate their skills across the globe. 
  • The Certified Scrum Master certification is an internationally recognized credential and therefore it is a valuable certificate among others. It not only opens up ways through which Scrum masters are able to expand their employability rate but it also adds significant substance to your overall work profile.
  • Through the CSM qualification, candidates are able to achieve great work and they have the right and adequate knowledge in the scrum field to be able to provide high-end products that are a real hit among the stakeholders and the product owners.

Get started with the CSM certification training online and grab a chance to begin your journey in Scrum as a Scrum Master.