3 Simple Tricks to Improve Sales during the Festive Season

The holiday season is around the corner, which means more shopping. Sales generally rise during Christmas, and you can make the most of this opportunity by implementing some new and unique sales strategy. Some online vendors increase prices of their goods to earn extra money because people are usually motivated to shop during the festive season despite sensing exorbitant prices.

However, you do not need to do it because it does not engage customers. Further, this strategy is not about to work this season because people are already running out of money. If you want to increase your online sales this Christmas, try to understand the shopping behaviour of your target audience.

During the festive season, you do not need to bust your gut to attract people because they love to shop during the festive season, but you will have to engage them so they buy as much as they can.


Sometimes, customers need only children toys, for instance, but they end up buying two more items other than that. This all depends on your way of pitching your client. This is how you can improve your sales during the holiday season.

Give them a reason to buy

Since it is a festival season, people of all age group will buy. Whether it is clothes or jewellery, you should give them a reason to buy. If your product has a unique speciality, it is itself an excellent reason to invest in your product.

However, it is not possible all the time. For instance, if you are selling kid toys, you can encourage people to buy it only when you offer a hefty discount. Introduce discount policy smartly, so people buy as many products as possible. For instance, some online stores provide benefits in points instead of straightaway discounts on clothes that people can redeem in a period of the next two weeks, for example.

This will encourage your customers to visit your store second time within two weeks, and of course, they will shop more to redeem those points. This is how you can increase sales by smartly offering discounts.

Personalised email newsletters

Personalised Email

Email newsletters are a great way to engage your customers. As the shopping season is up, you can start sending newsletters to your customers to inform them of your grand sale offers along with time and duration. However, make sure that follow-up newsletters are personalised based on their past shopping behaviour.

  • If you have found one of your users having bought cookery items often, send a newsletter about new cookery items along with discount offers.
  • Make sure that the newsletter you are sending to your user justifies their needs. For instance, do not send women apparel newsletters to men’s mail ids. Otherwise, all your effort and resources will go in vain.
  • You can also use personal data of your users to increase sales, for instance, their date of birth. If any of your users have their birthdays during the festive season, drop them an email about an additional 10% discount on any purchase they make if they buy on their birthday.

This kind of gesture makes your users feel that you remember them, and since you are giving them additional privilege, they will surely place an order.

Reward your customers


You may not find it worth, but this is a sweet gesture to ask your customers to revisit and shop from your store. People love shopping, and they will never stop it. If you have some premium customers, you should not hesitate to give them rewards.

To thank them for a visit to your store and shop, you can offer some giveaways, or you can offer them exclusive discounts on their purchases. Giving rewards to your loyal and premium customers will pay you off in the long run.

They will come back and shop. The definition of premium customers varies from person to person. You can filter them based on the total number of visits in a year or the maximum amount of shopping they did throughout the year, or it can be any customer who has been your patron for more than five years.


The festive season is coming, and you can improve your sales by following the tips mentioned above. However, do not forget that you will have to market sale offers to tell people. Run email marketing campaigns, PPC ads, and promote on social networking sites.

The more you advertise your sale offers, the more people will visit. Do not hesitate to invest in marketing even though you do not have enough money because 12-month payday loans can help you tide over. These loans are affordable because you will be paying down the debt in 12 equal monthly instalments.

Description: To improve sales during the festive season, you should reward your customers, give them a reason, and personalise email newsletters.

Brands with heart touching and Inspirational Advertisements

Nowadays, every brand, whether it is known or not, they are making their advertisement to convey the message and ideology of their brand. Brands use advertisements as their main promotional tool as now people also want to see some interesting ideas and concepts in ads. The bigger the brand, the greater will be the people’s expectation.

Some renowned brands like Dell, LG, and Gillette, Oppo, etc. have made some of the best and inspiring advertisements that have motivated people in their real life. So let’s talk about some inspirational and unique advertisement stories.

Top Heart Touching Advertisements

1. Gillette


Gillette is a renowned brand that deals with a product like safety razors and other personal care products that include shaving creams etc. Gillette is also known for making extraordinary advertisement where they show some real and untold stories that inspire so many people.

In one of their advertisement, they have shown the story of an ex Indian soldier that how more soldiers can also cry. This advertisement’s target audience was males as it was believed that real men do not cry; this advertisement was made to break this stereotype. In this advertisement, an ex-soldier tells his own battleground story that he got too many injuries, and he could not shave with a normal blade, but Gillette helped him. This advertisement has been shared by so many people and liked by them.

2. Oppo


Oppo is a huge brand. It is one of the best brands in mobile phones. Oppo always comes with a new idea and concept in terms of its promotional campaign. This time also, Oppo has come with a unique idea with the tag line- #BeTheInfinite this campaign of Oppo tries to show that through dedication, hard work, will, and passion, anyone can achieve their dreams.

For this particular campaign, Oppo has collaborated with former Indian skipper MS Dhoni. The advertisement gives the message that hard work is the key to success. Without the dedication and hard work, Dhoni cannot do all that he has done for the country. This advertisement shows the importance of hard work and dedication.

3. Dell India

Dell India

Dell India is known for its excellent electronic gadgets. Dell India is best known for its excellent production of laptops and customer service. With the festive season around the corner, the brands have come up with offers and deals. Check out the latest Dell India offer and get a massive discount on shopping Dell products.

This time Dell India has come with a new concept where they are showing some celebrities that how they have struggled to get work recognized just like dell work on it every part very keenly. In the advertisement, Nawazuddin Siddiqui shares his story about how he has worked on acting skills and how focused he was on his works. This story of Nawazuddin Siddiqui has inspired so many youngest for doing hard work.

4. Nescafe


Nescafe is a trendy brand. People remember Nescafe for its coffee product and their unique idea and concept every time Nescafe comes with some unique stories. Last time it showed the story of an RJ whose name was RJ Rishi, who started doing stand-up comedy. He used to stutter whenever he used to start speaking. RJ Rishi shared his story and bad experiences so that others can also get inspired and motivated.

Nescafe decided to help Rishi to overcome his problem and helped him get energized. This Nescafe advertisement crossed one million views with their emotional appeal. This advertisement successfully conveyed the message that Nescafe wanted to do. The basic ideology behind this Nescafe campaign was to show that nothing can stop you, one needs courage and confidence and can achieve anything in this world.  

5. Times of India

Times of India

Among all the incredible and inspiring advertisement made by a different brand like Cosmetic brands, cold drink brands, etc. This time there is something new that has to happen the ad we are talking about is of a very renowned and trusted Newspaper that is Times of India. The ideology behind the advertisement is a single person can also make a difference with his or her courage and thought.

In this particular advertisement, a short story is shown where a small Schoolboy inspires the public to handle the situation. When the whole traffic was blocked because of a fallen tree, and everyone blamed the authorities, the small boy tried to push that tree just to make a difference. The tag line of the advertisement was Union is Strength.

6. Incredible India

Incredible India

India is a country that attracts millions of tourists every year in our country because of its beauty and welcoming nature. To increase the number of tourists in our country, the ministry of Tourism Department of India started a new campaign with a different thought of Atithi Devo Bhava’s theme to show how incredible our country India is.

Atithi Devo Bhava‘ is a social awareness campaign for India’s people, which shows that we need to take care of the tourist who are visiting our country to see our culture and heritage. This campaign is for the people who are mainly responsible for guiding the tourists in our country, for example, taxi drivers, guides, immigration officers, police, public, and other personnel who interact with the tourist people directly daily.

In that advertisement, Aamir Khan saves two of the tourist people from a local goon and explains to them India’s culture, saying Atithi Devo Bhava, which means Guests are like a god and should treat them like one.


There so many brands that have come up with advertisements with inspiring real stories. In this blog, we have listed some of the best advertisements in our country with millions of viewership. These advertisements have successfully conveyed the message and ideology of their campaign with advertisements’ help without making it too difficult.

A Guide to Bulk SMS

A Guide on Everything You Have To Know About Bulk SMS!

In a highly competitive business environment, it is necessary to use the right marketing tool to reach the targeted audience and fulfills their needs. While plenty of new and advanced marketing tools and techniques have been used, people still want to make use of SMS marketing. SMS marketing is the most trusted and beneficial option throughout the country to reach the maximum number of people in a short time and get the desired ROI.

With the short and precise SMS, you can be able to expand your business easily and quickly. As your targeted market and audience are just a click away, there is nothing to worry about. Currently, text messaging is the most affordable and effective tool to make any service and product. Do you know that almost 90% of people in the world open the text message within three minutes of delivery?

This fact tells you the value and importance of SMS marketing in the digital age. It also renders the best response rate for all kinds of businesses. In SMS marketing, Bulk SMS plays a major role because it helps all the businesses equally and according to expectations. In this post, you are going to see more about this tool. It is really helpful for those who get into the marketing domain.

Bulk SMS Marketing
Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS: What is it?

This is an effective and useful marketing channel. It must be a major part of any mobile marketing strategy. It is because it helps you to achieve real success in the mobile world. Whenever you speak about mobile marketing, it is important to give special attention to SMS marketing. So far, SMS has proved to be one of the effective and efficient marketing as well as sales tools. 

Actually, bulk SMS is the technique for sending huge SMS quantities at a huge database from the online platform. This technique is useful for all the industries, especially those who want to send internal bulk notifications to the staff and send the marketing promotions and campaigns to all the customers simultaneously. 

Even though many marketers think that SMS marketing is dead, it is still alive. It builds a strong bridge to connect every business with their customers on a personal level. Of course, social media, web, and print are the rewarding mediums in getting whatever you want. However, bulk SMS messaging is the best and instant platform requiring a few barriers to obtain your customers’ details. 

If you want to put your business into the growing community, use this marketing technique to make your business extremely mobile-friendly. Scroll down the page to know more details about this marketing technique. 

SMS Text Marketing
SMS Text Marketing

Purpose of the bulk SMS messaging

As said before, 90% of people read the message within three minutes of delivery. It increases the readability chance hugely. Both B2C and B2B businesses enjoy more benefits from bulk SMS messaging. It is also ideal for the public sector, commercial, and third-sector brands and companies. It enhances customer engagement, delivers notifications to audiences instantly, and products services and products. 

You can consider it as the targeted communication platform because it comes with measurable ROI. As long as you tend to provide a message, either personal or value-adding, add call-to-action for the best response from the targeted market. The chance of getting a bad name for your business is extremely high, with invasive messaging without the customer’s consent. 

If you really want to stay out of this issue, send the message to the people who are requested to receive your brand’s updates. It ensures that you render the SMS service to your customers to make them avail of your service. This technique is designed to enable you to send and receive SMS from any service or site with API or any contact across the world. Help your business to create future targeted campaigns for the best customer experience with the analytics. 

Bulk SMS Text Marketing
Bulk SMS Text Marketing

Common uses of the bulk SMS messaging

Take a look at the major uses of bulk SMS messaging. It helps you to determine whether to include these marketing tactics for your business growth.

  • SMS newsletters
  • Entertainment
  • All kinds of different text messages including Transactional  SMS
  • Alters and reminders
  • Mass SMS advertising
  • Safety checks
  • Product information
  • News

Healthcare providers, travel agencies, banks, media outlets, airlines, retailers, and large consumer sites are accessing the bulk SMS software to enjoy huge benefits.

How businesses access bulk SMS?

A few examples are mentioned below to understand how bulk SMS values add more value to your customer’s interaction and allow them to use your service or product.

  • At present, customers are on the move, and therefore, they require reliable and quick information from the services and businesses they interact with. With bulk SMS, businesses are now sending quick reminders. It enhances the customer’s perception of your firm.
  • Likewise, it helps the business to keep its loyal customers up-to-date, fulfill their needs, and lets them feel important. It is also used to boost the sales of new services and products.
  • Whenever there is an issue, you can alert your customers by sending the alert message. It creates a direct impact on the clients and allows them to avoid possible inconveniences.

Now, you understand that bulk SMS is not a single service limited to the specific business. Almost all the companies make use of this marketing technique and reach the potential height they want. Most importantly, it helps you build a strong communication line with your customers and clients without putting more effort.

It is always better to join hands with the reliable SMS company because they know much about bulk SMS messaging and the exact way to integrate with your business to reap possible benefits. Check the credibility, services offered, use of CTA features, tracking and optimizing campaign, and SMS personalization before hiring someone! It allows getting the best service of the best Bulk SMS Company Delhi and fulfilling your expectations without putting more effort and time.