Which is the best cake shop in Faridabad?

Cakes are such heaven made gifts for all your celebrations. Tell me if i am wrong. Everyone will agree with me on this point right. Those soft and fluffy cakes can make your party special and much more fun. Faridabad city is fully blessed with fresh air, big spaces, eye caching greens and has become a great hub for cake lovers. We all love to order a cake but choosing the best bakery is a real tough job. 
If you are seriously seeking the best reliable online cake shop in Faridabad. FaridabadCake is the place to order a delicious cake for all your loved ones.

Explore the delicious flavors

Do you know what you don’t need to have birthday or anniversary parties to eat a cake? Every time is a perfect time to eat yummy cake. Faridabadcake is all set to celebrate your professional or personal milestones. FaridabadCake’s decorated cakes, designer cakes, theme cakes, flavored cakes and more dipped with delicious flavors like white forest cake, black forest, butterscotch cakes, red velvet cakes, fruit cakes, pineapple cakes, vanilla, strawberry, and more flavors are delightful in taste like they look. 

Either if you are looking to order for an event like a friends birthday party or family get-together, weddings, birthdays just visit their site and get your cake to your home within your budget. For all those vegetarians, FaridabadCake offers 100% eggless cakes. So your vegetarian party will be fully completed with tasty cakes

Surprise your people with FaridabadCake delivery services


We all like to surprise your people at their special events. But not everyone specialized in surprising people. We could be easily caught in the middle of the act. Cakes are the best way to surprise people at their special events. From birthdays to get-togethers, anniversaries, festivals people celebrating with cakes. Because cake works like a best treat and a perfect gift. You just need to place an order for your favorite cake and select the address to which your cake needs to be delivered. That’s all FaridabadCake will be packed up to surprise your people

  • Same delivery service in Faridabad

You may forget your people’s special day until the day arrives. When the day arrives you will pick the cake that is available at that time and ends up with a normal cake because you don’t have many options to pick from. But with FaridabadCake you can easily get your cake on the same day. So no disappointments only happines.

  • Midnight cake delivery service

World celebrates anniversaries and birthdays on a certain day but at FaridabadCake they let you celebrate your event at midnight when the clock hits 12. It could be the best time for surprising your people. If your people living across Faridabad surprise them. with your delicious treat by using the midnight delivery service by FaridabadCake. 

Special combo service

FaridabadCake also offers personalized gifts such as greeting cards, gorgeous flower bouquets, chocolates, and more along with your cake. Their trustable and skilled bakers come together to make FaridabadCake serve the finest cakes across Faridabad. FaridabadCake is always the best place to surprise your loved ones.

Tips for Creating an Outsourcing Strategy

As your business grows, you will likely feel about outsourcing some of your services. It becomes hard to focus on all activities of business simultaneously. As an entrepreneur, you would like to concentrate on core activities to ensure that your business keeps running and stays ahead of your competitors. You don’t need to outsource some of your business activities only when you are running a big company.

Even if you are a sole proprietor or running a small business, you may not have enough time left to focus on all activities. Remember that you cannot leave a task unattended because it will hamper the growth of your business. Before you outsource, you will have to identify whether this is the right time to do so. The most common reasons why you will need to outsource your business activities are:

  • you want to lower down the cost
  • you want to expand to new market areas
  • you want to free up resources
  • you want to improve productivity

Once you have identified the reason for outsourcing, the next step is to create an outsourcing strategy.

Choose the task to outsource

Outsource or Hire

As an entrepreneur, you cannot be an expert at every task. Further, if you hire staff for each activity, you will not only be spending a lot of money, but you will be struggling to manage everything. Most of the small enterprises end up taking out provident loans to survive after having blocked all monetary resources. By outsourcing some of your activities, you can save on operation costs.

For instance, you can save on payroll and will be able to run your business from a small office space. There are several activities you can outsource like customer support, IT, recruitment, and the like. Identify which of the service you should outsource, estimate how it can benefit you, how much money you will save by doing so, and how it will affect the overall productivity of your business.

Search for outsourcing agencies

Outsourcing Agencies

Various outsourcing agencies are out there, and all of them have a different specialized area. Contact other outsourcing agencies and ask them about their expertise. One of the most significant benefits of outsourcing is you can gain an advantage from their experience. Do not forget to ask cost and compare it with other agencies in the same expertise.

Further, you should also compare the cost with the estimation you get in case you decide not to outsource. Make sure that the outsourcing cost is not more than otherwise. Do not clinch a deal just because it is cheaper. Make sure that you have spoken to other clients of the outsourcing company. Ask them if they are satisfied with their services. Read online reviews to know what people say about their work.

Assess the outsourcing risk

Outsourcing Risk

Outsourcing can undoubtedly help you save a ton of money, but there is no point in doing it if you can get it done with your existing in-house staff. For instance, if you do not have a large customer base for handling queries, emails, and phone calls, you can assign this responsibility to your in-house staff. However, if you have to spend money on training new staff and on space to fit all of them, outsourcing will be a cost-effective solution.

Do not forget to evaluate other risks associated with outsourcing agencies. You must choose a company that meets your quality expectations. You are outsourcing one of your business activities, and that will have a direct impact on your business. If they do not handle responsibility professionally, it will hamper your business.

For instance, if you have outsourced your payroll department, it is their responsibility to shortlist skilled candidates, so you close the hiring process as soon as possible. Before you sign the contract, make sure that the outsourcing company will have all skills to meet your expectations. Make a list of must-have qualities. Try to communicate quality standards in writing, so both of you are on the same page.

Avoid being locked


When you find an outsourcing company better than others, you can be tempted to sign the agreement very soon. However, do not forget that nothing is permanent. Sometimes they may compromise with their quality because of being loaded with multiple projects.

In such a scenario, you would like to terminate the contract and enter into with other outsourcing companies. Before you sign the contract, make sure that your agreement allows you to exit anytime without bearing any penalty. 

Outsourcing can help you save a lot of money, but outsource your business activities only when you feel its need. Sometimes you are not able to focus on everything just because you are not organized. Make sure that this is not the reason for outsourcing your business activities. While outsourcing, bear the points mentioned above in your mind.

Description: To create an outsourcing strategy, make sure that you have identified the reason, researched the market, and assessed the risk.

FastComet and Black Friday Deals 2020

FastComet is an American hosting company founded in 2013, its main business is providing domain name and virtual hosting.

 After 7 years of rapid development, it has become a very good hosting company. With more 50,000 customers Fastcomet is one of the most trustworthy hosting providers.

Since it’s November and Black Friday is all set to drive you crazy with its amazing deals on Web Hosting.

Here in this article, I have mentioned about the Fastcomet Black Friday deals and everything you should know about Fastcomet.

So here we go!

Why Choose FastComet Solution as Cheap Linux Hosting?

FastComet is the best manageable dedicated virtual host. FastComet provides fast domain name migration services, and the installation of website building programs is also very simple.

FastComet is undoubtedly the leader in manageable dedicated virtual hosting with fast speed, high efficiency and good reputation.

In addition, FastComet is also among the best in terms of regular running time and ultra-high-speed loading times. The stable speed and abundant development tools make FastComet an ideal virtual host for building websites.

FastComet offers three main types of hosting: shared, cloud VPS and dedicated CPU servers. This hosting provider’s cheapest plan starts at $ 2.95 when you use a discount code.

What really sets FastComet apart from its competitors is your renewal price will be the same price you signed up for initially, which isn’t the case with most hosting providers.

Upcoming Black Friday Web Hosting and Domain Deals 2020

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

Black Friday is creating fizz. I must tell you that you will be encountering stunning Web Hosting and Domain Deals 2020 which you will not be able to refuse.

There will be huge discounts that will leave your mouth wide open. There is up to 75% off on Fastcomet when you sign up with a coupon code.

There are other crazy deals which are:

  • A2 Hosting (67% OFF)
  • HostGator (80% OFF)
  • SiteGround (75% OFF)
  • BlueHost (75% OFF)
  • LiquidWeb (66% OFF)
  • CloudWays (40% OFF)
  • FactComet (30% OFF)
  • Kinsta (30% OFF)
  • WPX Hosting (95% OFF or 3 Months Free)
  • FlyWheel (35% OFF)
  • NameCheap (98% OFF)

After seeing such offers I don’t think you will be able to control your excitement. So, what are you waiting for! Get ready to buy the best hosting plans this Black Friday.


Plans and Pricing

Fastcomet is known for its transparent prices and no additional renewal cost. It has three types of Plans: FastCloud, Fastcloud Plus and FastCloud Extra.

FastCloud host:

  • Price: $2.95/mo
  • Hard Disk: 15G SSD
  • Flow rate: 30G
  • Build a website: a website (including MySQL, FTP, mailbox, etc.)
  • Free domain transfer for one year (com/net/org)
  • Panel: CPanel

FastCloud Plus:

  • Price: $4.45/mo
  • Hard Disk: 25G SSD
  • Flow rate: 60G
  • Website construction: unlimited (including MySQL, FTP, mailbox, etc.)
  • Free domain transfer for one year (com/net/org)
  • Panel: Cpanel

FastCloud Extra

  • Price: $5.95/mo
  • Hard Disk: 35GB SSD
  • Rocket booster
  • Website Construction: Unlimited
  • Panel: Cpanel


Promo Code



FastComet is a relatively young company that is not only transparent in its prices but also in the additional services. Some of its noteworthy features are compiled below-

 1. Super uptime

This is one of the most exclusive features that make Fastcomet stand out in the crowd. The uptime that Fastcomet provides is highly impressive. Even in the worst of the situation, the uptime will not go below 99.9%.

2. Customer service responds quickly

Another important feature is that they provide a fast and friendly service, which is unmatched by most other companies.

Many other hosting providers also have online chat options, in most of the cases you do not know whether the other party is a machine or a human, and you can get very little help. But this is not the case with FastComet.

3. Longer money-back guarantee than other hosting providers

After purchasing the FastComet host, if you are dissatisfied by their services then FastComet also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. So you can purchase services with peace of mind, and then test their hosts more comprehensively.

4. Daily free data backup

Website Backup
Website Backup

Any webmaster who has ever had a website knows that data backup is essential. If you don’t back up your data and one day the database is damaged, the hard disk is damaged or the data is hacked, all the data will be lost, it will be a devastating blow to the personal webmaster.

However, in the process of using FastComet host, we don’t have to worry too much about data backup. Because FastComet provides users with free data backup every day.

This is basically impossible for some other host companies of the same price to help you.

Secondly, these data backed up daily will be stored for up to 30 days. In this way, the risk of data loss is further reduced. If necessary, the website also provides a one-click data recovery option to help us restore the website to the old version. These operations are really great and save the webmaster a lot of time.

 5. Provide Cloudflare CDN acceleration service for free

Nowadays, there are many CDN providers, and the prices are getting cheaper. But if we want to use a free CDN, such as Cloudflare, we have to register an account, and then set up the website to Cloudflare to configure the CDN.

However, FastComet does all this for you. After you create your website, FastComet directly helps you introduce your site to Cloudflare’s free CDN.

6. Free website migration

If you have already set up a site on another service provider, FastComet will help you move it to their service for free. If you want to migrate your website to FastComet, then the FastComet team will help you with a free migration operation. They use some wizard tools to intelligently help you migrate your website without additional costs.

7. Free domain name for life

In the process of purchasing FastComet, the option of registering a domain name will be provided. After the registration is successful, you can use the domain name for free for life.

It is difficult for other hosting companies to do this. Many other host companies may let you use it for free in the first year, or let you use it at a cheaper price in the first year, but will renew it at a high price in the second year. Fastcomet excels in this too.

8. Honest and transparent prices

If you visit their website now, FastComet’s pricing will be as follows: StartSmart: $2.95 per month ScaleRight: $5.95 per month SpeedUp: $9.95 per month Many other host companies will also use such low prices to attract you from the beginning.

However, after the service expires, if you plan to renew, many hosting companies will take the opportunity to raise the price. Compared with the first year, host renewal may double or triple the cost.

Many users feel that migrating websites is a hassle, these speculative hosting companies have captured the user’s psychology.

However, the price for the renewal of FastComet still remains the same.FastComet ensures that the user’s renewal price is fixed so that we can enjoy the same price as the day of registration.


Data Center

There are 11 big data centres. Among them, the main computer room is in Tokyo, Japan. The locations are

  • Chicago – The United States (USA);
  • Dallas – The United States (USA);
  • Newark – The United States (USA);
  • Toronto – Canada (CA);
  • London – England (UK);
  • Amsterdam – Netherlands (NL);
  • Frankfurt – Germany (DE);
  • Singapore – Singapore (SG);
  • Tokyo – Japan (JP);
  • Mumbai – India (IN);
  • Sydney – Australia (AU).


This is the major concern when you are looking for the best Hosting Provider. Well, Fastcomet is known for its fast and reliable customer support. Fastcomet offers 24/7 customer support, if you face any query then you can contact them via online chat or through tickets and they will resolve your problem as soon as possible.



  • FastComet has eight data centres around the world. You can choose the location of your server while subscribing as per your requirement.
  • You get a free domain name for the duration of your plan (and not just for the first year, unlike many other web hosts).
  • The plans are packed with additional features, including Cloudflare CDN caching to boost your website load, malware removal, a firewall as well as brute force and spam protection.
  • You will get RocketBooster, a proprietary system that guarantees the performance of your shared hosting plan.
  • With FastComet, renewal prices are fixed, which means that no significant price increases will apply after your initial period.


  • Proprietary CDN is sometimes not easy to use

Final Verdict on Black Friday Deals 2020

Guys Black Friday is waiting around the corner with mind-blowing deals and crazy discounts. You have already seen the astounding services Fastcomet proffers in the above article. 

So, if you want to upgrade your website or buy any hosting plan then I must say Fastcomet Black Friday deals will give you an amazing opportunity.

So, just find the appropriate web Hosting Plan and give your website an extra top-up.

Types of Air Plants

Enhance your knowledge about the types of air plants

People can do ornamentation of their places with the help of air plants which can grow without soil, so these are versatile as you can even place them in any form. Many people are not aware of air plants and often get surprised when they see or hear about these plants for the first time. You can even hang some air plants upside down but you should try to avoid using glue which can damage the foliage of the leaves with the help of which they absorb nutrients from the air. You can apply glue on the dry roots of the plant only if it is plant-based glue, not the common glue. There are many ways by which these can be used for the beautification of the house. However, before having air plants in your home which you can buy online while doing online shopping for plantsyou should have knowledge about different kinds of air plants so that you can take care of them accordingly. Here is the list of some common types of tillandsias.

Tillandsia tectorum

Tillandsia Tectorum
Tillandsia Tectorum

Tillandsia tectorum are the natives of arid places where they grow under sunlight and with less water, so these should not be watered by misting them two to three times a week depending upon the climate of your area and you should not soak them for several hours in water which is done for other air plants. These look beautiful because of their light colors. If you place this air plant in a shady area, then this will stop growing. Thus, you should take care of all these things if you have a tillandsia tectorum.

Tillandsia ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha
Tillandsia Ionantha

Due to its purple flowers, tillandsia ionantha has its name. It is a small plant that should be watered like any other air plant that is by spraying water on them or soaking them for one hour in water. If you are soaking this air plant in water then you should not soak it for more than one hour because this can rot the plant. After soaking, you should make sure that there should not be any excess water on the leaves which can also rot the plant, so you can dry out with the help of air. All these things are not so hard to do which are crucial for the care of your air plants, so these are comparatively easy maintenance plants than other plants.

Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica
Tillandsia Xerographica

Tillandsia Xerographica grows in semi-arid locations and can tolerate drought-like situations. This plant is grey in color and has curly leaves which can be curlier when you give less water to the plant. Owing to its beauty it is also known as the queen of grey air plants, so you should definitely have this plant which you can do by getting delivery of online indoor plants. For watering, you can mist the plant or soak in water for two minutes which can be done two to three times a week. This air plant can look pretty amazing if placed in a beautiful glass vase.

Tillandsia caput medusae

Medusae was a creature with lots of snakes on its head according to Greek mythology and the plant got this name because of this reason that it looks like that creature. You can buy his plant as you could have plants of different designs. This medium-sized plant is a drought-tolerant plant and can be placed under bright light. It bears long flowers of pink color.

Tillandsia bulbosa

Dark green color of tillandsia bulbosa depicts that it grows in shady areas and high humidity, so this should not be placed under direct sunlight. This plant does not react to gravity, so you can place it upside down as well. It can have red and purple colored flowers. This plant grows in cool areas, so you should soak this air plant in water for more time than other kinds of air plants that can be for more than one hour but excess water should be removed after taking the plant out of water otherwise it can rot the plant.

Tillandsia stricta

Tillandsia stricta can be having green leaves or very dark green leaves. Some plants of tillandsia stricta can have hard leaves. It can have flowers in pink.

Tillandsia straminea

Tillandsia straminea has long leaves which bend down when the plant is weak. This grey colored air plant needs some hours of sunlight and can survive without water for so long but you definitely mist the plant for its healthy growth.

Apart from above mentioned species, tillandsia Plagiotropica, tillandsia Guelzii, tillandsia Baileyi. tillandsia circinata, tillandsia magnusiana, etc which you can also grow in your house and can make your place more attractive.