OpenCV or Open source Computer Vision Library is the open source is a machine learning software library. It provides a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and to speed up the usage of machine in the commercial products. In this article, we will learn how to install OpenCV Python on Windows.


OpenCV is a Python library. It has about 2500 optimized algorithms and it constitutes an encircling set of classic and modern computer vision and machine learning algorithms. OpenCV makes it so effortless for the businesses to optimize the code. It is used inclusively in business groups, companies, and government bodies. It has a larger community of more than 47 million people.


  • Building GUI – High GUI exclusively provided by OpenCV helps to manage all the high level user interface operations.
  • Video Analysis – The module named video helps to cross check motion in two successive frames in a video.
  • 3D reconstruction – The module calib3d in OpenCV helps to reconstruct 3D visuals using 2D objects.
  • Feature extraction – The module, bioinspired by OpenCV offers algorithms to computer vision models that are inspired biologically.
  • Object detection – The modules  namely objdetect and xobjdetect which offers an outline to design an object detector.
  • Machine learning – The module ml consists of many machine learning algorithms.
  • Computational photography – The modules photo and xphoto includes the algorithms required for computational photography.
  • Shape Analysis – The module shape offered by OpenCV offers algorithms for extracting shapes.
  • Optical flow algorithm – The module optflow helps to do optical flow.
  • Face and object recognition – The module face emphasises on face recognition.
  • Surface matching – The module surface matching constitute the algorithm for 3D face recognition and pose detection using 3D features.


You have to follow the steps given below to install OpenCV in your system.

  • Open command prompt
  • Run the following command
  • Pip install OpenCV- Python
  • Successfully installed OpenCV in your system

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