13 Best Social Media Marketing Tips!

Social media has become a vital part of our lives personally and professionally. It came slowly and then suddenly became an important part. It has paved the way businesses invest in marketing today. As now it requires a well-thought Social media strategy, an eye-catching campaign, selling content to grow a large audience for your brand. Some of the best Social Media Optimization Tips are:

1# Create a killer social media strategy to engage the audience

If you aren’t aware of what you want, how will you achieve it?
Not to mention, if you don’t have strong goals, you can’t measure or develop strategies over time.

Always write down what you want to achieve and your desired goals.

2#   Do good research and learn about your Audience

Research Social Media
Research Social Media

If you want to make money, connecting and interacting with your audience is essential for marketing today. You have to know your audience from inside out in order to play your game wisely.

For a successful social media strategy, you should focus on their needs and desires. Interaction on a their personal level and relatable content can make them feel attached to your brand.

3# Curate eye-catching social media content

Everything you do on social media should be overlooked. If you only publish something regardless of the quality of content, you are wrong. Based on the social networks you post, you need to understand the various uses of each network.

  • LinkedIn– A professional network building website very useful for your business.
  • Facebook- Everybody has a Facebook account, particularly useful for news/entertainment-related content. Facebook Group is a very good option to connect with your audience.
  • Instagram– Static postsand short videos are great to engage people, but they can’t drive traffic back to your blog. If your content has a high visual effect, it is perfect.
  • Pinterest – In comparison to Instagram, Pinterest is very visual. The only issue is that it is only limited to static images, but it drives traffic back to your blog.

You just need to figure out the right words to craft quirky copies for your social media and you are out there!

4# Make video content very frequently


Unless you live under a rock, you must be aware of the power of video content, especially in social media marketing. Therefore, if you have not done this, it’s high time to join this trend!

Real-time video (such as Facebook real-time video) now seems to be all the rage.

Facebook live video helps you connect with your audience, which other content formats might not. People participate by asking questions. So you can interact with them during and after the live video, showing them that you are more than just a brand.

5# Create aesthetics for your social media feeds

Creating amazing pictures for your social media should be on utmost priority.

 You can easily use tools like Canva to create eye-catching images to attract viewers. People always remember what they see so try to engage them with pretty visuals.

Create beautiful and eye-catching pictures and make the cohesive with your brand!

6#  Run social media contests to maintain your brand image

Creating a selling social media contest is one of the smartest strategies you can use. It will increase your online visibility, followers, and engagement. You can use many social contest tools to create great giveaways or sweepstakes.

The major key to a successful social media strategy is to provide great value. Something that the audience cannot resist.

7#  Always measure your results of the success of a particular strategy


End the loop by keeping the results reaching the goals you set and seeing the comparison between them. Otherwise, you will not know which strategy has worked and which has failed. Always check your followers, likes, comments, shares, clicks, downloads, etc.

It all boils down to leads. Ultimately, successful social media marketing will increase the number of qualified potential customers for the company. This is the indicator that tells you the best effort. Be patient. Even if the content is good and consistent, it takes time to develop strangers into potential customers. However, if done right, they will eventually trickle in.

8#  Make use of Twitter to test your content ideas

Most marketers use Twitter heavily as a promotional tool for their content marketing plans, but few people will use the power of Twitter to take advantage of potential hot topics before sitting down to produce content.

Twitter can be used as a powerful “content lab” where you can test how popular a piece of content might be, or measure interest in subject areas that differ greatly from your usual editorial focus.

9#  Make a Facebook group grow your brand image

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups

Benefits of making a Facebook group:

  • Increases website traffic
  • Interact with the audience in a real way
  • Create your email list
  • Grow your business and make more money
  • Establishing a Facebook group is a top-notch strategy to level up all social media marketing programs.

10# Promoting is the most important factor for your business

You can create breath-taking high-quality content on the web but if no one is following it, you won’t see the results. That is where promotion is beneficial.

Automation tools are essential that you use for the social media platforms. This will increase the number of people who have access to your content and also help to increase your website traffic. Creating diverse content for social media is important obviously, but don’t neglect the fact that the promotion process is necessary too.

11# Always keep up with the latest trends and strategies and use them to create engaging content

Engaging Content
Engaging Content

In social media marketing, maintaining a leading position is essential.

It changes quite often, and the algorithm also changes in the middle. Be aware of what’s going on around you and what are the new social media changes. This includes reading current statistics about the social platforms you use as well as general social media statistics.

12# Stay focused on the marketing tips you follow and the results will show

Indicators will show where you have been, and also where you need to go. Companies need to take collected metrics and use them to convey their information.

  • Will one content bring more participation?
  • Is there some form of a post that attracts more attention on certain days or at certain times of the day?
  • Is content better on one platform than another?

Use this data to edit and adjust the strategy. You will see greater results from your Social media marketing efforts.

13#  Remarket in your paid social media campaigns

Remarketing is one of the most effective techniques you can use on Facebook, it becomes even more effective. By remarketing to your customers on social networks, you definitely increase the chances of customers. Even if they don’t, increasing brand awareness is still worth the investment, so you must remarket on Facebook.

SEO tips for YouTube Videos

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to create web content that will rank high in search engine result pages. Just like websites, YouTube channels can also use this tool to increase their viewership and grow following base.

SEO for YouTube videos is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists, and channel to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results for a given in search query. It involves optimizing keywords, metadata, description channel, and videos. YouTube has an algorithm that they run all the content through to determine what the best videos would be to recommend to somebody.

SEO YouTube
SEO YouTube

Factors on what the YouTube videos are ranked are:

  • Video Title.
  • Description of the video
  • Video content matches the viewer’s query.

These are the main factors on which YouTube ranks the videos. So it is crucial to understand how to optimize your YouTube videos appear at the top in the search result pages using SEO services.

8 simple SEO tips for YouTube videos

Video title

YouTube Video Title
YouTube Video Title

The title of your video is the first thing that attracts the viewer’s attention. If your video title is catchy, then the user might check out your video. A video title must generate curiosity. Using catchy phrases in the title interests the viewer and can increase the viewership. There are many competitors in the same platform who make the same kind of video content, so adding a unique title makes your video stand out among them.


YouTube Channel Keywords
YouTube Channel Keywords

Keywords are the key phrases that users enter when they search for something on the search engine. Keywords matter in your title & description. Anything concerning SEO all comes down to the keywords and keywords that you can rank for it. Match the search intent for the viewer category. Avoid keyword stuffing as it might hack the system. The search query should match your keywords. For example, if your video is about baking recipes, then your keywords should include keywords like baking, bake, cake, oven, etc. so that it matches with user’s query who is looking for the same.


YouTube Video Description
YouTube Video Description

The description on YouTube videos should include a description of your videos. It should be at least 250 words. With detailed description search engines, Google and YouTube understand what your video is all about. Use the keywords in the description at least 3 to 4 times. It helps YouTube to learn about your video and its content and show it in the relevant search results.  The better YouTube understands your video, the more it will appear in the search results. Using detailed descriptions ultimately helps your video to get a higher ranking.


To gain more audience for your video, promote your videos on different websites. Promote your videos on the sites that are relevant to your video’s content. The people looking for information on those websites will be drawn to your videos to get more information on the same topic. This kind of promotion can be on Q&A sites, where people usually look for answers to their questions on any topic. Another way to promote your YouTube videos is by using social media platforms, posting half videos on social media platforms, and provide a link to full video in comments or posts that can increase viewership. You can also promote your videos in email signatures. If you send emails regularly, embed a link to your videos in them. Promotion on blog posts can also create viewership on your videos.

Add tags

Tags YouTube Videos
Tags YouTube Videos

Tags may sound unimportant but matter a lot in increasing viewership. Using the tags related to your video and also the competitor’s video can help your video to appear in the suggestions. When a user is watching a video, your video gets a chance of showing up in the suggestions sections. A user always looks for similar suggested videos if he needs more information on the same topic. By using more video tags, you can always take place in suggestions. It also helps YouTube to understand your video’s content and shows it to the users.

Engage your viewers

Engage YouTube Viewers
Engage YouTube Viewers

It is not only the content in the videos and the keywords that matter to gain more viewership. Most of the viewers don’t watch the videos until the end, so ask for comments, likes, and share initially. Ask for suggestions in the comment section and also ask for queries and reply to them.

 If you respond to the comment section, then it boosts engagement. It not only lifts engagement but also helps you understand your audience and what it wants to see. If you make videos keeping in mind your viewers’ preferences, then it boosts engagement and increases your viewership.

Use subtitles and closed captions

Video Subtitles
Video Subtitles

Subtitles are also called close captions. Adding subtitles or closed captions in the videos can also help search engines to identify and optimize your videos. These closed captions also give access to viewers that are deaf or have hearing imparity. Viewers can also watch such videos in a quiet place.  It makes the videos understandable even without any audio and creates more viewership.

Video Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail
Video Thumbnail

Video thumbnails are the reduced-size versions of the images or videos which exemplify the large content of the video. It is a snapshot of your video which appears on your video when the viewer’s browsing through YouTube. The thumbnail is generated automatically by YouTube if you don’t create one. You can create your thumbnail that can attract viewers’ attention. Make a compelling thumbnail that draws the attention of its viewers as it plays a vital role in increasing the click-through rate.


SEO ensures your presence on YouTube. By following these simple tips and optimizing your videos, you can gain more viewership. The most important and yet the most challenging part of YouTube SEO is the viewers’ engagement. To create engagement and get ranked in the top on search results pages, you can use these tips and monitor the results. YouTube SEO optimizes your channel, playlist, keywords, and description and helps your videos to rank in top position.

Preparing For 2021: 5 SEO Advice You Shall Ignore

2020 has all been about COVID-19, so it’s no surprise that businesses might be thinking to start forming their digital marketing strategy for 2021.

SEO is that part of digital marketing which can be relatively well planned, but it also comes with the limitless advice and options. This does make professionals wonder that while preparing for 2021, what are the top SEO advice they shall ignore.

For SEO, digital marketers & content marketers are always working hard for reaching the top rank. So is there a simple way to reach the top rank? Achieving the milestones like snippets, first page ranks, quality link building, and other such can surely result promisingly. But the destination also demands being free of myths, misconceptions, and other synonyms that add up to ‘SEO Advice You Shall Ignore!’

1.     There Is No Need for Fresh Content

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

This one point has enough power to drain down all your marketing efforts for years.

Currently, for increasing the quantity of posts, there’s a method of revamping the old ones or resharing the old ones. This does add to the website’s traffic in the short term, but it won’t improve the ranking in the long-term.

So if anyone tries to convince you that there is no need for fresh content to rank up your website, it will always be the SEO advice you shall ignore. Google actually responds favourably to new and fresh content.

Instead, you shall invest your time and efforts in maintaining the consistency and posting new and fresh content regularly. New content will have fresh keywords, anecdotes of the current trends, and more.

If you think that your particular piece of old content still has a lot to offer, like ‘5 Bad Tips For SEO in 2015’, you can turn it around for ‘5 Bad Tips For SEO in 2019’ with new keywords and changing the relevant tips.

2.     Internal Link Structure Should Be Taken Seriously

Link Structure

A website already takes lots of effort and time to build, and such obvious mistakes like poor interlink structure make all that effort go to drain.

It is acceptable and correctable if you encounter some basic internal linking errors like producing a few duplicate links. But a problem like mass duplicate content or an internal linking structure like vastly overlooked functions in your UX and SEO can be termed as a blunder.

The reason why this is a point in SEO advice you shall ignore is that it:

  • Provides a direct way to conversion pages (schedule a meeting, contact us, or more)
  • Spreads the authority to pages that sometimes remain ignored/hidden in your site.
  • This keeps on making the user jump to new pages and learn more about you.
  • Organizes web pages categorically by keyword-optimized anchor text.
  • Communicates your important web pages to search engine crawlers.

Here is a general thumb rule for you, ‘No webpage of your website shall be more than two clicks away from a call-to-action landing page or the homepage. So keep the internal linking structure as a priority in your website checklist. 

3.     Local SEO Is Of No Use

Local SEO Strategies
Local SEO Strategies

Google has been focusing on being more locally responsive for users than ever because today, people do not want to travel distances to keep their outdoor time minimal.

This has completely opened up new possibilities for local SEO and what a brand can achieve with that, through techniques like local directory listings, satisfactory client reviews, customizing Google My Business Page, and more Local SEO is a highly targeted and converting option.

Consider some of the statistics:

  • 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on computer/tablet did the same.
  • Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches. 18% of local searches on smartphones lead to a purchase within a day vs. 7% of non-local searches.
  • 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.
  • 4 in 5 consumers want ads customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings.

Hence it is very essential to segment your keywords research as per local and national intent so that you can win nationwide as well as locally responsive approach. So ‘Local SEO Is Of No Use’ is SEO advice you shall ignore.

4.     You Need Not To Have Your Website Audited Regularly

Website Audit
Website Audit

The biggest blunders of all are to believe that you need not have your website audited regularly. This is a prevalent misconception as well because many small and medium business owners don’t even know that there is something called website audit.

Website audit does the work of removing what’s obsolete, adding what’s new, and checking & correcting any issues after an overall assessment of a website.

Website audit has to be in business’s (especially e-commerce’s) annual or bi-annual plans because technology is on a rapidly changing and growing curve.

For websites that are migrated, they can be assessed for following common technical mistakes :

  • Duplicate content.
  • Broken links.
  • Slow site speed because of any reason.
  • Unoptimized meta tags.

The website audit also provides content strategist and digital marketers with external exposure of what they might have overlooked/missed in their digital marketing/SEO strategy. So it’s totally that SEO advice you shall ignore.

5.     Create Content Just For Sake Of It


It’s a popular practice to produce content consistently for increasing your brand’s exposure, and authority will also increase the indexation rate. But many SEO experts and content writers believe in creating content just for the sake of it, which is definitely the SEO advice you shall ignore.

It is understandable that after creating a particular amount of content, it becomes challenging to find unique keywords for the additional pages and stick to a cohesive strategy. But many a time, professionals lose to the bait of producing content without offering any value.

Producing this type of content is undoubtedly a total disregard of time, efforts, and money spent on it.

Before producing any type of content, professionals shall have

  • The idea of Tags and Title
  • A deep keyword research
  • Favourability & popularity of the topic
  • Need for Topic (If users are searching for it)

Content needs to convey the full context to the reader and search engine for the best results. The last tip for producing a successful content is to make it evergreen and actionable for generating leads and conversions.

So here’s how you can prepare for 2021 in the best way possible. Improve your SEO strategy by eliminating these bad pieces of advice which will only work to bring down your rank and lose your website into the depths of the internet.

SEO Metrics

09 SEO Metrics That You Should Be Tracking On A Daily Basis

There are tons of web site optimization metrics that you should be tracking on a regular basis. These include link popularity, page ranking, search engine optimization and the number of organic keyword phrases in the body of your site.

But there’s one more important metric that’s overlooked by most marketers: the number of people that will visit your website each day. This is because so many marketers fail to realize that the amount of time they spend focusing on getting high rankings with Google, Bing or Yahoo is not nearly enough to drive as much traffic to their site.

So how can you go about improving your traffic generation efforts? Here are some of the top 15 SEO metrics that you should be tracking in order to increase your chances of attracting targeted, prospective customers to your web site and to make sure that you’re providing the best possible value to them.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is a key to getting the best rankings with Google and other search engines. To increase the number of people who are clicking links to your site, try using relevant, quality and authoritative websites as your links. If you use these sites as anchor text to your links, they’ll be more likely to get indexed by the search engines and ranked higher in the search results

Search Engine Optimization:

The more pages you have on your site, the better. Your search engine optimization efforts will be rewarded exponentially if you can boost the number of backlinks pointing to your site. This type of backlink will help you climb the ranks of search engines so that your site shows up higher in the search results.

Page Rank:

The higher your page rank, the more likely your site is to appear on a search engine’s first page. A good high page rank will translate to a higher search engine ranking and thus more visitors to your site.

Organic Keyword Phrases:

The number of times your site contains organic keywords is also important. This type of keyword density is what makes the difference between having a site optimized for specific searches and having a site optimized for general searches.

It’s a good idea to have more organic keyword phrases in the body of your site than you do in the head section where people usually type into Google.

Keyword Density:

You want the number of times that people type in a particular word when searching for your site. In particular, you want a higher number of search engines showing that particular term.

Domain Name:

A strong domain name is also important for SEO. A good domain name is one that relates to the content on your site.

Keyword Density:

The more often people type your keyword, the more likely it is that your site will appear on a search engine’s first page. This is referred to as keyword density.

Link Popularity:

The number of links pointing to your site will have an impact on how many people click through from other sites to your site. A good quality backlink is important for improving the overall amount of traffic that you receive to your site.

Anchor Text:

Anchor Text

Anchor text is also important for increasing your rankings and getting the highest ranking possible from the search engines. An effective anchor text should be unique, relevant, and related to your site’s content.

The first thing that you need to do is create a list of keywords that you are targeting with our SEO Services in Jaipur campaign. This list will help you see what works and what does not. If you have found a list of keywords, you will also be able to track these keywords on a daily basis.

One of the most important things to track is the number of visitors that come to your site. You can track how many visitors click on the links on your website, how many of these visitors actually make a purchase, and how many of them return to your site. All of these numbers can tell you a lot about your website and what is working for you.

What are the Common Metrics Everyone Should Know?

SEO Campaign
  • Another way that you can determine if your SEO campaign is successful is to track the number of backlinks that you are getting from other websites. When you link to a page that is within your niche, you can see which pages are doing well for you, and which pages aren’t performing as well as they should.
  • Another one of the important metrics that you need to track is the number of sales that you are seeing. You can easily see where all of your traffic is coming from, and you can see what types of ads and landing pages are bringing in the most targeted visitors.
  • Once you know how well your SEO campaign is performing, you will be able to use it to track the effectiveness of other SEO keywords such as keyword popularity. Keyword popularity can help you see which keywords you need to change, and which ones need to stay the same.
  • Finally, you will want to track how well the SEO content on your site is converting the visitors that come to your site to actual customers. These visitors are the ones that are buying your products. items that you are promoting, and selling. The best conversions are when they actually make purchases online or order through your website.
  • When you get started with your Google AdWords campaign, you can see how many people are actually making purchases after they have come through your website. With this information you can improve your campaign and start to see results as you continue to use your campaign.
  • Many websites are still struggling to convert their website visitors into paying customers. This is a major problem for businesses that rely on online advertising, because they cannot afford to lose their customers. This is why it is important that you constantly monitor the conversion rates of your website and you find ways to improve them.
  • For example, it may be time for you to change some of the SEO content that is currently on your website. Perhaps it is too sales oriented, or perhaps it is too general.



It may be necessary for you to review your website traffic every few months so that you can see what type of changes you need to make in order to increase your website traffic.

Once you identify those things that are working, you can implement those changes to your website, or even the content on your website in order to improve your conversions.

The last of the many Google SEO metrics that you need to track is the number of unique visits that are coming into your site.

It is important to keep track of this number, because this is one of the main factors used by Google to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.