10 Best Ideas to Cut the Cost of Commuting

Getting to and from the office eats up a lot of time. Also, rising fuel prices and bus tickets have made getting to the office really expensive- adding more pressure on the pockets. For the majority of people, the travel time to work is avoidable.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways available for those looking to reduce the cost of their conveyance. Whether you travel 1km or 20km, here are 10 ways to save money and get to work on time:

Ideas to Cut Commuting Cost

1. Take Public Transportation

In India, public transportation plays an important part as nearly 17 million passengers travel by busses and trains. This is a huge section as these modes are mostly available to rural populations, and everyone admires the opportunity to save on monthly spending. Bus and train are great options to get to your destination without paying for petrol and parking. 

However, public transit timing may not be as feasible as driving your own car; the thought of saving money might be worth it. Adjusting your morning travel time according to your train or metro may save you a ton of money in a year. 

The added benefit for public transportation fanatics is to redeem your leisure time. Whether you love it or not, public transportation is a great way to create a lot of downtime in your workday. Use this time to read a book, listen to a podcast, distress yourself with a meditation app, or play your favorite songs

2. Get Fit While Walking to the office

If you love your job but hate the commute, walking might be a great option to consider.

Staying near to your workplace can dramatically cut the cost of conveyance. It is a great way to keep your heart healthy and suitable for those who are overweight. If you consider this idea of moving closer to your work, you can slash the expense completely. 

3. Ride a Bicycle or Electric Scooter

Get healthy, save money, and help the environment with bicycles for daily commutes.  Riding your bike to work can help you save a lot of money. As people become more and more bike-friendly, it is getting easy to find dedicated and safe bike routes to work, and many workplaces have secure bike parking.

If you live in a metropolitan city, consider a bike share, which eliminates the hassle of storing and maintaining a bike. Having more cycles on the roads means safer streets for walking.

In addition to saving money on your commute, you’ll also be able to save on your gym membership. With this, you won’t have to worry about how to fit it in your schedule or adjust accordingly.

4. Use a Promo Code or Reward Card

If you are booking a taxi online, at least make sure you are getting rewarded for that. If you are booking from Rapido, Uber, or Ola, you can use their coupon codes like Rapido promo code and discount code. It will help you in saving the maximum on booking or purchasing. 

5. Car Pooling

Car Pool

If the aforementioned options don’t work for you, carpooling may be the best option to cut costs on your travel. The majority of us agree with the fact that daily traffic jams drain out the energy. Start early to reach work on time.

Not just money, a carpool also help us save some of our time while ditching the heavy traffic congestion. Also, keep a hefty amount of money on parking.

Companies like quickride.com make it easy to find people going your way who can help share your travel costs. Carpooling is more convenient as compared to driving with less stress. 

Determining the savings on carpooling depends on how many days in a week you ride, share with how many people, and what cost are included.

If you share the cost of a 40km round trip commute with two people every day, you could save about 3 thousand rupees in a month.  

6. Rethink Your Route

Many people choose a route to their office, which is not efficient. It is worth your time to reconsider the route you take to your work. You Google Maps to identify the routes and try to stick to the one that keeps distance shortest in terms of time and money,

7. Work from Home

Work from Home

Several companies are sensitive to the rising cost of commuting, and you can take advantage of their programs like work from home and flexible hours. Believe us or not, but it’s true. Working from home at least for two days can cut your commuting cost by 30% per year.

8. Check If Your Company Offers Commuter Benefits

If you are not taking commuter benefits, you are leaving money on the table. You can use this pre-tax money from your salary to cover public transit passes, which include the train, metro, bus, and parking.

9. Invest in a Fuel-Efficient Car

Fuel Efficient Car – Hybrid Prius

If you do not want to make any crucial changes, but would not mind saving a few bucks in petrol/ diesel yearly, think of investing in a fuel-efficient car, and you’ll save enough money over the next few years.

10. Improve Your Vehicle’s Mileage

Maintaining your car can save you a lot of money. Take simple measures such as tires that are properly inflated, which has positive effects on mileage. Reduce unnecessary weight in your car. Avoiding rush-hour traffic can also be beneficial. If your job is flexible, try changing your work hours to ditch the peak hour traffic.   


If you are also trying to save money on the commute, incorporate any of the aforementioned strategies for a few weeks, that is one step closer to saving money. Rather than sitting angrily in the traffic, start enjoying your commute. Prepare a schedule for you that lets you use an alternative transportation mode at least twice a week.