Website Design in 2020

Since the time immemorial

Ancient Art in a Cave

Humans have been passionate about art and design since the time immemorial. The ancient human beings began practicing art when they used to live in the caves. Countless pieces of art exists in the ancient caves as evidence that love for nature and art is deeply inculcated in our genes.

Fast forward to 2020, art has evolved in various dimensions. ChangingSEO takes it pride in producing lasting impressions on the minds of web visitors. At ChangingSEO we understand that 90% of the first impression can be captured positively by exhibiting soul touching website design.

The trust of a visitor can be obtained by exhibiting a clean and well designed website conceptualized around the needs of a customer.

Contemplating Website Designs for trust

Why Web Design matters? The 2020 Statistics.

  • First impression is the last impression. We understand this very well at ChangingSEO and go far an deep by designing a website which would gain trust at first sight.
  • 90% of the visitors would quit your site if website is designed poorly and user experience is bad, not only this, they would shop on your competitor’s website.
  • People spend about 3/4 of their surfing time on mobiles phones. Needless to say that a website must be mobile friendly.
  • 70% of the companies spend a large part of their budget on website design.
  • The speed on internet has been reaching new levels every year, yet slow loading websites cause losses in the tune of more than US $2 Billions every year.

Important elements of Web Design in 2020 as per ChangingSEO

  • Regardless of the canvas/screen, the colors are the soul of a design. Every color has its unique appeal which effects the mind in a different way (see image above).
  • The structure and features of a website must be designed around the needs of a customer. Merely designing a fancy and good looking website which doesn’t fulfill the needs of the customer won’t go long way but fail eventually.
  • White space plays a very important role in 2020. Leaving ample amount of white space forces the eyes to look for content, that said the content must be meaningful. Eventually when the eyes come to meet the content it feels like end of suspense and accomplishment.

What works on the designing front?

  1. The visitor on a site is intuitive, impatient and wants to be in control. Therefore, when a website is designed:
    • one must make sure that website is not sluggish and fast enough.
    • As visible in the image below, the features should be handy. No user would like to spend his precious time in searching required links and features. In other words the features and usability of a website should be exposed on the page and yet neat and tidy.
    • Programming features like AJAX should be used as much.
  2. How many times do you have to navigate to other pages in order to compose and send an email on GMail? Most of it happens on the same single page. We must learn how happening websites like GMail and Facebook are.
  3. Essential features like Google Translate, Social plugins should be available on every page.
  4. Study your competitors. If your products/services are over-priced, it is highly likely they won’t sell.
User Friendly layout of a website.


To sum up, even a slight weakness in website design can lead to loss of potential clients. A neat and clean website with perfect user interface can give long lasting first impression. Additionally, a good design will naturally and automatically get you backlinks when people like and share your website.

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