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Social Media Marketing - Free Social Bookmarking Plugin - Tool


FREE Social Bookmarking Plugin for your Website:

Keeping the tradition of providing free utilities and tools to everyone live, we offer yet another excellent tool which can catapult your website to the social arena where not hundreds of thousands but tens of millions of people share there websites, bookmarks. This free tool can be your first step into social media optimization.

What is this Social Bookmarking Plugin / Tool ?

Social bookmarking is the latest concept which is sweeping Americas and the world alike. Social sites like Facebook.com attract hundreds of millions of unique visitors everyday and the audience is growing at a very fast pace. People like you and me can bookmark our favourite websites on these sites. Its like sharing your favourite website with tens of millions of people around the world. This free tool enables your website with a dropdown box like on the top right corner of this webpage. Thus, any visitor who visits your website can bookmark your website on any of the listed social sites.

Awesome features of this Free Social Bookmarking Plugin

1. Slick and Slim like a sword-blade, light like a feather.
2. No signup required.
3. No bells or whistles, we kept it simple (KIS).
4. Manually tested for robustness, NO BS.
5. Backed by 17 yr old firm IT-INDIA.com
6. Place on as many places on each page, customize as much.
7. New social bookmark sites added on regular basis.
8. 100% FREE Support

Step by step easy guide to integrate Free Social Bookmarking tool on your website:

1. Copy the code below:

2. Place it in the code of the web page wehere you want the social bookmark to appear.

3. This free social bookmark tool shall appear on your website as it appears on the top corner of this webpage.

4. This code will basically pull a small javascript from our website and place this decent small space consuming social bookmark tool on your website.

Please feel free to share your comments and feedback about the above Social Bookmarking Plugin:

Below is a test version (beta) of social bookmark plugin


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