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Custom Logo Designing to Establish Corporate Identity



Logo Designing to establish Brand Identity:

Building a brand identity starts right with logo designing, our company has 2 dedicated professional designers and one freelancer. We also offer free logo designing with all of our website designing packages. Here on this webpage we shall share all about logos, logo resources, logo designing softwares and significance of a logo for a corporate entity.

Introduction to Logo and Logo Designing:

A Logo (Greek = logotypos) is a small image, symbol, graphic icon. Logo is significant to the business and business name, illustrating the theme of the business. It represents the brand of a company, organization, product, service, and sometimes certain places. The characteristics of a logo include - Logotype / Word mark / Letter mark: text or abbreviated text; Icon: symbol / brand mark and Slogan: description of the company.

Logos represent a business company’s trade name or business uniqueness and promote instant client appreciation; hence Logo Designing helps in attracting potential customers to the business marinating the authenticity of the company. A logo design goes a long way in online promotion of a business.

Logo Designing is a challenging professional skill. As first impression is the last impression, a logo gives the first impression of the business company. A characteristic logo is created to cause instant identification by the clients. The logo is visualized according to the name of the company and the production of business which it launches in the market. All companies want to have the most unique, sophisticated and modern company logo design.

The exclusivity of a logo is of utmost importance in order to evade misunderstanding in the market among clients, suppliers, users, affiliates and general public. As logo is not just a symbol; it’s the soubriquet of any organization, Logo Designing is one of the most significant areas in Graphic Designing.

Guide to Logo Designing

1. Learn What A Logo Is & What It Represents – Before designing a Logo , one should now what is logo is, what it is going to represent and what will be the effect of that logo.

2. Know The Rules & Principles Of Logo Design – The basic rules of Logo Design i.e. A logo must be describable, memorable, have its effect even when in small size and without colour.

3. Learn Off Other’s Successes & Mistakes – One should be able to differentiate between a good and a bad quality logo.

4. Establishing Logo Design Process - A logo design process usually consists of : The Design Brief , Research & Brainstorming, Sketching, Prototyping & Conceptualising, Send To Client For Review , Revise & Add Finishing Touches and Supply Files To Client and Give Customer Service.

5. Learn The Software & Complete The Logo – Begin to expertise in the logo software. Get initial thoughts and sketches from inspirations.

Logo Designing Softwares:

1. Logo Design Studio, Summitsoft Corporation
2. Color Picker for Logo Design, Etiziano
3. Company Logo Designer, ITSTH
4. AAA Logo Software, SWGSoft
5. Logosmartz Custom Logo Maker
6. LogoWizard, Logosmartz Custom Logo Maker
7. Animated Logo Preloader, FlashComponents
8. AeroTags Flash Design, AeroTags Software
9. EdenSoft My Logo, EdenSoft
10. Belltech Business Card Designer Pro
11. Atrise Golden Section, Atrise Software
12. Banner Maker Pro, GatorData, Inc.
13. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3
14. Professional Xp Icons, Regimages
15. ABCWebWizard Web Design, Web Design PRO
16. Newlite Business Card Printer, Newlite Technologies
17. Ssetup, Davor Zorc
18. OEM Info Editor, Sepanta Soft
19. Xara Xtreme Pro, Xara Group Limited
20. Ez-Architect, MCS Investments


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