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Programming Web Applications:

Here on the right sidebar of this webpage you can find various web applications that have been developed by us. We can do custom coding for your requirements. We have developed various web applications in the past decade satisfying dozens of our clients:

Introduction to Web Applications:

A web application is a program that is made use of by means of web browser over a network i.e. the Internet or Intranet. It is also known as wbapp in software engineering.

Web Application is a software program coded in browser-supported language i.e. HTML, JavaScript, Java and depends on a common web browser enabling the web application to run.

Thus Programming Web Applications is very significant due to universality of web browsers and the expediency of using a web browser as a client also known as thin client. The capability to renew and retain web applications without distributing and installing software on potentially large number of client computers is reason behind their success. The main web applications are webmail, online retail sales, online auctions and wikis.

Programming of Web Applications:

A group of interconnected web development methods used to formulate interactive web applications and good internet applications is the Ajax. With the help of Ajax, web applications can recover data from the server in a co-existent background without meddling with the view and performance of the existing page. Increase in interactive animation on web pages has become only possible only with the use of Ajax.

Programming of web applications generates active HTML-based webpages which can be accessed by means of a web browser. Since programming web applications are object-oriented mostly written in Java language, the web application generates webpages by creating examples of objects called web components. An amalgamation of a Java subclass of WOComponent and an HTML template is used to create a web component. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are also supported by web components.

Development of Web Application Programs:

A huge pool of information in various Software Programming Languages, Logic, Probability & Statistics, Control Theory, Business Rules Methodology, Engineering, Economics, Finance, Optimization Algorithms, Operations Research and Relational Calculus is a pre-requisite for the development of Web Applications.

Experienced in creating advanced systems with complex business logic involving large amounts of data and transactions ensures higher success. Developing advanced web application programs with complex business logic must be the actual aim of programming.

The significant points in development of web application programs include:

1. Application Development – This is done according to the clients brand requirements using technical expertise and logistics.
2. Application Migration and Porting – Transporting the web applications to a different server , the shifting of data,
3. Application Reengineering and Enhancement - Reverse engineering of existing systems is done to comprehend the brand strategy.
4. Application Audit and Testing – The web application is tested and audited according to GUI usability and HTML standards.
5. Application Maintenance – This aims at guaranteeing constant and persistent processing of the business using problem analysis, resolution and application enhancement.

Advantages of Programming Web Applications:

The chief advantage is that the centralized data is secure and easy to backup and the information is available in any corner of the world. The updates are quite quick and easy to maintain at lower costs with so specific configuration changes on the net surfer’s computer.


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