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Website Designing and Development with custom solutions.


Website Designing and Dev – Gateway to Online Business

The website of a company is like showroom wherein the owner sells his products and services, therefore, the design, content and its functionality must be given utmost attention. We offer customised website designing and development solutions including ecommerce and content management system. Please take a look at various basic designing packages on the right sidebar of this webpage. For a custom solution please fill the form at the bottom of this page.

Website Designing :

Website Designing refers to the creation of visual elements and design layouts for a website. Software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Macromedia Flash are used to generate static or animated elements which are make use of in website designing.

The chief aim of Website Designing is the production of a multi purpose medium on the internet accomplishing a desired result. An excellent website design involves much more hard work than just merely creating a beautiful work of artistic appeal.

The fundamental basics that are the pre-requisite of a successful website designing are appearance, usability and visibility. The technique followed to create the appearance of a website has undeviating influence on its usability and visibility. The website designing techniques which use heavy flash animations have awesome looks but such websites are often a failure owing to the average internet connection speeds. But website designing making use of HTML is far better and such websites are easily accessible.

Navigation features and security determine the usability of a successful website. The duration of time a net surfer spends online mainly depends on how easily he can navigate through the website and is able to search on the internet what he desires. The website user’s personal information must be kept confidential is also a key motive of good website designing. The quality of website content and its advertising policies decide how much web traffic the website attracts.

Website Development:

Website Development refers to is the coding or programming a website enabling the website work accurately. Sophisticated websites are developed so as to exploit back-end organizational or content management systems to supervise the content on the website.

Website Development in a broader sense is used for any action related to developing a website for the WWW Internet or Local Intranet. Website Development comprises of e-commerce business development, web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, and web server configuration. On the other hand, among web professionals, Website Development for the IT professionals means the non-design aspects of building websites like writing markup and coding. Website development covers development of mere simple text content static single pages to amazingly complex web-based internet applications, e-business or social networking websites. Small business organizations may only need one webmaster but larger business organizations website development teams assist many webmasters.

Website development is a joint effort between areas taking into account several security trends like data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption. Scripts can be misused granting forbidden access to malicious users who are eagerly waiting collect personal information as email addresses, passwords and protected credit card numbers.

The growth of Website Designing and Development industry is the result of online business promotion strategies used by the companies. As websites are designed and developed, they stand for quality and outstanding customer support.

Principles for Website Designing and Development:

A vital ingredient of excellent Online Business Promotion is the ability not merely to divert user traffic to the Website but also capture the attention of the user when the accesses the website. There are number of techniques to ensure that Website Designing and Development of the online business encourages the user to revisit the website time and again.

The significant points to be kept in mind while Website Designing and Development for a successful online business include having simpler and clear webpage navigation. Complex flash animated menus and multi layered dropdown menus just irritate and confuse the users. Splash pages with images or words welcome, click here to enter have no purpose at all. Sometimes the user feels mere waste of time while ignoring the banner advertisements which go on flashing on the website. As the user is busy navigating through the website ensure that they are familiar and know which part of the website they are browsing. The last tip is try not to use audio in the website as sometimes the noise may annoy the users.


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